How to Get UBA Bank Statement Online for Free

how to get uba bank statement online

The easiest way to get a breakdown of recent transactions on your bank account is by requesting a statement of account. The document details transactions carried out on your bank account across a given period. So, how do you get your UBA bank statement online? You can check your UBA bank statement through the internet … Read more

How to Add Beneficiary in Union Bank of India

how to add beneficiary in union bank of india

If you send money to a particular recipient often, it only makes sense to add them as a beneficiary to make future transactions easier. But how do you add a beneficiary in Union Bank of India? Thankfully, the bank makes adding inter and intra-bank beneficiaries easy, regardless of your preferred transaction method. So, you shouldn’t … Read more

What is the FCMB Code to Check Balance?

what is the fcmb code to check balance

There are many ways to check your First City Monument Bank (FCMB) account balance, with the most straightforward way being the USSD code method. It requires no data or internet connection, and the code will work on any mobile network. Although dialing the code is easy, you might need to set up USSD banking to … Read more

How to Fund the GTBank Virtual Card in Nigeria Easily

how to fund the gtbank virtual card in nigeria easily

Some customers prefer not to use their physical debit cards for online shopping for security purposes. Luckily, GTBank came up with the Virtual Card to provide an alternative way of making online payments. However, you can do more with the virtual card than you think. In this article, you’ll find out what is a GTBank … Read more

How to Use iBank Zenith Internet Banking for Transactions

how to use ibank zenith internet banking for transactions

Zenith Bank is one of the most widely used banks in Nigeria and beyond. The bank’s speed in providing excellent banking services for its customers makes them desirable. A service of the bank gaining attention among most users currently is the iBank Zenith internet banking platform. The importance of Zenith’s internet banking platform can’t be … Read more

How to Activate and Use the Fidelity Bank Code

fidelity bank code

Banking used to be strictly an in-house affair until the introduction of mobile banking. Mobile banking now eliminates the usual numerous bank trips as you can quickly get your banking services done from your phone. While almost all commercial banks have a code, Fidelity bank’s code structure is one of the simplest to understand. All … Read more

Fifth Third Bank Identification Code for Wire Transfers

fifth third bank identification code

Technology isn’t where it used to be last ten years. People now transact business effortlessly with counterparts from around the globe, increasing the need for international transfers. If you use Fifth Third Bank and want to make international transfers, you’ll need the Bank Identification Code. The BIC is also necessary for making local wire transfers. … Read more

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