The best GameCube Emulators for Android


Those who owned a Nintendo GameCube console when it was at its prime can testify to the excellence of the console.

Although this gaming console wasn’t as successful as the Nintendo DS or PlayStation, there is no doubt that it is also an excellent console. It also made waves amongst the top gamers in its days.

The introduction of smartphones and better gaming consoles gradually sent Nintendo’s legendary console into extinction, and today, it’s almost impossible to find a Nintendo GameCube console without going through hell.

The unavailability of the Nintendo GameCube is a pain to its lovers, who played it with their last pennies in their days. Apart from that, we, young gamers feel dehydrated from its useful games, and we found a way to play it anyhow.

Just like many other highly loved gaming consoles, a GameCube emulator was created for Android and other operating systems. In this article, however, we’ll only look at the best GameCube emulator for Android smartphones.

The Android operating system is a mobile OS and is incapable of running the sophisticated gaming consoles that run on PC. However, if you’ve got a decent Android phone, you should be able to run some excellent GameCube emulators on Android.

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Best GameCube Emulators for Android

Is Android your OS? Be sure to play GameCube games with these excellent emulators for GameCube, available exclusively on Android smartphones.

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin Emulator was originally a PC emulator for GameCube, it made a transition to mobile due to the increasingly high usage of mobile devices. However, it’s important to know that GameCube is still in its beta stage, and you may encounter errors.

This emulator does not only play GameCube games but also plays the Nintendo DS classics as well. It requires some bits of architectural excellence on the part of your mobile phone.

For example, your phone must be running on the Android operating system version 5.0, at least and must be equipped with 1 Gigabyte of RAM, at least, for smooth running of this GameCube emulator.

You can easily find your phone’s OS version by going to Settings > About Phone > Android Versions. If your phone meets the set requirements, congratulations, otherwise, look further for another great Nintendo DS emulator which you can install.

Also, an easy way to find your phone’s RAM size is to tap the recent apps icon. You’ll notice that it is written as XX/XX, which you can tap on to free the RAM. The second number is your RAM. Many old Android phones are equipped with 512MB RAM, but if your budget is fat enough, you can get 4GB and even 6GB of RAM.

If you think all these processes are painstaking, you can just head over to Play Store and install the app. If there are no “Parse Errors”, or any other errors whatsoever, then you’ve correctly installed Dolphin on the correct device.

Dolphin features a user-friendly interface, and you won’t need to be a nerd in order to get things right, especially, if you’ve previously used emulators for earlier consoles. To get all the important UI features, you have to download the latest version of the app from the Google Play Store, or an alternative trusted app store.

To prevent frustration with the Dolphin GameCube emulator, you should download games that are compatible with the emulator.

Games compatible with the emulator include ISO, CISO, GCZ, and WBFS files. You can also get files compressed into ZIP and RAR archives. However, just ensure it’s clearly stated on the downloads portal that the game is for GameCube. Downloading a game that is incompatible with the emulator will end in unsupported file format errors.

The Dolphin Nintendo Gamecube emulator for Android features a lot of customization options, where you can change the performance, as well as the look and feel of the emulator.

To ensure the smooth running of the emulator, you should change the speed limit to 100%. Also, do not touch any aspect of the settings unless you know what you’re doing. A single setting can fuck up your entire emulator.

When you make changes to the emulator settings, always click on the save button, which is a floppy disk icon at the top right, which saves your configurations to the INI file of the emulator.

If you’ve got an Android phone with advanced features, you should set the options at optimum features which enables excellent graphics and display. Otherwise, you should fine-tune it based on your RAM, memory space and Android version.

If GameCube games are all that you need on your Android phone, then the Dolphin GameCube emulator for Android is what you need. With such an excellent interface and plenty of customization options, I’m sure you’ll love it.

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Drastic DS Emulator

If you’ve gotten some bucks to squander, you might as well consider going for a premium Nintendo DS Emulator in Drastic. It is an Android app available at a premium price on the Play Store but does a pretty good job of playing emulated games.

Drastic DS won’t ask for the best in terms of RAM, with just 256MB RAM and a good processor, you can run this app. However, you should try to get at least 1GB of RAM to minimize freezes and errors.

Drastic DS Emulator does an excellent job of simulating the Nintendo DS dual screen on a small screen Android phone. There are about six different layouts. You can choose to have the touch-enabled screen at the top, at the bottom, by the right, by the left, etc.

Running Drastic DS games is just like that of any other emulator. Navigate to the folder where the game is saved to, and launch the game.

Drastic DS emulator is preset to top-quality sounds and graphics, and it is recommended that you leave the preset settings. But, if you feel your device can handle a bit more than the default settings, there is no harm in fine-tuning the settings to attain maximum graphical interface.

What I love most about the Drastic DS emulator is that you can conn1ect a game controller to the emulator, if you feel the buttons are too hard to touch, on the screen.

If you don’t have a controller, the Drastic DS emulator won’t be the best of emulators as you’d experience difficulties using the L and R buttons, only when playing Winning Eleven for Nintendo DS.

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If you’re on the lookout for an emulator that is capable of running Nintendo 64 games, just like Nintendo GameCube games, MegaN64 is the way to go.

From the hardware requirements, we can conclude that any Android phone that is available today will run MegaN64.

It isn’t only useful for Nintendo 64 games, it also has backward compatibility which makes it play older games for earlier Nintendo consoles.

This emulator plays games at high speed with advanced graphics, so you’ll need a device with advanced graphics output to run it comfortably. With the high speeds and graphics, we can easily presume that the console will take up a lot of space on the device.

That’s not the reason why Nintendo 64 is my preferred emulator, the main reason is the advanced cheat system. You can enable cheats from the game menu, and this makes the game easier and more enjoyable.

You can also fine-tune the performance settings for optimum performance.

If you’re looking for an emulator that plays Nintendo 64 easily with backward compatibility with older Nintendo consoles, MegaN64 would be a safe try.

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There are the top emulators that work perfectly in playing GameCube games on Android. The one we highly recommend is Dolphin, which is a top-performing GameCube emulator for Android.

However, there is no harm in trying out the rest as they’re also very strong in their fields.

Also, note that you’ll need to download the games before you can run it on the emulator. You must buy a game pak before you’re licensed to download it online. The Tech Ninjas will not be responsible for any issues arising from your misuse of any of these apps, or illegal possession of the games.

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