A Guide to Nintendo DS Emulators on Android

The good old Nintendo DS was quite a success, and it surpassed every other handheld gaming console in terms of sales. For such a feat, it’s evident that the game is no rubbish.

In as much as we love this console, the days of carrying it around in our pockets are gone (unfortunately), and we lost access to our age-long console.

Can we really let go?

I guess no.

Because we can’t let go of our age-long, excellent Nintendo DS, we found a way of incorporating it into our phones. That doesn’t mean we broke the Android phone’s screen and replaced it with a Nintendo DS screen.

Playing Nintendo DS games on Android is made possible by the use of an emulator. An emulator is an application (like Drastic Nintendo DS Emulator on Android) capable of running on a platform (Android, in this case), whose sole purpose is to bring the features of another platform (Nintendo DS here) to the platform it runs on (Android).

When you have a working Nintendo DS emulator on your phone, you can download Nintendo DS games online. You can then run these games on your emulator and enjoy the real action of Nintendo DS, right on your Android phone without data charges.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to install the emulator I use to play DS game on my device, how to install it and some cool games which you can download and play on your DS.

What emulator should I use for Android?

There are many Nintendo DS emulators available on the Google Play. However, not all of these emulators encode Nintendo DS games the same way. What I’m trying to insinuate here is that, if you choose a poor emulator, you may get fuzzy sounds and unmanageable video.

However, a good emulator allows you to play DS games in its highest quality, without affecting its sounds and video qualities.

There are many top-quality DS emulators available on Google Play for free, but the only one I can really recommend is Drastic DS Emulator.

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Drastic Nintendo DS Emulator on Android

Drastic DS Emulator is the DS emulator I use to play DS games on my Android without hitches or lags. It is capable of running large files with the smallest hardware architecture.

Drastic DS is available for free on Google Play. When downloaded, it automatically renames to Drastic English. If your phone is not equipped with Google Play, you can also get it from Aptoide or ApkPure.

This emulator for Nintendo DS has an old-school interface but has the capability to smoothly run your DS games.

On the main page that opens when you start the application, there are four options.

The first option is “continue”, which allows you to continue playing the last game you loaded on the emulator. This option will be available even if you’ve not loaded any games recently, but it won’t work when it is clicked.

The second option is what you should choose if you’re loading a new game. It is termed “load new game”. You can load new games from your phone’s memory or a connected external memory. Games that run on the Drastic DS emulator include all the NDS extensions and the ZIP archives.

The third option is “change options”. You should never click this except you’re a nerd. It includes all the advance settings where you can customize your controller, change the audio and video settings amongst many others.

The very last option is “exit Drastic”, which has a fairly obvious job. When you click it, you fuck off the emulator.

How to load a DS game on Drastic

It easy to load a DS game on the emulator as it is a very straightforward process. The “load new game” option is big enough for anyone, even with eye issues to read.

Unfortunately, the Drastic DS emulator doesn’t come with any Nintendo DS games preinstalled. You have to get the game online or from a friend who has it already. DS games are mostly of the “.nds” or “.zip” extensions.

Where can I get Nintendo DS games

Nintendo DS games are widespread all over the web. There are thousands of websites offering the hottest Nintendo DS games for free downloads online.

Be careful, however, as most of these websites will automatically download a virus to your device.

Some trusted websites where you can get Nintendo DS games for free are Emuparadise and Freeroms. You can also do more research to find out more.

Download your game from a trusted site and scan it with good antivirus software. If all good, you can copy it to your phone and try running it on Drastic DS. Keep a record of the folder you copied it to for ease of opening.

Get onto Drastic, click the button for loading new games and navigate to the folder where you copied the Nintendo DS file. Click on it and it opens immediately.


Note: Downloading and running a DS game downloaded online is illegal if you don’t have the game pack physically. This means, you only have the license to download games that you’ve physically bought and played. Non-adherence to this might impose sanctions, and The Tech Ninjas will not be responsible for this.

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That’s all about running a DS game on your Android phone. Did you find any area confusing? Or you used a different emulator which you don’t understand how it works?

Share your problems in the comment and we the Ninjas will be happy to help you.

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