Best Websites for YouTube Video Download Online

You’ve just finished watching that eye-catching YouTube video and you wish to show it to your friends.

You check the title for the name so you could easily find it when your friends arrive.

Unfortunately, it was written in Spanish!

Instead of freaking out or screaming: “How the hell do you want me to commit Spanish to memory?” You should find a website that offers YouTube video download online.

I’ve covered everything you need to know to get a YouTube video on your device in any format you prefer, so you can show it to as many friends as you like.

Surprisingly, you’re not needing any apps for this and you don’t have to pay. All you have to do is to follow all instructions here and get even the longest YouTube video on your mobile phone in just minutes, ready to watch offline or online.

Let’s break it up into chunks and get started.


Websites for YouTube videos download online

We all know YouTube videos are not downloadable. However, we found legal ways around this and I’d be showing you three of those ways.

Here you are

1. GenYouTube



GenYouTube is a website created for YouTube video download online anytime, without any cost.

This website already has all YouTube videos synchronized onto its platform.

For a user to download a video from this website, you’ll have to find the video you’re willing to download. You can find this by using the search button at the top right corner.

Once you’ve found the video, you can then choose between watching it directly from the platform or generating download links. Since we’re downloading the video here, we’ll generate the download links.

Once you click on generate download links, it brings an enormous list of extensions by which you can download the video. It’s up to you to choose.

It’s also important to note that some of the extensions are for audio files, so you’ll have to choose wisely.

I recommend the MP4 or 3gp formats as they seem to work well on any device.

One downside of GenYouTube is that their download speeds are very slow. On a good day, it may take up to a minute to download a 2 MB file.

Also, it is bombarded with ads, and sometimes you may see adult ads. If you’re a fan of Indian movies, you’d end up clicking through their ads without ever getting to the video you want.

However, its easy navigation and enormous download options get it the premium spot on this list.

2. Y2mate

What’s better than having a YouTube downloader which you can access from YouTube itself?

Y2mate is just this. To me, Y2mate is the best online YouTube video downloader.

It’s very easy to download a video using Y2mate directly from YouTube. All you have to do is to insert “pp” after YouTube in the video link. When done correctly, the final link becomes something similar to ““.

When the URL is modified in this manner, hit the enter button and you’re redirected to the Y2mate website. There, you can specify which format you want and download your file.

Y2mate is extremely easy to use and supports an enormous number of file extensions. Also, Y2mate downloads videos at an insanely faster rate than GenYouTube and it is free to use.

A downside to Y2mate is that it produces large video sizes with low quality, which may not be data-friendly. To download a regular movie at regular quality, you’d have to exhaust irregular data.

Also, unlike GenYouTube, Y2mate has no YouTube videos automatically synced to its platform. To download a video, you have to insert “pp” at the end or copy the link and paste it in a box on their website.



Tried the two above but they made no sense to you?

Now is not the time to give up.

Another online service that supports downloading YouTube videos online is works the same way as Y2mate but they share differences in some aspects.

Unlike GenYouTube, it also downloads videos at lightning sharp speeds. It also has no YouTube videos featured on its homepage.

To download a YouTube video using Savefrom, you have to find the video on YouTube, copy the URL and paste it in the big box on the website.

It automatically finds the video (just like Y2mate) and presents a variety of formats by which you can download the video.

An alternative way to download YouTube videos using this website is by inserting “ss” before YouTube in the video link. When that is properly done, you have a link similar to “”.

This redirects you to the Savefrom website where you can choose the file format of your choice, and boom, you have the video waiting in your downloads folder.

The downside to this downloader is that it has a limited number of file formats. You can’t download 3gp videos using Savefrom. This alone is the reason why its coming third in the table.


YouTube video download online was an arduous task, but now, you can easily download videos without even leaving YouTube!

What’s more, you don’t need to install any dangerous apps on your phone. Using the above listed trusted YouTube download sites, you can easily download YouTube videos without fuss.

Need speed? Go for Y2mate.

 Numerous file formats? That’s GenYouTube.

 And kind of intermixes the two.

Whatever you use, all that matters is you getting that video on your device, in the best quality.

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