3 Facebook Messenger Alternatives You Should Consider (With Bonuses)

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Facebook Messenger Alternatives

Facebook Messenger is the official Facebook app for messaging.

Facebook messenger is blessed with an awesome interface and hundreds of features that could rarely be found on other messaging apps.

Nevertheless, Facebook Messenger may not be your right pick for an instant messaging app for some reason.

For example, the chats are not encrypted end-to-end by default, making it vulnerable to attacks from hackers. Apart from hackers potentially accessing your information, Facebook can monitor your conversations if they so wish.

Facebook Messenger has been recently bombarded with ads and Facebook has been accused of using their apps illegally. From uploading users’ contacts in the background to selling out personal info.

Besides, messenger requires high-performance mobile devices to work. Most of the Android-powered phones have less than 2 Gigabytes of RAM. This could create a slow lag messenger experience, and finding alternatives becomes imperative.

When finding alternatives for Messenger, many factors must be considered so you don’t end up with an app worse than Messenger itself.

Requirements for a Good Messaging App

1. Security
Security is an important factor to consider when choosing an app for messaging. You may want to carry out powerful business transactions involving a lot of money. When your communication system is leaking, you’ve already lost.
2. Speed
Would you want your message to go for hours without getting to its destination? Obviously not. If you had wanted that, you’d have written a letter, isn’t it? The speed at which your messages are transported also matters.
3. Ease of use
You won’t want to take a course to learn how to send a simple message, would you? That’s why an easy to use messaging app is nothing but necessary. Clicking through tens of icons before getting the correct button to send a picture is way too hard to use, and won’t be a perfect messenger alternative.

The Best Messenger Alternatives

Considering the above requirements, choosing a decent alternative to Facebook Messenger may be so difficult a task.

To ease these difficulties, I’ve compiled a list of 5 Messenger Alternatives you should use on your Android phone.

1. Messenger Lite

This app appears to be the answer you’re looking for if your device has low capabilities. Messenger Lite is an app from Facebook, which is made to work with Facebook Lite. It is equipped with almost all the exciting features the original Messenger app offers.
Also, it integrates with the original Facebook app when Messenger is not available and requires much fewer smartphone capabilities to operate. However, all the Messenger emoji functionalities and message reaction features are all missing in the app.
Unlike the original messenger app, it requires a much lower space to work and it works smoothly on all devices. The interface is also much neater, and many prefer it to the original Messenger app.

2. Signal

Are you concerned more about security? This encrypted messaging platform may be the Facebook Messenger alternative that you need.
Signal is a very secure Facebook Messenger alternative for cybersecurity geeks.
Signal is based on an open-source program Endorsed by Edward Snowden. Besides having an easy to use and we’ll designed frontend, Signal also features a secure backend which is openly available for verification.
Signing up for Signal is just as easy as using it. All you have to do is to provide your phone number and verify it with a one-time-password.
While Signal will require access to your contacts, there is no need to worry as your contacts’ information is not stored.

3. Telegram

Telegram is one of Messenger’s top competitors. Its user base of about 200 million users makes it a threat to top tier messaging apps.
A simple definition of Telegram is Messenger plus WhatsApp, minus all you hate about these two platforms.
Telegram also features end-to-end encryption when the two chatters have secret chat turned on.
One annoying feature of Telegram is the absence of the Facebook and Instagram-like Stories feature. Also, Telegram is available on most operating systems, and most of your contacts are already on the app.
It’s very easy to start group chats on Telegram, and its Channels feature enables you to follow any Telegram Channel of your choice to receive updates.
Also, Telegram bots are a lot more useful than those of other instant messaging apps. With the ability to do basic functions with its very powerful artificial intelligence, the bots can reliably manage your Telegram group or Channel.
These features make Telegram the most sought after instant messaging platform after Messenger and WhatsApp.

Other Honourable Picks

WhatsApp messaging
The above-mentioned apps are go-to apps for instant messaging if Messenger isn’t your game. However, you might want a more extensive list with more apps if those failed to catch your fancy.
WhatsApp, Silence for Android, Skype, e.t.c. can easily enable you to send and receive instant messages without stress.
WhatsApp is the best bet if you’re just interested in casual chats and peer-to-peer discussions. However, Skype will work better if you’re mainly doing business while Silence for Android works best for security freaks.
Silence for Android enables you to send SMS and MMS over an encrypted protocol while WhatsApp supports SMS like messages, calls and video chats.


While Facebook Messenger looks like an inseparable instant messaging platform, it doesn’t seem entirely safe. This will enforce us to come looking for alternatives. Having a good read through this article helps you choose some alternatives and highlights their capabilities.

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