An Hidden Android Game You Didn’t Know About

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How cool would it be if you discovered that there is a hidden Android game on your phone that you know nothing about?

I’m not talking about a game you have to download before you play. This game has been preinstalled on every Android phone, and you won’t need an internet connection to play this game.

Maybe as a surprise, Android embedded a game on all phones running on the operating system, with purposes unknown. Maybe a surprise, or maybe a gesture of appreciation towards everyone on their operating system. Most unlikely, it might have been meant for a challenge, so whoever could find the game or get high scores could win big.

However, the game is cracked. Here, at The Tech Ninjas, we found the hidden Android game and played it where it was safely hidden. If you also want to play this game, just continue reading.

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How to find the game

This is the most important aspect of this tutorial. Getting to uncover this hidden Android game is quite an arduous task and requires knowledge.

To be honest with you, it will be quite rare to find this game by chance. So, unless you follow this part of the article religiously, or you’re shown by a friend, your chances of getting to the game are near zero.

Not to waste time, let’s quickly get into it.

This game was hidden away somewhere in the settings of the Android phone. To get to this exact position, here are the steps you need to take.

1.Open your settings. It differs with every device and is the most important app on the phone. In most devices, it is a gear icon.
2. Scroll down and click “About Phone”. This also differs based on your phone’s manufacturer, but for most phones, it’s usually at the bottom of the settings page.
3.Find the Android version, and click on it several times. Firstly, it takes you off the settings to a page where every element on a normal Android device is absent. What replaces the UI is a large marshmallow-like shape. You should also continue clicking on this severally. If the game is not opening, try holding down the large icon on your screen. This should bring a moving sky-like interface with clouds. When you see this, the game has opened.
4. Click on the icon that looks like a “Play Video icon on the screen, the game should start.

Those are the processes of starting the game. Quite strenuous, huh? Don’t worry yet, a much strenuous challenge is present in the game’s gameplay.

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How to play the game

Finding the hidden Android game is one-fifth of the battle. Getting up to three points in this game is heroic.

Although the game’s concept is simple, playing the game and scoring points is very hard.

The game is simply a dodge and win kind of game. When you can successfully dodge out the enemies trying to touch you, you get a point. The enemies will make a fairly wide horizontal space for you to go through. If you succeed in going through them you score a point. However, you can only move upwards or downwards.

Visualize this; the Android robot falling down and can only move up when you tap the screen. Touching and holding down the screen sticks the robot to the top of the screen. Continuously tapping the screen keeps the Android robot bouncing in thin air.

The enemies hang from the top and the bottom of the screen, supported by what could be described as a string. They create a little space in the middle, which is the only possible space you can pass through if you’re ever to survive.

If you can pass through one, you get a point, the next gain you another point, until infinity. Also, if you fall down to the bottom of the screen, you fail. However, you can stick to the top as long as you don’t hit any of the enemies’ supports, and I promise, you can stay longer.

That’s the simple description of this game and how to play it.

Seeing is believing, start this hidden Android game now and feel how difficult it is.

Also, Tech Ninjas love games. If you discover any other hidden games on your iPhone or Android, do let us know. We promise to publicize it here.


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