What are the Best Browsers for iPhone


What are the best browsers for iPhone?

The built-in Safari is excellent when it comes to browsing the web, but real tech ninjas find its functionalities too basic.


The basicity led to a search for an exceptional alternative. When more browsers were tested on the iPhone, we found that using the device’s browser was just being locked up in jail.


Would you love to get out of that jail?


Then sit back with your old Safari browser, read this article twice and choose an alternative that appears to be the most credible. Crazier still, you may install all the listed apps to get a firsthand experience of the explained features.


Sounds crazy?

That’s why we’re The Tech Ninjas.


Enough of the time-wasting, let’s get into the real deal.


Best Browsers for iPhone


In this comparative, I selected several browsers compatible with the Apple iPhone in a bid to get the best browsers for iPhone and put them to test. After testing them against some criteria, I narrowed the number down to five, to save the stress of reading.


Here they are, with their features and capabilities.


  1. Google Chrome


When it comes to browsers, both on mobiles and PCs, Google Chrome is a monopoly.


Google Chrome for iOS is specially made to send Safari packing. The Google Chrome browser is made to provide an excellent way to connect to the World Wide Web, but the iOS version provides an extremely better way.


The availability of nearly all features of Google Chrome on regular devices is a selling point. The data saver mode is flawless and the easy tab management makes it a favorite of many.


What’s more, you can sign in to the browser and sync with your desktop browser to save all browsing history. This is not mandatory though, and it’s only if you want, although failure to sign in may lock out some features.


Google Chrome also makes it easy to browse without being tracked with the aid of the “Incognito mode”, similar to the “Private Tab” on Safari.


However, this browser uses up your CPU and can’t be set as the default browser.


  1. Opera Touch


Did that name ring any bells.


Well yes, it should. Opera is an excellent software company that won’t just stop creating exceptional browsers for every operating system.


They have decided to make a new bang into the iOS market by releasing another chart-topping browser, by the name, Opera Touch.


Opera Touch has a simple design for internet surfers who would like to connect on the go. While Opera Touch can boast of some essential features, it isn’t a browser that I recommend as a favorite.


The adblocker has been an interesting feature in all Opera browsers, and Opera Touch seems to continue the game. In addition to that, the company also built in a cryptocurrency wallet right into the browser, which makes it look like a step too far.


Opera Touch has many shortcuts and interesting features which when properly made use of, could make it one of the best browsers for iPhone.


  1. Microsoft Edge


If you use a Windows PC with the Microsoft Edge browser, you can consider taking a look at Microsoft Edge for iPhone.


Honestly, Microsoft Edge and the Google Chrome browser share a similar interface. The tabbed browsing feature resembles that of Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge also features a setting that enables you to browse in private.


However, when it comes to syncing with a Windows 10 PC, Microsoft Edge defeats Google Chrome.


Microsoft Edge links to and empowers your iPhone to share webpages, bookmarks and other settings with your Windows 10 PC.


It also features a basic password manager, translator, and many more features unavailable in Safari. These make it one of the best browsers for iPhone.


  1. Firefox Focus


This list cannot be concluded without making mention of something from Mozilla.


Mozilla, the creator of Firefox impressed everyone with their lightning-fast Mozilla Firefox for Android. This, however, seems to be reverse with Firefox Focus.


It is a simple security-focused browser which makes sure you browse securely, and nothing else. There are no tabs, history or menus, —nothing.


All that was advertised about the browser was the security aspect, which it does well. It helps to block trackers and social tracking data.


If this is not your thing, and you want a Mozilla product, the regular Firefox browser is still available on the App Store, but I feel this is also worth trying out.


  1. Dolphin


Dolphin is a feature-rich browser available on both Android and iOS phones.


With easier-to-manage tabs and more impressive gesture support than Safari, Dolphin is an impressive browser for iPhones too.


Dolphin supports built-in gestures but won’t mind if you can draw some other gestures of yours. Also, gesture recognition is very accurate.


Dolphin browser supports sharing through several means, including a native sharing method termed Dolphin Connect. What’s more, Dolphin has an integrated night mode which not many browsers have.


While Dolphin has an enormous list of features, it can be confusing for new users, especially those who are not “tech ninjas.”




To draw this to a close, I’d like you to know that the two browsers I can recommend you to try out right now are Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.


If you feel unsatisfied and you want to prove you’re a ninja, you can try all and tell us your feedback in the comments.

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