Aptoide Review: The Best Alternative to Google Play

The Android operating system was made to use apps. An Android phone without apps is basically nonexistent.

This is because every function on Android apps is carried out by a particular app. This is also including calling and sending text messages.

If you gain root access to your Android device, you can uninstall the default call app, messaging app, and even the camera!

Even without root access, you can set another app as the default messaging app, or calling app.

That is exactly the reason why I use Android.

However, Android apps are many over the internet. A question that might then come to mind is; “How do I know which Android apps to use?”

Most of the Android apps you find over the internet are unsafe. They are full of computer viruses and they can cause great harm to your device, especially when your device is rooted.

To install any app on your device, you have to be sure it is actually safe and it will not cause any harm to your phone. A great way to do this is to stick to Google Play Store and never install apps from any other source.

That sounds too simple, isn’t it?

Yes, a great number of apps are available on Google Play, but is every Android phone equipped with the Google Play Store?

The answer to the simple question above is no!

In fact, chances are high that you are using an Android phone that doesn’t support Google Play or Google Play services if you’re living in China.

The fact is, when your device doesn’t support Google Play store by default, you can’t install it unless you’re ready to take the risk of bricking your device.

The simplest thing to do is to find an alternative.

After extensive research, the best alternative we found is Aptoide, and here is an Aptoide review you should read if you’re planning to install Aptoide.


What is Aptoide?

Aptoide is a Portuguese app store, similar to Google Play, where you can find the latest games and applications for download by its users.

Aptoide is Play Store’s biggest competitor. It recently moved to over 600 million users worldwide early this year. This is not unrelated to the numerous features and ease of use when compared to Google Play Store.

Aptoide features most of the apps in the Play Store and even some more. If properly used, Aptoide won’t download any viruses to your device, and it features a beautiful interface.

As advantageous as Aptoide is, it also features some disadvantages which may drive users away from them. All of these and more are what I’m going to show you in this Aptoide review.

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Aptoide Review.


The Aptoide interface is just a little away from being perfect.

On opening, you’re taken to the home page where the featured apps are displayed. Scrolling downwards, you see many other apps separated by categories.

At the bottom of the app interface, you see five icons lined up. For ease of understanding, their functions are written beneath them.

The first icon represents “Home”. You can use this icon to easily return to the home position from anywhere in the app.

The next icon is termed “Editorial”. This is a kind of Aptoide blog where you can catch all information about the latest games, apps and exciting features coming to the app and many more. In fact, Aptoide Editorial was the first place where I learned about the existence of WhatsApp dark mode.

The next icon is the search button, which looks up your search term amongst hundreds of thousands of apps available on the platform. It is pretty straightforward, you click the search button and type in your search terms and hit enter. Your results appear.

The next icon which is marked “Stores” houses the popular Aptoide stores.

If it sounds confusing, digest this. Aptoide does not operate as one store for publishers like Google Play. Instead, it houses other stores that can be created by users. In short, the overall Aptoide store is a collection of smaller stores in a large store named Aptoide.

And the last icon at the lower bar is “Apps”. Here, you can perform a few functions on the apps you’ve already installed on your device. You can install, uninstall, and update your apps.

The Aptoide app has a header common among most pages in the app. On the right side of this header, there is an avatar that you can click to take you to more options in the app.

There, you can register an account, edit your already created account or fine-tune your Aptoide settings. You also get suggestions for other excellent Aptoide apps which include Aptoide TV and Aptoide Uploader.

You can manage the notification setting by clicking “Notification Settings” from this screen. Clicking the Notification Settings always returns the message: “You don’t have any notifications”. So I assume that is useless.

Just below the notification settings are the fully-fledged settings which contains a lot of details about how Aptoide will work for you. You should be careful while changing any settings here because you might be responsible for a malfunction and blame it on Aptoide.

Critical settings in this area include;

 Download only on Wi-Fi: Toggling this setting enables you to download and install apps only when connected via Wi-Fi. This setting is not really effective, as you can download apps even on mobile data. It just serves as a reminder and alerts you that you’re about to download on mobile data.
 Only Show Apps Compatible with this Device: This setting configures Aptoide to only show apps compatible with your android version and device capabilities. It should always be left on.
 Enable Auto-update: This setting gives Aptoide the authority to auto-download updates for all apps and installs them without you having to always manually update them. This saves you valuable time and effort.
 Other important items include their terms and conditions, privacy policy and the About Us pages, there is also an option to send them feedback.

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From this Aptoide review, it’s evident that Aptoide is an excellent app store. It also supports a cryptocurrency called AppCoins, which you can utilize to buy apps. You can also donate it to developers for support. AppCoins is also useful for in-app purchases for supported apps.

Something I don’t like about Aptoide is the high data consumption. Without even starting a download, loading and browsing through the first page of Aptoide can be data-consuming.

Also, Aptoide periodically faces some bugs which won’t allow apps to download on my Android device. I don’t know if it only happens on my phone or it’s a general issue. Your comments will be highly appreciated here.

Apart from these two issues, Aptoide is perfectly safe to use. It is an exceptional app that places itself among the top apps in its category. If Google Play Store isn’t careful, I think this app will pose a serious threat to them in the future.

You can drop your mini Aptoide review in the comments too!

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