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.Google has changed a lot over the years, and most of what we love Google for has changed as well.

Although Google’s personalization features may come with some advantages, it seems many users place a priority on their personal data over personalization convenience.

Google may not be any bad to you, but you might just be in need of an alternative search engine to see how the results compare to Google’s.

Any reasons you might want Google alternatives for, I’ve got you covered in this extensive list of credible Google alternatives you definitely have to try out before this year runs out.


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1. Bing

Since Google’s inception, Microsoft has been a major competitor.

Decades later, Microsoft is here again with its amazing search engine for a neck to neck comparison with Google search.

Bing is the nearest thing to the Google search engine, with even more tools for a more enjoyable and interesting search experience.

Bing features a very simple homepage with an ever-changing background. You can carry out image and videos search on Bing, just like Google.

Bing is also ad-supported and may collect some details of your activity to tailor the best ads for you. This makes it too Google-like.

Bing is not just a search engine, it also allows you to track the latest scores, perform some spellchecking tasks and just like translation services, just like Google.

Bing offers a better experience for video searches than any other search engine. It displays the results in a carousel of large thumbnails. Hovering over these plays a preview of the video, while you can access the full video by clicking through.

Bing has Android and iOS apps, all with clean interfaces and a nice user experience. It is the second most-used search engine today, apart from YouTube, and it is only growing better.

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Here is the number one alternative.


2. Yahoo! Search

Yahoo! is one of the online services that are actually older than Google. With the experience gathered from these years, Yahoo! has managed to create a search engine which came into limelight.

This search engine was named Yahoo! Search.

It is the fourth most popular search engine, according to stats.

Yahoo! Search came to the limelight, not because of the quality of its search, but because it offers other amazing services apart from just being a search engine.

You must have learned about Yahoo! Mail, which is its email service. It also features an online shopping center, news directories, and many other features.

Aggregating Flickr with Yahoo only made the app better in serving image-related search results.

Yahoo! Search is doing better in privacy management than Google, but it isn’t worth to be called: “A privacy-oriented search engine.”

If you want a search engine that will keep the rest of the services you regularly use near you, then you should go with Yahoo! Search. Otherwise, Google is nice.

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3. DuckDuckGo

Privacy is one of the most important things online. It is difficult to keep physical things private, but it is even more tasking to ensure digital security.

DuckDuckGo is a privacy-oriented search engine that’s well known for its unbiased, and secure search experience.

DuckDuckGo cannot use your information to plan targeted advertisements or sell it out to hackers.

DuckDuckGo has a browser extension that ensures your digital safety at all times. Also, ads are served on DuckDuckGo, but they’re nowhere as much as those served on Google and Bing.

DuckDuckGo fetches results from other search engines such as Yahoo, Yandex, e.t.c. to make sure they serve relevant results.

Also, DuckDuckGo’s interface allows for infinite scrolling, which enables you to scroll through the results until the end, without having to jump through pages.

That’s not the reason for its popularity though, privacy being the real banger.



This entire article is simple, it gives you three basic and easy to use Google alternatives based on what you want.

Bing focuses on video search content, Yahoo for photos and DuckDuckGo for privacy.

Privacy is what entices me most, so I choose DuckDuckGo as my favorite Google alternative search engine.

Let me know what you chose in the comments.

Thanks for reading.

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