How to Unshare Data on Glo

You were the one who shared your data. You should also be able to take it back, right?

Glo’s data sharing functionality is not only good, but excellent. You can choose to share your data balance with your friends who also use the Glo network.

However, you might wish to remove your contacts which you previously share your Glo data with. You might also make a mistake and add a number that you didn’t intend. It’s even possible that your friends gained access to your phone and added their numbers themselves.

Anything that happened, I’m sure you’d want to remove these numbers and withdraw their access to your data sharing. How to Unshare Data on Glo by The Tech Ninjas comes handy.

Much said, let’s see the steps that are required to unshare your Glo data, before your friends or some anonymous user use up your Gigabytes of data.

Before attempting to remove a number from the contacts you’re already sharing it with, it’s recommended to check if you’re actually sharing data with that number. If you’re doing, you can proceed to remove the number, but otherwise, you keep getting pitiful errors.

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How to view you data share list

As I said, you should run a quick check to see who you share data with, before you attempt removing them. Here is a simple tutorial that teaches you how to check the numbers which you currently share your data with.

There are two methods of achieving this, and both are outlined below.

1. Send “List” to 127 in a free SMS. In moments, Glo prompts you with the mobile numbers of users you currently share you data with.
2. Otherwise, you use the USSD code: *127*00#. Glo gives a similar response; either showing you who you currently share your data with, or telling you that you’re not currently sharing your data.

Voila, now you know the numbers you share your data with. You also discover if the numbers you’re trying to remove are there. If they are, then you can continue with the next step.

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How to unshare data on Glo

And now to the main part. Here, I assume you fished out the malicious dudes sharing your data.

To remove any number from the list of numbers you share your data with, you can use a USSD code function. Simply dial *127*02*[victim’s number]#. Alternatively, you can send “Remove [victim’s number]” to 127.

The victim’s number is the number of the user you’re willing to remove. For example, if you want to remove 090818234564, you just have to replace [victim’s number] with 090818234564q. remember, you should never put the square brackets or you get an angry error message from Glo.

The number should be removed immediately, if there are no errors. Try running a check on the list of the phone numbers you currently share your data with to confirm its effectiveness.

That’s the process you follow to unshare data on Glo. I hope the whole process wasn’t so painstaking. Come on, remove the numbers and apologize to the victims, for I’m dead sure they’d be mad at you right now.


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