The Best Apps for Photo Editing on PC

Pictures are never perfect. We always need some apps to put some final touches on what happens on the scene. If you’ve got a PC, then you really have to take a look at 5 of the best apps for photo editing on a PC.

The photo editing space for PCs looks dominated by Photoshop. However, other programs are quickly catching up and after a good read through this little article, you’ll see the reasons why Photoshop may not be the only solution to your photo designing problems.

What Adobe’s mighty software, Photoshop feasts on is reputation. They are so highly reputable because they made the swoop into the photo editing space at a time when there was limited competition, 1989.

A problem with Photoshop is that you won’t be needing most of its features. With the depth of the app, it may take minutes, or hours to complete a task that could be auto-completed on other apps.

Although it makes our top list, we highly recommend you to try out other apps on the list for a better alternative.

Your search for the best apps for photo editing on PC ends here.


What are the best apps for photo editing on PC?


Enough of aimless preaching against Photoshop. Now is the correct time to get started on the best apps for photo editing on PC. Use the table below for easy navigation.

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  1. Adobe Photoshop CC


Everything was so good about Photoshop until Adobe’s decision to make it a subscription-only product.

Despite this fact, it is undisputed that Photoshop remains one of the best apps for photo editing on the PC. Furthermore, it is constantly improving.

Adobe Photoshop CC is the preferred app for manipulating composite images. Its support for a lot of features in-app makes it look overwhelmingly complex.

However, Adobe could excellently package this complexity into a simple and slick interface. This, however, made no difference for novices as they always encounter problems trying to understand what the brilliantly arranged icons mean.

Notwithstanding, it’s good on its own aspect and according to Digital Camera World, “it is the best at what it does but it doesn’t do everything”.

Adobe Photoshop CC without Adobe Lightroom is like a fish, without water.

Did I just invent a quote?

It’s time to be good to Photoshop now.

Photoshop is an app you should use due to its extensive file format support and a large user base. The large user base translates directly to large support, which helps novices out when they are stuck.


  1. Adobe Lightroom CC


Anyone seeing Adobe for the second time would think Adobe is a giant photo company. But no, it isn’t.

Lightroom is an easy-to-learn alternative to the parent Photoshop app. It is shipped with Photoshop on subscription, and novice designers prefer using it over Photoshop.

Lightroom is the best app for color correction, and it does it so well. Color correction is what made Lightroom so popular among event photographers. Lightroom also offers the ability to enhance pictures in one click and bulk editing of photos.

However, professional photographers and designers see Lightroom too basic in its features to be very useful. For their photo editing tasks, they prefer to go with other apps on this list of the best apps for photo editing on PC.


  1. Luminar 4


Skylum Luminar is one of the newer generation photo-editing apps that has been making waves since it launched.

It supports a lot of features to ensure you get the best possible result at the end. It supports image layers and masks!

Serially released, one version of Luminar always has many features to add to the preceding version. While Luminar 3 introduced Luminar libraries with seamless photo import and folder monitoring, Luminar 4 stepped up the game with an artificially intelligent Sky Replacement Filter.

You can purchase Luminar as a standalone program or as a plug-in for Photoshop CC or Apple Photos and keeps getting better with every regular update.

With Luminar 4, you’ll easily meet all your designing needs, and you will probably not need any Photoshop or Lightroom.


  1. ON1 Photo RAW 2020


When you’ve got a laptop with heavy capabilities, ON1 Photo RAW comes to the scene.

Copying simplicity from Lightroom and tools from Capture One Pro, this app for photo editing on PC uses features from other apps to make a great app.

It is great at color correction (not anywhere near Lightroom though), and photo retouching.

It may not be as fully equipped as its competitors, but there is no doubt that it has the most important features and you would be needed almost all of them.

Due to the power of the app, it operates quite slowly, especially when you use a low-end system. It also lags and exports photos much more slowly than Lightroom. However, when you need the slow services of ON1 Photo RAW 2020, it excels.

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  1. Capture One Pro


Capture One Pro is just Lightroom with some of the Photoshop features embedded. The Photoshop features make it a professional app for photo editing on PC.

One thing I admire about the app is that it wasn’t made to be similar to Photoshop. Instead, the developers made it unique and powerful.

Apart from the basic functions like photo retouching and color correction, it also supports very advanced functions that make it perfect for the pros.

Capture One Pro was released by Phase One in 2011 and is the best photo editor that photographers using Phase One cameras can use.

However, it can be very difficult to self-learn Capture One Pro’s features and capabilities as not many people use it, unlike Photoshop. You can find a few tutorials online. Also, Capture One Pro isn’t your app if your PC is one of the not-so-powerful PCs.




Before editing that image, check to make sure you’re on one of the best apps for photo editing on PC.

How do you know these apps?

Read this article.

From the article, you can deduce that although the programs are powerful in their aspects, only a few apps could come close to the superlative power of Photoshop and Lightroom.

This simply proves that the fact that Photoshop is much hated doesn’t mean it’s no longer good, it doesn’t mean it is bad either. Remember, it does everything it can do perfectly, but it doesn’t do everything.

Edit your picture!

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