3 Free Alternatives to Netflix


Americans spend an average of $100 each month for television and streaming.


For a movie freak with diversified movie interests, paying to watch all your favorite shows from your favorite streaming platforms can cause a hole in your pocket.


What’s the solution?

Make the switch to a free platform.


Getting a free streaming platform has never been easier, as more ad-supported streaming services are taking the center stage from the big players in the game.


While switching to a free platform, you should be aware of the fact that free streaming services may not be able to provide as much value and satisfaction as the paid platforms.


Also, while choosing a free alternative to Netflix, many factors should be considered. In this article, I would walk you through the features of these platforms, but before we do that, here’s quick navigation that can help you jump to whatever section you want.


Best Alternatives to Netflix


Tubi TV


This free streaming service is one of the best alternatives to Netflix and is perfect for all-round content, only if it isn’t entirely driven by advertisements.


Tubi TV is a streaming platform entirely driven by commercials, where you have to watch minutes of commercials after every hour of video. A good thing about Tubi TV is that you can watch as much content as you like, as far as you can bear with the commercials.


Tubi TV also displayed their original and interesting content with intelligent categories like: “Not on Netflix”. This makes it easier to find great content without having to aimlessly beat around the bush of streaming services.


The streaming service is great for all types of movies but is exceptionally good when it comes to family movies and shows. While there is a high availability of content, you’re still more likely to find more highly-rated content on Netflix.


They are not resting too though, as it spends more on licensed content more than any other free streaming site. It also features exceptional content such as “Midnight Run” and “Akira”.


Tubi TV is available for a couple of devices, and you can head over to their website to see if your device is one of them.




IMDb TV can be described as the free version of Amazon Prime Video. In fact, that is what it is.


From the original owners of Prime Video, IMDb TV is a free streaming service that’s made for users who can’t afford a Prime Video subscription.


IMDb TV is better for users who would like to have a deep breath away from the excessive advertising on other free platforms. It has a cool interface with qualitative content.


Although there are not so many titles at 384, these titles are familiar and acted by familiar actors. These saves one from the experience of surfing around unknown and long-forgotten titles.


Although IMDb TV is great for popular movies, it isn’t a recommended platform for streaming documentaries and new movies and shows releases.


It features “The Neverending Story” and “Easy Rider” and is available on tens of devices. These make it one of the best alternatives to Netflix.


Sony Crackle


When talking about free streaming services, Sony Crackle is one of the founding fathers, if it’s not actually the finding father.


Notwithstanding, it hasn’t been a highly rated product, as it should be, given the age. Sony Crackle has been purchased by Chicken Soup. This ownership change gives some hope that the new owners would consider rehabilitating the service.


Sony Crackle has not been doing well with new releases, documentaries, and classics. Most movies on the platform might not also appeal to kids, which disqualifies it as a family service.


Sony Crackle has some familiar titles in its 364 total titles. However, most of these titles are poor quality movies (B-movie) featuring lesser-known actors with poor quality of production.


Although Sony Crackle may seem an ancestor to all free streaming services, it is really just a kid when values are compared. It would pay off much better to start with some other platforms.


Cut it short, Crackle is a free streaming service that enables you to stream movies for free without even registering for an account. However, they won’t mind if you just want to register, and it’s advantageous as it enables syncing.


Crackle has most of the titles that drive you to Netflix and can be set up on most modern devices. Don’t worry if you have no devices, it can work directly from a browser, lol.




For popular and enjoyable family titles, Vudu proves to be a strong alternative to Netflix.


Although it’s best known as a movie rental service, it offers over 3000 movies and 250 shows without any cost. That’s almost more than the total of all the titles in the aforementioned services.


It should be noted, however, that many of these 3000 movies are low-quality B-movies. This isn’t an assurance that you won’t find any enjoyable content here. In fact, it is the best free streaming service for family movies.


Vudu’s library is filled with a lot of action movies. However, any movie you can freely watch on Vudu has been released prior to the year 2010. All movies after that year and you’ll have to pay to rent it.


The shows are also the best of the past, which has long been forgotten about. However, its enormous library makes it an essential alternative to Netflix.




Streaming movies for free was impossible some time ago. Then, Netflix was domineering. Years later, you have as much as all the above services to watch your favorite movies and shows without paying a dime. This list contains many alternatives to Netflix which you can use for free.


Check it out, and tell us the best you used, in waiting in the comments.

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