5 Unnecessary Windows Programs You Should Uninstall

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It’s so sad that people make a habit of keeping outdated software on their computers.

This is not only sad but bad. Keeping unnecessary windows programs and applications may slow down the system, and drop a fair share of malware and other forms of computer viruses to the computer.

Moreover, hackers could capitalize on the security hitches that are always present in outdated and unnecessary windows programs to break into your computer, if these programs are not ejected from your computer.

Outdated software aside, there is some software that is not technically outdated but could pose a serious threat to your computer system if not ejected.

Either way, any of these types of Windows programs should never be present in your PC.

In this article, I’ll be suggesting five programs that you have to uninstall and delete immediately if you love your PC. Some of this software are those that you keep keeping the hackers away, not knowing they are hackers themselves.

I’ve done too much talking, now let’s uncover the unnecessary windows programs you have to immediately remove.


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5 Windows Software you Must Uninstall

  1. CCleaner

You may be surprised to find this app here because it is probably the number one cleaning app on your PC. However, I take no joy in breaking it to you that CCleaner’s time of glory is now overdue.

CCleaner has been accused of forcing updates on users without requesting their permission. Also, the app allegedly collected user information and distributed malware to the users’ computers.

These obnoxious CCleaner behaviors were noticed after Avast acquired Piriform, the makers of CCleaner, in 2017. It all started when the app tried to automatically install Avast antivirus on CCleaner users’ computers, and now, it has lost favor before its fans.

Apart from CCleaner, it’s also important to beware of other suspicious PC cleaning apps. These apps, sometimes package malware and infect computers. This instantly turned CCleaner into an unnecessary Windows program.

A majority of these cleaning apps are either useless or harmful. Apps like PC Optimizer Pro, et all should be removed.

  1. Coupon Printer for Windows

Coupon Printer is an app developed by Coupons.com, to enable users to get access to deals. If you install apps frequently on your computer, you’ll have to install Coupon Printer someday, as it is usually bundled with other apps.

Except you use Coupons.com frequently, you should uninstall this app from your computer. It is much safer to use a coupon site that requires no installations from your part.

  1. WinRAR

While this may be your go-to option for unzipping or decompressing ZIP, RAR, and other compressed files, it might interest you to learn that it has since fallen out of favor.

WinRAR is sold on the shareware license, which allows you to download and install a trial of the program for free. After some time of using the app, you’re prompted to pay. However, you don’t get locked out from using the app, but the payment prompts can be disturbing and make you succumb to gifting them money.

Paying for WinRAR would be the greatest mistake you made since you started owning a PC. If everything deserves it, the shitty interface doesn’t. For a better alternative which you won’t have to ever pay, use PeaZip, but WinRAR? Too bad to consider paying for.

So, remove it!

  1. Microsoft Silverlight

Silverlight is a similar program to Adobe Flash, which enables the display of rich media content in browsers. This program was once useful when many websites depended on this app to work reliably.

That was many years ago. Today, this program is deprecated and most websites no longer use it. According to W3Techs, less than 0.1% of websites still require Silverlight for full performance.

Also, modern browsers no longer support Silverlight. It no longer works on Chrome and Firefox and it has never worked on “Microsoft-owned” Edge. The only browser that officially supports Silverlight is Internet Explorer. However, it won’t make a top 100 browsers shortlist on Windows, so why should you keep it installed?

Apart from Silverlight, similar apps such as Java, Adobe Shockwave Player, and Adobe Flash Player are all outdated and used by none. So, it is safe to keep away from them by safely removing them from the computer system.

  1. uTorrent

uTorrent was once a darling, as nearly everyone binged the torrenting sites. uTorrent was then considered as the best torrenting software.

A quick turn in trust issues made the once-reliable torrent client look unfavorable before its lovers.

A good reason you should never use uTorrent anymore is the ads. uTorrent is fond of running adverts for malicious browser extensions and junk software. This alone is a good reason why you should uninstall the app.

They gave us more reasons to remove the app from our devices because of the 2015 incident. That year, the app was rightly accused of allegedly bundling cryptocurrency mining software without informing users. This used up the users’ resources in the background to make money for the company, as the income from the malicious apps is not enough.

You need not worry about uninstalling uTorrent, as BitTorrent is an alternative and better torrent client, free from annoying ads and cryptocurrency nonsense.

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Apart from the above-listed apps, it is essential to perform manual checks on the apps installed on your PC. Don’t be afraid to remove the ones that you no longer use.

Also, using a good antivirus software protects you from potentially useless programs before it starts to potentially destroy your system.

Stay safe!

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