Top Android Apps With Dark Mode

Dark mode has been a trend in the industry for decades, and it seems to have been standing a firm ground lately.

With users’ constant demand for dark mode, app developers could not help but concur with the demands of the ruthless users.

To be honest, using an app in the dark mode gives a satisfying feeling that one has experienced an advancement in technology. Some also claimed the dark mode is good on the eyes as it helps to reduce strain and hence have better eyesight.

Either way, the main goal is to have a functioning dark mode on every app.

Many apps rolled out updates and added the dark mode functionality while others are still backward in this technology.

In this article, we shall be looking at the best apps which rolled out compatibility for dark mode. Here we go.


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Popular Apps With Dark Mode

  1. Messenger

The Messenger app is one of the first apps to roll out the dark mode functionality, and it worked out so well.

Today, the millions of users who use Messenger can easily turn on dark mode and enjoy a true black theme, as they use the app.

So far, Messenger from Facebook is one of the best dark mode feature.

Messenger’s dark mode is true black, with text and pictures on it.

To turn on dark mode for Messenger, you should click on your profile icon at the top left corner of the screen. The first option in the resulting menu is dark mode, with a toggle. Toggle forwards to turn it on and backward to turn it off.

Facebook should really be commended for this app as it paved the way for dark mode on other apps.


  1. Facebook Lite

Facebook Lite got full dark mode functionality not long ago. The app’s dark mode can be described as dark mode lite. This is because it doesn’t really feature a true dark mode, rather, it is a dark shade of grey.

However, it was named dark mode, and who are we to complain.

Facebook spent quite a great deal of time to make dark mode available to its users all over the world. This is to prevent unnecessary bugs and issues.

However, the dark mode is here and hot, it is accessible by going to the Facebook Lite options, which is the last icon at the top navigation bar. Scroll down to the settings, directly under the setting (without clicking through), you see “Dark Mode”. Toggle it on to enjoy.


  1. Telegram

Telegram is also one of the Android apps that looks cool with dark mode enabled. It seems the developers of Telegram has not put so much effort into equipping it with a truly competent dark mode, but the gray mode camouflaged dark mode still works out fine.

It turns everything dark; your messages, channels, everything, unless you turn off. I assure you, when you turn on dark mode on Telegram, you won’t have any reasons to turn it off.

It is easy to turn on dark mode on Telegram. Just click the three horizontal bars at the top left corner of the page. To the right of your profile picture, you should see a moon icon, click on that icon to activate night mode, or more realistically; dark mode.


  1. Writer Plus (WriterP)

Are you someone who writes articles or even stories on your mobile phone?

If yes, you must be spending tens of hours looking down at your mobile phone. It has been confirmed that looking down at a white screen too much could damage your eyes. Therefore you must be seeking an alternative writing app with dark mode support.

WriterP features two kinds of dark mode, the dark grey mode, and the true black mode. Whatever comforts you most, what matters most is bringing dark mode to all your apps.

To turn on dark mode for the app, is easy, just tap on the three vertical dots at the top left, and click on night mode.


It’s night.


  1. Twitter

Twitter is one of the first apps to get support for dark mode. Like Facebook Messenger, it features a true black interface when the dark mode is turned on.

The support for dark mode on Twitter spurred my love for this social media platform. It seems the developers took great care in creating an excellent dark mode for the platform.

To activate the dark mode for Twitter on Android, go to “Settings and Privacy”, scroll down and select “Display and Sound”. You’ll find dark mode, you can either turn it on or off.

One exciting feature that the app’s dark mode possesses is the ability to automatically switch to dark mode when it’s the dark and light mode when there are enough lights. This saves you the hassles of manually switching each time.

Just below the dark mode option, there is also a “Dark Mode Appearance”. This can be set to “Dim” or “Lights out.” Dim just gives the interface a dark gray appearance, while “Lights out” gives you the true black.

Dark Mode for Twitter is no doubt beautiful and will definitely win more users for the aged social networking platform.

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Final Words.

We are scared of nights, but we are fond of dark mode.

Are you also a die-hard dark mode fan like everyone else? Then you should consider downloading these apps which offer the best dark mode functionalities for the Android mobile.

Any more suggestions are welcome, of course in the comments.

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