Important Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts on Telegram for PC


Important Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts on Telegram for PC

The Telegram app is one of the most popular instant messaging apps available on both the desktop and mobile platforms.

Telegram is well-loved due to its numerous features and security. The CEO of Telegram is a security-conscious person, and this has been reiterated into the app.

Telegram Messenger kind of steal features from other messaging apps, but implements them in a better way.

Telegram messenger is available on quite a number of platforms, including Windows, iOS, and Android. The main reason why people love using the app on their desktop devices is that it has the lightest weight amongst all its competitors.

Also, it also supports large file transfers which might come in handy when it is needed for a business. Precisely, Telegram Messenger supports the transfer of files with sizes of up to 2GB.

The numerous stickers that are freely accessible within the app is also a great reason why people use Telegram for PC.

The main reason for Telegram’s widespread popularity is the ability to save an enormous chunk of time while chatting by using the Telegram desktop keyboard shortcuts.

What Are Telegram Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts?

Telegram Desktop Keyboard Shortcuts (or hotkeys) are simple commands that you can enter from the keyboard to save time and increase productivity.

Telegram is not the only desktop app with keyboard shortcuts. Other apps like Microsoft Office, WhatsApp Messenger, etc. also support keyboard shortcuts.

However, it should be noted that the keyboard shortcuts provided here are native to the Telegram desktop app only. Trying to use it on other apps may perform entirely another function or do nothing at all.

I think you know one or two things about keyboard shortcuts now. Time to dive into the shortcuts proper.

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Keyboard Shortcuts on Telegram for PC

Here are the common keyboard shortcuts on Telegram for PC.

Command Shortcut
Forward to the next chat Hold Ctrl and Tab keys together
Forward to the next chat Hold Ctrl and PageDown keys simultaneously
Revert to previous chat Hold down the Ctrl, Shift and Tab keys
Revert to previous chat Hold Ctrl and PageUp keys together
Search in selected chat Hold Ctrl and F keys
Exit and search selected chat ESC
Exit current chat/channel/group Hold down Alt and Arrow Up buttons
Exit Telegram Messenger Hold down Ctrl, then press Q
Minify Telegram to an icon Hold down Ctrl, then press W
Minify Telegram to a smaller window Hold down Ctrl, then press M
Delete selected message Press Delete
Edit previous message Press the Arrow Up button


That’s all about the Telegram desktop keyboard shortcuts that work on Telegram for PC. These shortcuts will surely improve your productivity rate and reduce the time you spend dragging the cursor around the screen.

Do you know any more shortcuts that should be, but is not in this list?

You can add them in the comments section. Thanks for reading and stay safe from the coronavirus.

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