5 Pinterest Alternatives You’ll Surely Love

pinterest alternatives

You love it, you pin it!

We’ve been pinning for a decade now, and we’re growing tired of it. It’s time to try something new.

Pinterest is a great way to share the pins you love. It features an amazing homepage with loads of features. Pinterest allows users to follow other users or boards that are of interest to them.

The marketing opportunities Pinterest offers are part of the reasons for its huge popularity. It made social networking media a hub for photographers, chefs, designers, body-builders and marketers alike.

It was launched back in 2010, and by 2020, it has already achieved a solid spot amongst the top social media platforms worldwide.

Throughout these long years of sojourn, Pinterest has never disappointed the users by breaching their information or running into a serious bug.

That deserves a clap.

Die to the solid foundation, websites and apps like Pinterest have come to dominate the internet.

Although Pinterest is not officially hated by we, tech ninjas, we still feel the curiosity to try out other apps like Pinterest, here are the best Pinterest alternatives we could find.



Best websites and apps like Pinterest


Here is a shortlist of the best websites and apps like Pinterest everyone should endeavor to try before this week runs out.

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1. DudePins

It might interest you to learn that more than 70% of Pinterest users are female. 71% of Pinterest pinners are female to be precise.

That’s why some people created Pinterest for men. They named it DudePins.

DudePins is a website like Pinterest that helps you find pins that are manly. The site description read: “Discover everything that’s manly.” That’s simply what DudePins do.

You find mature men who share manly content on DudePins, so this might not be an ideal place for just anyone.

For girls and young teenagers, it would be much safer to go with the other Pinterest alternatives outlined in this article.

If you need another masculine Pinterest without as much seriousness and maturity as DudePins, you can try Gentlemint.

You can access DudePins from your browser or download the app from AppStore if you’ve got an iPhone.


2. We Heart It

They pin it, We Heart It!

Like seriously, I wrote that line for We Heart It (though I’m not sure they’ll ever know).

As a teenager, We Heart It is one of my favorite Pinterest alternatives and I don’t use any other. To be honest, I don’t use Pinterest. All I use is; We Heart It.

While Pinterest is not aimed at a certain age group, it is absolutely clear that We Heart It is aimed at teenagers who need a break from Pinterest.

One thing that’s annoying about this platform is that it is aimed at ladies and completely dominated by them. Guys are minimal on this platform also.

However, guys are welcome as ever and you can share your pictures and love (heart) other’s creations. You can follow your favorite people and have fun.

While it may lack “pinning” and some other addictive Pinterest features, it is no doubt uniquely excellent.

Grab your Android or iPhone and download the app or log in directly from your browser to get started.


3. FoodGawker

Where are our food-obsessed friends?

FoodGawker is certainly for them.

FoodGawker is a web and iOS app like Pinterest which will make your mouth water and leave you hungry all day.

Users share multiple pictures of well-prepared dishes and recipes to the platform which can be viewed by the whole community.

You’re not obligated to view all the content, you can jump to any category you like and start from there. You can also choose to view the “most gawked” pictures, which will certainly make you lick your phone.

If you’d care more for drinks rather than food, there’s a website similar to this for drinks too. It is called Liqurious and features a similar interface, but differences in content.

You can download FoodGawker as an iOS app or access it on the web.


4. Everplaces

Everplaces is simply “Pinterest for travelers.”

With a community that almost replicates that of Pinterest, you are sure to get helpful information about places and traveling choices, to simplify your traveling experiences.

Travelers gather here to talk about sightseeing experiences and suggestions as well as good suggestions for different destinations.

From the homepage, it is easy to get information about popular places around the world on Everplaces. You can also bookmark places, get suggestions from the earlier travelers and socialize the whole experience.

Everplaces is available both as an iPhone app as well as a web app.

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5. Hometalk

The name of this popular Pinterest alternative says it all.

Are you someone who loves home DIYs and ideas about home decorations, floor cleaning, and kitchen arrangement?

Hometalk is your home.

It has an ever-helpful community of home experts to help you fix anything, plus you can share your discoveries and inventions as long as it’s home related.

There are other apps like Pinterest which are based on home-related topics discussion, but Hometalk is surely the best of them.

A downside to Hometalk is the unavailability of mobile apps. You always have to use your browser to access the website, which may sometimes be uncomfortable.



It seems I’m not the only one that’s overwhelmed with the scope of Pinterest. It covers every topic imaginable and it’s hard to tailor the users to your liking.

The best option then is to come down to more niche-specific apps like Pinterest and you’ll surely be satisfied with the experience.

Happy pinning and stay coronavirus free.

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