5 Free Sports Streaming Services With Premium Quality

Following live sports is regarded as a necessity in many parts of the world, as it serves as an excellent way to ease boredom.

There are many channels for the following of live sports. This ranges from newspapers, which are long outdated and always hours late, to radio jockeys which were extremely expensive and not affordable by just everyone.

The television age evolved gradually; initially from the black and white big space-taking engine to the tortoise-like color televisions with unattractive shells. This later developed into the flat televisions, taking up virtually no space in the home, with unbelievable color quality.

It was at this age that we discovered that our mobile devices are great for the consumption of sports content, both in text, audio, and video.

Now, streaming online with a mobile phone or laptop has become extremely popular amongst sports lovers, and for this to be made possible, we need quality sports streaming services.

There are websites offering all types of sporting events and shows. From the UEFA Champions League to the NBA, NFL and even more. Cricket. Badminton, hockey, tennis, basketball, any sports activity you can mention.

However, most of these websites require you to pay, and others are heavily bombarded with ads. But what are the free sports streaming services that truly offer quality?

In this article, I’m showing you 9 of these kinds of sites, and which one to use based on your interests.

Here you go


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Free Live Sports Streaming Services

Below are my top nine picks where all tech ninjas can watch free sports online. They cost nothing, try them out.

Beware, some of these websites are filled with ads, beware of choking, lol.

  1. Time4TV

Time4TV, as its name sounds, is not a dedicated sports channel. It is just a portal that enables you to watch TV channels from anywhere around the world. You can only use Time4TV when you know the exact channel broadcasting the event. Your search for the channel on the Time4TV list and there are high chances you’re gonna find it.

Time4TV features 60+ sports channels, which include popular names in the sports industry like Sky Sports, ESPN. NFL Network, WWE Network, BT Sports, and NBA TV for basketball fans.

Time4TV only scours the internet for links to these specific online televisions, so many links on the website may not work. If a link fails to take you to the desired channel, it is advisable to try another, and another until you get to your match.

This might sound, time-consuming and negative user experience, but it is the price you have to pay for not paying.

Time4TV isn’t country-restricted yet, so you can stream content from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Time4TV is available at www.time4tv.stream


  1. Sony Liv

Sony’s Indian live streaming service, Liv is an excellent portal for streaming live sports if you’re smart enough. This sports broadcasting media has the broadcasting rights to numerous sports like cricket, soccer, racing, WWE, MMA, etc.

It is free to watch the games on Sony Liv, but you’ll be given access to watch only 5 minutes into the stream, except you pay a little subscription. Nevertheless, the free service is still great.

A downside to this streaming service is that it is only supported in India, as it is exclusively for Indians. This doesn’t mean that it is inaccessible outside India. When you’re a tech ninja, you use a VPN to access the service. For the VPN to unblock Sony Liv, it must have servers predominantly in India.

You can get a free VPN by searching Google, but I recommend going for one of the paid ones, as they offer better quality. With the quality and quantity of content on Sony Liv, paying a few bucks to get a VPN for it won’t be considered foolish.

  1. BossCast

BossCast is another highly popular online platform for live streams of not only soccer matches but also other popular sports. Just like Time4TV, it works by curating a list of available links for streaming the game. You can watch these matches directly on the video player on their website.

BossCast offers a lot of sports which you can watch for free, including tennis, cricket, Moto GP, racing and football.

If you’re using BossCast however, you must have invested in a browser with a strong adblocking capability as you get aggressively intrusive pop-up ads.

With the ads out, BossCast is no doubt the best site for free sports streaming, except for the fact that it may be blocked in your country. But don’t worry, you can unblock it easily using a good VPN.

  1. Airtel TV

For Airtel users, Airtel TV, initially released for smartphones is a great hub for live sports streaming.

It is an OTT streaming service which offers more than 100 TV channels for live streaming. These include Live Sports Channels and Live TV shows.

The site features a compelling interface just like it was earlier in the app. What’s more, this service allows you to view some HD quality channels, as well as regular channels.

In short, Airtel TV gives you access to live sports and entertainment, but you can’t access all this without a valid Airtel SIM. With an Airtel SIM, you get verification with an OTP, after which you get exclusive access to the streaming service.

Airtel TV uses Sony Network Channel’s exclusive broadcast rights to bring its users to live sports streaming services for free.

The content offered by Airtel TV alone is enough reason why you should buy an Airtel SIM.

  1. Cricfree

You may expect this to be totally cricket content with the name. However, although it is focused on cricket, it also performs well when it comes to football, tennis or racing.

Cricfree also hosts links for major sporting events, and users will have to follow those links for access to those events and shows.

Categorized based on the sports offered, Cricfree has 12 categories. It has categories ranging from cricket to tennis.

However, it is important to note that it is illegal to use Cricfree has no license to host any streaming link. So you use Cricfree at your own risk.

Also, the annoying pop-up ads that you encounter as you use the service is enough reason not to use them at all.

Also, when trying to access an event or show, you may have to try more than a link before you get a working one, and after painstakingly getting a working link, you get pestered with ads.

If you’re sure you can keep up with that, then there is no harm in using the service.



There is nothing as fulfilling as free lunch. There’s a popular saying that says no free lunch. However, free lunch may save you someday.

So, grab one of these free services, get into your browser, connect and watch Chelsea trash Manchester United, lol.

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