5 Best Password Managers for Android


This is 2020, and we all have digital accounts.

It’s certain that you have a Facebook account, Twitter account, Instagram, and even a mobile banking app. What do we use to secure these accounts?

For now, it’s still passwords.

Although, many innovations, like the Face ID, Fingerprint scanner, etc. has been fighting to ward off the existence of passwords, it’s still evident that they’re nowhere near replacing passwords.

In spite of the existence of fingerprint scanning technologies and face detection technologies, online companies such as Google Accounts and Facebook has not been able to effectively find any that can suitably serve the purpose of safeguarding digital information like passwords.

Simply put, passwords is still the ruler of the moment. However, what exactly are passwords?


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What is a password?

A password is a string of letters, numbers and symbols that is used to authorize access to digital accounts. Passwords are mostly used to safeguard online accounts, and sometimes, could be useful in locking electronic gadgets.

To stay secure online, it is very important to choose a very secure password.

What is a secure password?

A secure password is a password that satisfies all the below conditions.

 Has at least 16 characters. This is the recommended minimum number of digits, letters and symbols for a password
 Has at least one uppercase letter
 Has at least one lowercase letter
 Has at least one special character
 Must not be formed from a word from the dictionary. It mustn’t be from your name or your pet’s name, as these can be easily guessed by intruders
 Must not be written down, anywhere
 You mustn’t use one password on two different websites

And lest I forget, the most important password security rule; you must always remember your passwords.

Let’s be honest here. It’s very impossible to fulfill all the above rules for secure passwords. If you did a good job and chose an excellent password, it’s very unlikely that you’d ever be able to remember it.

Password managers come to the rescue. Password managers for Android are created to help you store and remember your passwords, so you don’t have to always type it in when you’re asked for it.

When I say this, you should have an idea of the Google Chrome or Firefox save password feature. Although this could work as an excellent password manager, I cannot personally recommend it to anyone.

I stopped saving passwords on browsers (especially Google Chrome when I discovered that passwords saved through Google Chrome, especially when you’re logged in are insecure.

Wanna prove it?

Steps to view saved passwords in Chrome

Everyone who has access to your phone can view your saved passwords in Google Chrome.

Here’s how they can do it (and how you can too).

 Go to the Google Chrome menu and tap menu. It is at the top right, represented with three vertically arranged dots.
 Scroll down to Settings, there’s only one option after it (second to the last option)
 Select passwords. You’ll see a list of all the accounts you’ve saved on the browser.
 Click any and it will show you the password, as long as you locked your phone with a password.

You see, anyone could access it if they could draw your pattern, or type your code. This is why you need advanced and more secure password managers for Android.

In this article, I’ll take you through the best password managers for Android. Stay with me.

Best Password Managers for Android

In no particular order, here are password managers I highly recommend. They work on Android phones, and make sure your passwords aren’t compromised.

1.Firefox Lockwise

What’s better than using a password manager from a security-oriented company? Firefox has been the favourite browser of many, and will continue to gain popularity, as more people understand the importance of cybersecurity.

Firefox Lockwise from Mozilla is one of the best password managers made specifically for mobile devices. It excellently secures your password inside the extremely secure app, locked by a secure protocol.

The passwords saved in Firefox Lockwise can only be accessed when you enter the password you used in locking the app. If you’re not so good at passwords, there are a variety of other security protocols available for use.

You can use the fingerprint scanner, if your phone supports it. Firefox Lockwise is just an excellently simple way to manage your passwords on Android.


If you won’t mind dropping some bucks to ensure the security of your passwords, mSecure is for you. Available at $9.99 from Google Play Store, this price seems fair, when put against the excellent services it offers.

A password manager is known to store passwords securely, mSecure does more than that. mSecure is a cloud-based password management system that can also backup your device. With the advantage of being cloud-based, it could send the enormous data from your device to the clouds, and have it restored whenever you may need it.

Apart from the password management feature, mSecure also has a password generator, which saves you the stress of racking your brain to produce illogical characters. Just by a few clicks, you can get a new password which you can use on any platform, already saved by the app, so you don’t have to remember it.

It also offers email backup features and secures your password according to your preferences. Despite being nearly perfect, the reason for the low usage of this password manager for Android is because you still have to pay to use it.


When it comes to popularity, Dashlane is a solid player in the top password managers for Android.

Like mSecure, Dashlane also offer supplementary features, apart from being just a password manager. Dashlane’s best feature is the ability to seamlessly import passwords from other password managers.

Passwords saved onto Dashlane are easily retrieved and automatically filled into their corresponding boxes. This makes it easy to use passwords on any online website, without having to remember any randomized 16-characters shit,

Dashlane doesn’t only autofills passwords, it also remembers your company name, phone number, credit card details, etc.

Depending on the security settings, Dashlane can also find your weak passwords and lock connected accounts, to ensure maximum security. On a very fair review of password managers for Android, Dashlane is a popular option, and it offers an excellent user interface.


Originally a password manager for PC, RoboForm’s relative success on the PC platforms made them try mobile, and it turned out to be successful.

One of RoboForm password manager for Android features the seamless integration between PCs and mobiles. If you’ve been using RoboForm on your Windows or Mac PC, you can easily log into your Android phone and use the passwords without any hitch.

If you’re on a RoboForm supported browser like Dolphin or Firefox, you can choose to auto fill your forms, once you’ve previously saved the passwords.

Sadly, RoboForm may not work on your favorite browser as it is browser selective, and it has a poor interface. If you’re a user who fancies designs, you’ll be really disappointed with the boring black interface on RoboForm. Neverthelss, it’s getting a solid spot amongst the password managers for Android.


What about a passwords wallet? That’s what aWallet really is.

aWallet’s numerous features make logins easier than ever, and you don’t even have to move an inch. It dillligently saves online accounts, ebanking details, credit card details, etc.

The auto lock feature intelligently secures the passwords with trustable protocols. For ease of access, you can organize your passwords into numerous categories. Are there so many paasswords that you can’t find the one you’re looking for? The search feature is there to help. Just type a few keywords about the password and aWallet password manager for Android will figure it out.

The best part of this password managers for Android is that it is advert free! What’s more, it is available for free, on Google Play Store.

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Creating secure passwords is really important but impossible without password managers. When choosing them, be aware that some password managers are actually spyware which works by stealing your passwords and selling it off to companies.

To avoid installing such on your phone, read through this article, and clap twice.

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