5 Android Launcher Apps Definitely Worth Trying

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More often than not, Android devices usually come with a boring interface, which may not go down well with a fancy user.

Of course, yes. You can change the wallpaper and theme, but can you change that stagnant apps arrangement? Can you change your messages icon?

I’m afraid not.

In addition to enabling you to change your wallpaper, Android launchers offer you the autonomy to do whatever you like with your phone’s interface. An Android launcher can even give your Android phone an iPhone interface.

Isn’t that cool?

You might be worried because actions similar to this would require a rooted device. However, most Android launchers won’t require root access, except you’re trying to take actions that may be potentially dangerous for your device.

Android launchers are basically apps, that use special permission to change the interface of your device and make it suit your taste. An Android launcher is typically a .APK file, which you can install (and uninstall), like a normal app. Like normal apps too, they’re available across several Android app stores, including the most prestigious Google Play Store.

There are hundreds of free launchers for Android, most of which are fancy launchers that you’ll definitely love. Some launchers may appear weird though, and if you’re not one of those users on the lookout for weird things, you’ll not fancy it.

As there are many launchers available on Android, waiting for downloads, you’re faced with an issue; “what launcher should I download?”

With the plethora of launcher apps available across the web (and Play Store), everyone is faced with uncertainty when choosing a launcher. How then, do you choose a good launcher without wasting an enormous deal of your data?

Simple! I’ve done the data wasting process for you. I’ve sacrificed tons of data to individually try out many launchers and here, I’m bringing the feedback to you. Would you like to jump in?


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Best Android Launcher Apps

Here in this section, I’ll show you five great launcher apps you can download to your Android phone to change the look and feel of the device instantly. Most of these launchers are free to download and use, some are free to download, but some features will be bought, while others aren’t free!

Shall we?

  1. CM Launcher

What’s better than using an Android phone with a 3D theme?

CM Launcher is an app for Android which allows you to change your device’s interface entirely. With thousands of free themes and wallpapers, you can easily change the look and feel of your Android phone anytime you’re bored.

CM Launcher has been around for years and has been the favorite of many Android users with pathetic looking out-of-the-box interfaces. It is extremely easy to use and comes embedded with much more features than a more beautiful UI for the phone.

Although the name suggests that it’s a 3D launcher, most of the CM launcher themes and wallpapers are actually in the 2D format. Although you can get a few 3D themes for free, most of the 3D themes are actually at a price.

CM Launcher doesn’t only do the above, but your lock screen can be customized by the launcher, as well as your home screen. This gives you a really different feeling, rather than the tiring “Swipe to Unlock”, with nothing special each day.

You can also hide applications using CM Launcher. This feature comes in handy when you don’t want others to know what kinds of apps you install on your phone.

In short, when it comes to Android launchers, CM Launcher comes at the forefront, with an extensive community of users. Despite these accolades, CM Launcher isn’t my best launcher!

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  1. High Style Launcher

Looking for a launcher that’d make your phone look high-class?

Try High Style launcher. High Style Launcher is an excellent launcher app for Android which features an excellent dark background. With a led-like display, High Style Launcher features an impressive, striking design, turning your device into something else.

High Style Launcher gives your device a rather weird design, to make its interface like that of some complicated mining gadgets. With the numerous impressive features embedded in this launcher, it doesn’t slow down performance, and keeps your phone lightning-fast, as it should always be.

Despite the weird design, High Style Launcher will make your device more endearing, and customizable. It allows you to change not only the icons but how they’re arranged. It is available on most App Stores.

Due to the numerous qualities, this launcher isn’t released for free. If you’d like to use this launcher on your device, then you have to be ready to lose some bucks.

If you’re looking for a highly customizable theme with exciting features, you can try the ones below.

  1. Microsoft Launcher

I don’t know about you, but when I hear Microsoft, Google, or Apple, I’m always sure it’d be a super product. This launcher wasn’t an exception.

I was moved to downloading it basically because of its manufacturer, the great Microsoft. Initially, I expected it to turn my phone’s interface into a Windows phone interface, but hey, -I was wrong.

Instead of giving your phone a Windows-like interface, Microsoft brings you a whole new smartphone UI experience, with a lot of unbelievable features.

If you use a China-made Android phone or a phone without the essential Google Apps, then I highly recommend Microsoft Launcher for you. It comes with a new set of apps that replaces almost every basic Google app.

Once the launcher app is activated on your phone, you can swipe left to get to your “Feed”. You can customize this “Feed” according to your preferences. It is divided into three units; the Glance, News, and Timeline.

You can add many items to the Glance tab, including but not limited to Calendar, Tasks, Frequently used Apps, and Sticky Notes (think the sticky notes on a Windows desktop).

You can also activate the Cortana Virtual Assistant while on Microsoft launcher. Cortana is an excellent AI-supported virtual assistant that can help you set alarms, find information online, etc. You just speak up, and Cortana responds.

Microsoft Launcher’s screen time feature is also an exciting feature of the launcher app, which works like that of the iPhone, but not so accurate. However, it gives you figures that are nearly accurate. Also, it’d require special permission for this feature to be activated but certainly won’t request that you root your phone.

The News tab serves you personalized news, according to your settings. You can pick topics you’re interested in, so you only see suggestions that are relevant to you.

The Timeline is much of a Microsoft sync center. You can log in with your Microsoft account and continue whatever you’ve been doing on your account.

All in all, Microsoft Launcher is an excellent launcher app for Android that brings your PC and mobile close together, while offering you the best experience on an Android phone.

  1. Launcher New Versions 3D

If you’re tired of being asked to root your device just because you want to make little customizations, I guess Launcher New Versions 3D should be your best bet.

This launcher for Android gives you advanced customization options that are otherwise impossible without rooting your device.

Launcher New Versions 3d allows you to seamlessly change your homepage look and feel, making it look 3D. It utilizes amazing visual effects to create a real-to-life feeling on your smartphone homepage.

If your custom font looks boring, you can choose to change the style, size, and color easily, with the help of Launcher New Versions 3D. You can also change the default icons to some preloaded icons to totally change your homepage.

Best of all, it is free to download and install, and most of the popular features in this app are free, so you won’t be having any pay-to-upgrade.

If your phone has a fancy case, the stakes are high that you’d love this fancy launcher.

  1. Electric Black-Launcher

This is one launcher for music lovers and weird users.

Electric Black-launcher is just a great launcher with a giant library of black-themed wallpapers. It has a really simple look and has many features that will make it appealing to music lovers.

Using Electric Black-launcher, you get access to electric HD icons and a very easy-to-customize interface. Also, the wallpaper library is regularly updated, and this is a great indication that it is actively developed and will always get better.

However, this Android launcher fails to find a soft spot in my heart, and maybe it’s because of its name (Electric). I hate an electric shock, and I don’t plan to get electrocuted in the future.



Android launchers do change the overall look and feel of your device, but that doesn’t mean all launchers are great. Some would change your phone’s interface for the worse (what a pity?). For the best launcher experience, you should choose one of the recommended launchers up above.

Comment on any issues you face, I’m here to help you out with any issues you might have?

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