Linux vs Windows; A Comparison of Two Great Operating Systems

Raji: I have an issue, Visual Studio Code isn’t opening on my computer, it just shows a blank screen

Community: Install Linux

Raji: (confused) But the problem isn’t related to Windows?

Community: Just install Linux anyway!

Linux vs Windows.

With that conversation, do you still think Linux isn’t superior to Windows?

Think again.

If you’re not using your computer for anything powerful, or you find Linux so hard to understand, you may think Windows beats Linux hands down.

In reality, the reverse is the case.

Linux is simply more powerful, and in general terms, better than Windows.

In this article, I’ll be comparing the features, abilities, and capabilities of Windows against that of Linux and at the end, you’ll be the one to confess to the superiority of Linux.

Without wasting many words, let the game begin.


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Linux vs Windows


1. Linux is open-source, unlike Windows

This is a very important feature of the Linux operating system for the tech-savvy.

The security of the Windows operating system cannot be ascertained, neither can we tell if there is malicious code in their source code that steals users’ data.

However, Linux gives you the right to dig into the source code of their operating system.

Although most people know little or don’t even care if a program or operating system is open source or close source, to the people who know its value, it is invaluable.

2. Linux pushes more regular software updates, unlike Windows

Getting an update from Microsoft happens only once in a blue moon. They only push out updates when they have a basketful of problems that need to be fixed with their operating system, or when a problem has been reported severally

Linux, on the other hand, pushes .regular updates, as they work to fix problems that you’re yet to discover yourself. Not only will you encounter more frequent software updates, but you’ll also observe that the updates are much faster, unlike Windows.

3. Linux is free, unlike Windows

Who else is sick of paying more than a hundred bucks just to get access to a computer that was bought with money?

All Linux distros are completely free, and you won’t have to buy it or pay a subscription.

There are only a few things available in this world that are both free and useful. Fortunately, the Linux operating system is one of them. Normally, free always mean low-quality, but in the case of Linux, free means superior quality.

If I were you, I’d use the money saved for Windows to improve the workability of your desktop. If you so wish too, you can just send some over to me, lol.

4. Linux demands lesser requirements

The hardware requirements of an operating system increase as the operating system upgrades. No doubt, as the system gets more advanced and increasingly complex, it would definitely need a demanding amount of hardware to meet up its needs.

Windows computers are known to be good at canceling support for older computers. The latest versions of the Windows operating systems require higher hardware than what most of the older computers can handle.

Linux, however, is not as demanding as Windows. Although Linux has its software and hardware requirements, it is definitely not as much as that of Windows.

This means, even some of the oldest, long-forgotten systems in the home can run popular Linux distribution. For example, the Puppy Linux version requires a ridiculously low amount of RAM and processor to run. And it can still carry out tasks more efficiently than many outdated Windows operating system versions.

What this section is trying to explain in essence is that a high-end Windows system would demand more hardware than a typical high-end Linux distro.

However, if two high-end systems are put to test, one being Windows and the other being Linux, the Linux system will definitely take the lead.

Lesser hardware requirements are one of the reasons why most servers run on a Linux server, rather than Windows.

5. Linux offers more security features than Windows

On the desktop scene, it is undoubtedly sure that the Windows operating system is the most vulnerable system to attacks for desktop devices. That said, it is of no use adding that Linux is not as vulnerable as Windows.

Linux is not immune from attacks, in fact, it is also vulnerable to attacks but it’s many times more secure than the popular Windows.

When you purchase a Windows system, it is also important that you purchase a good antivirus program to keep away hacking and malware threats. This is almost useless on a Linux powered system.

Linux is naturally secure, as it is built with security in mind, giving the process of package management, repositories, etc. These features and more are examples of what gives Linux the edge over Windows in the security scene.

This will also save you some more bucks because you won’t have to pay CCleaner to help you fix the health of your system.

6. Optimized for programmers

Linux supports many programming languages by default. It offers a variety of apps that help programmers easily get their tasks done.

The Linux terminal is preferred over the Windows command prompt for ethical hackers. Programmers did not keep their love for the package manager on Linux hidden, as it simplifies the whole process of programming.

Also, Linux’s default support for SSH makes it easier to manage your servers. Bash scripting and language compatibility makes Linux a powerful operating system for programmers.

7. Linux is more customizable

This is the only reason why I tried Linux, customizability.

The default way by which Windows presents your desktop to you makes it seem like they own it, not you.

However, Linux offers a customizable interface for your PC. It allows for changing of themes and wallpapers.

With Conky, you can also display information about your system on your desktop. A greater part of these customization features is unavailable on Windows.

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All said and justified. It’s now evident that the monopoly of Windows is due to their ancient age.

As tech-savvy ninjas, we have to be flexible and obey whatever the moment brings to us. For now, Linux rules.

Who knows, in the nearest future, it may be NinjasOS or whatever is good, but install Linux for the best PC experience this year.

Drop any other importance or your grudges against Linux in the comments.

Linux vs Windows

Stay safe from the virus, fellas.

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