5 Powerful Link Building Tactics to Shoot Up Your Rankings


Believe it or leave it, link building isn’t a necessary part of website building, it is obligatory.

Building links is a simple way to draw attention to your website. What else do you need?

Without links, it becomes difficult for Google to understand what your website is about, or if your website is trusted or not.

Links are useful in building website authority. If your website is the destination of many high-quality links, Google automatically counts your website as high-quality, and it ranks well for your desired keywords.

However, the process of building links is way more than difficult. Link building isn’t what you think it is. You need solid link building tactics. Apart from creating high-quality links, you also have to ensure that low-quality websites don’t link to you. That’s a topic for another day, however.

For today, what we’re concerned about is…



How to Build Quality Links

There are tens of tactics you can leverage to point links to your website, but there are some things you should consider before building links.

These include

• Is your site ready?

This is one mistake website owners make. They pay for links to poorly created websites, or even domain names with no websites at all.

Some bloggers buy a domain, work with it for a while, build links to it, then let go.

These are useless. Unless you’re building links to a great and well-created site, your links are useless.

• Are you getting the correct links?

Sometimes, some people try to do SEO without a proper understanding of what SEO entails.

Many out there don’t know that there are two basic types of links (and four generally). Building just links may be useless and not worth the effort. The links that really counts are “dofollow” links from quality sites. The rest are crap.

• What else do you need apart from links?

Get this right; links only can’t help you rank. It’s basic. Links are just one of more than two hundred SEO major factors Google uses to rank websites.

Imagine just creating a website and building links, then expecting to miraculously rank. I won’t lie, it won’t work.

Learn everything you need to do to achieve maximum rankings and do them before you start building links. Building high-quality links to a low-quality website give Google a bad impression. If you’ve crafted solid link building tactics, make sure it’s backed up with equally excellent content marketing efforts.


Now, let’s move to what we are for.


Link Building Tactics

Note: Not all these link building tactics may work for your industry, but I assure you, you’ll find some which will work well for you, make good use of it.


1. Guest Blogging

The people who don’t believe in the superlative power of guest blogging are those who said: “SEO is dead.”

Guest blogging is what it sounds. You actually write a blog post to another blog for a link back to your blog.

To be honest, guest blogging is the surest way to build links to your website. It works well for any industry and any website type. It gets you links from even the most popular websites.

This is my favorite SEO tactic. It is what I use to rank any website, and it has been working so well.

However, this tactic is one of the hardest to propagate, as it requires writing years of content, but when the results start coming in, it works wonders.

If you’ve got a fat SEO budget, you can hire writers and create articles which would be distributed across various blogs, for maximum success.

Come on, write a blog post and pitch to a popular website, when the website grants you a space to publish your content, you just added another website to your referring domains.

Easiest Way to Add a New BlogSpot Blog Author.

2. Broken Link Building

I was once asked, is there any SEO tactic that’s almost as hard as guest blogging?

Without thinking, I said: “Broken Link Building.”

Like any other difficult strategy, it has a simple scheme.

You find blog articles linking out to other blog articles. However, the articles linked out to must be broken.

For example, if they are linked to websites which have been closed down or article brought down for some reason, you pitch out to them.

You make them aware of the fact that they link to a broken article. You can then suggest your articles and politely ask for a link.

This is one of the working link building tactics, but I maintain, it is very hard.

Firstly, finding broken links that match your content is as hard as fuck. Secondly, convincing them to link to you is much harder.

However, I can teach you how to get maximum traction from this technique. Just contact me.


3. Creating a tool

Online tools are one of the best ways to build good links to a website nowadays.

If you have money to pay developers, you can create a truly unique tool that creates value. These tools are really valued in the online world.

If you want the tool to be an instant banger, make it free. You get hundreds of blogs and websites talking about it. Think of Neil Patel‘s Ubersuggest.

Depending on your industry, there are lots of online tools ideas you can use to build online tools and get links back.

Think of mortgage calculators, word counters, password generators, etc.


4. Create an infographic

This works like magic. It makes link outreach more successful.

Imagine planning out outreach with something unique, more original to serve to the linking website.

Infographics work best when you one of the first to get the data. That means, the information shared in the graphic isn’t something that’s already known by all.

For example, you may interview an industry expert and with the data, you collected from the interview, make a robust infographic. You can then send email messages to influencers asking them to share the information with their followers.

Although you’re not guaranteed 100% success with this technique, I can assure you that you’ll get something good.

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5. Write testimonials and reviews

Surely, you’ve once been influenced into buying a product because a top influencer did the same. Or a trustworthy looking person did the same.

You see websites offering services or products with tens of reviews of testimonials. Sometimes, these testimonials end with a link back to the reviewer’s website, especially if they’re an influencer.

You can get quality links by doing the same. Firstly, buy the product, as this is the best way to write any review. Then, after using it, try writing a positive-minded review while being completely honest. This will mean dwelling on the advantages of the products and minimally focusing on the bugs.

You can then let your name link to your website, or input your URL below your name, and you’re done.



Creating links is obligatory, but extremely hard. How do you know how to build good links without getting banned by Google.

Look up there, and read the wall of text above. I’m sure you’ll find exciting link building tactics.


Stay safe and thanks for reading

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