The Best Video Editing Apps for Android

video editing apps for android

The Android operating smartphone is one of the best, no doubt. One of the reasons why we love this operating system is the high customizability.

There are no video editing apps for Android by default. This means, to make some touches to your video, you either get the sophisticated equipment required for high productions or customize your highly customizable Android phone and make it do all the work for you.

I know the first option won’t be considerable if you only wanted to trim out some privacy details from a sixty seconds video. In such a situation, it would be considered wiser to leverage the Android phone.

To make your Android phone do the editing work for you, you need a good app with enough features that would get your work covered.

Some people would get off here and jump onto Google Play, type in “Video Editor”, download every crap they find. They later come to Google again, searching: “best video editing apps for Android.”

However, I know you’re a ninja and you’re not going to do that. Instead, you’d wait patiently, finish this article and stay in the know. In the end, you’ll drop a video you edited yourself in the comments, using one of the apps I listed.

Shall we?


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Best Video Editing Apps for Android

Based on information from many different sources, and personal testing and review, here are what I found to be the best video editing apps for Android smartphones. They’re extremely easy to use, and offer a lot of amazing features you won’t ever think can be possibly embedded on a smartphone.

  1. VivaVideo

VivaVideo is one video editing app on Android that I actually use. It is built to enable you to create a video story (as they call it).

It has a lot of features that are sure to help you create that professional video without paying someone on Fiverr.

It gives you access to the most essential features of video design which include, trimming, merging, cutting, etc. it also has thousands of templates that you can base your entire video on.

The video collage maker feature gives you the ability to merge different videos into a new video. This is a very helpful feature and I tend to love the way this app simplifies the whole process.

It also features a slow-motion video editor which works great. The over 200 million user base is an indication that you are very unlikely to encounter any problems while using this app. You’ll always find someone to help you out before you can even find one.

If you ever tried out the MusicLens feature, you’ll surely get addicted to it. It allows you to play a piece of music in the background while the video plays on. When you playback the video, the music plays as the events happen in the video, like you had a recorder beside you.

In summary, VivaVideo is one editing app you should definitely try if not for the simplicity, then for the numerous features.

  1. KineMaster

KineMaster is the nearest thing to VivaVideo amongst the video editing apps for Android.

Like most Android apps, its simplicity is unmatchable. It also comprises of numerous features and keeps you over the whole process of making the video, without leaving you confused.

The main reason why I use this app is due to the ability to add subtitles to videos. It comes handy when you’re trying to translate a piece of video content. It is more understandable when it is added as a subtitle.

KineMaster boasts of some really professional features like volume control and merging images into a video. It also employs the drag-and-drop technique to make the whole process a whole lot easier.

If VivaVideo is insufficient for some reason, KineMaster comes as the next viable alternative.

  1. FilmoraGo

FilmoraGo gives you the most essential video editing functions in the most basic of apps interface. It enables you to trim your videos change the resolutions, or make it suitable for different platforms. What’s more, you can directly share the videos from inside the app.

FilmoraGo is an app perfect for making those essential final touches to make the video presentable. You can add music to a pre-recorded video, add templates or trim it.

You can add text to your videos, effects, and transitions. One very cool feature; “you can reverse videos.” Do you want the guy to walk in twice? You know, such stylish manipulations. FilmoraGo will do an excellent job.

There is a premium version of FilmoraGo, which gives you even more cool features. However, for the most that you’ll be needing this app, you won’t need to upgrade.

FilmoraGo also allows you to directly share an edited video directly to one of the popular social media networks.

FilmoraGo will display a textual watermark at the end of your video, but you can pay to remove it, or use an external app to trim it.

FilmoraGo is one of the most professional video editing apps for Android in an amazingly simple interface.

  1. VideoShow

Ever worried that your video is too large and may take a lot of time before it gets uploaded?

Not anymore, with VideoShow video compressing. It allows you to reduce the size of your video by compressing it. What’s more, it’s a lossless compression and the videos do not suffer from loss of quality. Also, it doesn’t matter how long the video is.

VideoShow has received many awards due to its excellence, which places it amongst one of the best video editing apps for Android.

It’s of no use emphasizing that all apps in this list are easy to use and have lots of features. What I like best about this app is the ability to blur the background of a video, which is a very useful feature.

  1. Adobe Premiere Clip

This app from Adobe, the software giant has truly shown the qualities required to be listed amongst the best video editing apps for Android.

Premiere Clip can automatically create amazing videos from the pictures and videos you select on your phone, thanks to its automatic video creation capability.

If that can’t create the perfect video you want, you can make use of the numerous effects to create your own exciting video that would become an instant Instagram hit. The features include trimming, adding music and filters, etc.

Also, Adobe Premiere Clip has an auto mix feature that balances the music that plays in the background. You can export videos created from here to Adobe Premiere Pro CC, on desktop.

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Making our video the best is what we all desire. However, our cameras are not capable of inputting all the text, effects and settings in our mind to our videos. At least, not yet.

For that, we have to grab a great video editing app for android to do the job, and if you choose one from the above and use it carefully, I’m sure you’ll smile back.

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