5 Best GBA Emulator for iOS Devices

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It may have been decades since the  Gameboy Advance shook the world of gaming, but certainly, the love for the good old gaming console remains fresh in our memories.

Buying the Gameboy Advance in 2020 is much of a joke, as the gaming console has faced discontinuity for a very long time. However, if you think you can find somewhere to buy, it costs $50.

Seriously, I see no need in spending $50 on something you can get for free on your iPhone.

I’m being serious here, for free without jailbreak. As I always do, I’ll show you exactly how I did it, and how you can do it too.

Let’s start quickly.


Why is the GBA So Popular?

The Gameboy Advance was an instant success. It hit an amazing 80 million-plus sold units globally.

Nintendo developed a handheld gaming console to succeed their largely successful console, Gameboy Color. They named this game the Gameboy Advance. Nintendo released the Gameboy Advance in 2001 and over the years, it has developed an enormous library of games.

Years after the release of the Gameboy Advance, we transited into the smartphone era which marked the end of the old Gameboy era. But for some weird reasons, people still loved playing the good old Gameboy Advance games.

To tackle this, developers found ways to build a Gameboy Advance emulator onto smartphones so we could have exclusive access to all Gameboy Advance games. this is through the use of a Gameboy Advance emulator.

Installing a Gameboy Advance emulator turns your device into a virtual Gameboy Advance. All you need to do to play the games is to import the games into the app in supported formats.

There is an abundance of Gameboy Advance games on the internet, but I strongly advise downloading from credible sources to prevent your computer from getting a virus.

Popular websites where you can find an abundance of Gameboy Advance games for free include Emuparadise, Freedoms, CoolRoms, e.t.c.

You can find almost any Gameboy Advance game downloadable in a zip file. You may wish to extract it before playing but most popular Gameboy Advance emulators allow you to play without extracting.

However, you cannot play all Gameboy Advance games on a Gameboy Advance emulator. Some games require using some parts of the Gameboy Advance hardware which isn’t built into the iPhone.

Encountering that reminds you of the fact that you’re not holding a Gameboy Advance emulator, you’re actually holding your iPhone!

All that said, what are the best GBA emulator for iOS?


Best GBA Emulator for iOS




I was not really a fan of Gameboy Advance, neither was I a fan of iPhones. But an encounter with this app on my friend’s iPhone changed the whole story.

He was playing Harvest Moon and it looked great. I tried doing the same and it worked. So, I became a fan of Gameboy Advance.

An endearing quality of this app is the ability to save states. You can save a state right now and come back after 2025’s Valentine’s to continue your game. Funniest is that nothing about the game will change, and you continue exactly as you were previously.

I used this feature to cheat in difficult games, where I save the state after a milestone and come back to load the state after I’m defeated by an enemy.

Apart from the ability to save states, you also get frameskip and fast forward gameplay. You can choose to play the game in portrait or landscape mode and you can easily connect multiple iPhones together to play a multiplayer game. This feature normally requires a cable but can be wirelessly done using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi usually produced the best results. It is also recommended to connect all the devices to the same Wi-Fi network.

The full backward compatibility with Gameboy Color games makes it qualify as one of the best GBA emulators for iOS. It also features a customizable interface with cheat codes support and Dropbox sync.

You can also connect to a second screen and make your iPhone the controller to a Gameboy Advance.

All in all, GBA4iOS is a great emulator for iOS devices with backward compatibility with the Gameboy Color and a beautiful interface.


Provenance Emulator


Provenance Emulator is an emulator where you can play GBA games, although it’s not specifically made for the Gameboy Advance, it can satisfactorily play the Gameboy Advance games without any hitch.

Apart from Gameboy Advance, Provenance Emulator also supports Sega, Atari, SNK and Sony consoles.

You can also choose to play in a portrait or landscape just like GBA4iOS. You can also save states and adjust the controller design. In addition, you can enable autosave and prevent your iPhone from auto-locking while you play.

You can import ROMs to play from Safari. You can also copy it from your computer or other mobile apps.

Provenance Emulator makes my top three list for its customization options and speed of loading the game.


Delta Emulator


Delta Emulator is just like an emulator built for Nintendo gaming consoles. It supports almost all the old generation Nintendo gaming consoles, Gameboy Advance included.


When you have the downloaded ROM, you can start playing Gameboy Advance from the iPhone using Delta Emulator.


Delta Emulator has a list of customizable features that make it a bit easy but complicated to use. It also supports saving states and fast-forward functionality. It also enables you to use cheat codes for easier gaming.


Delta Emulator’s exclusivity gained it a place in my top three list of the best GBA emulator for iOS.

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You just saw the best GBA emulators for iOS. Go over the article and choose one to test GBA. Choose GBA4iOS if you don’t plan to play multiple consoles together.

Common, choose one to play GBA and I’m sure you don’t regret it.

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