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It is so difficult to singlehandedly start, manage and grow a blog. Most one-man blogs almost surely fall to the mercy of the big players that can afford the enormous costs of paying writers to get the job done.

It was until I started paying writers before I discovered that getting writers to write you the article is only half the battle. The process of copying, pasting, fine-tuning, adding images, linking to relevant sources, and doing other tweaks for SEO traction can be time-consuming and difficult.

I sometimes spend upwards of thirty minutes, trying to get a post published. A post I already paid for! Something must be done about it.

That was when I realized that I could pay the writers to directly write and publish the posts to my blog, so I won’t have to do any fine-tuning.

We agreed upon this deal and everything was set up before I discovered that he had no access to publish a post on my website. Something must be done.

That was when I started scouring through the “Setting” of my BlogSpot’s dashboard. It wasn’t long before I discovered how to add new authors to a BlogSpot blog.

The process is fairly simple and straightforward, here is a guide.

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How to add authors to a BlogSpot blog

It is easy to add new BlogSpot blog authors to your blog, and if you’ve searched as much as I did back then, you must have discovered how. However, it’s not a must to suffer for every single action you take on your blog. Using Google sometimes isn’t bad, huh?

Before you can add an author to your blog, these conditions must be met.

1. You must be the admin of the blog. This is an essential step and is the main reason why most people don’t find the option. They actually lack the autonomy to add new authors to a blog.
2. The author you are inviting must have a valid Google account. Google requires a Google account for almost all its services, and its largely popular BlogSpot is not an exception.
3. The blog must be published and not facing any penalty by Google. A blog suspended by Google will be visible only to the author and you may lose some basic functionalities, including the ability to add a new author.

Once all the above mentioned conditions are well taken care of, you have absolutely no worries as the process of adding a new author will be as enjoyable and easy as eating bread and beans. Below are the required steps.

1.Log into your BlogSpot admin dashboard. This isn’t complicated, once you’re logged into your Google account, you’re logged into BlogSpot.
2. On the left side of the page, scroll down and click on Settings. This brings you to a page where you can make both basic and advanced tweaks to your blog. The Setting option is circled below.
blogspot settings
3.When the settings page loads fully, scroll down and click “Add Authors” below the Permissions tab, as shown below
blogspot change author
4. This brings out a textbox underneath, input the email address of the author you’re willing to add and save the changes.

Once you complete the above steps, an email is sent over to the invited authors, and they can either accept or decline the invitation. When the authors choose to accept, they are added to your authors’ list.

Voila, you have a new author.

I’m tired, no final words.

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