How to Add Emergency Contacts on Android

Almost everyone locks their phone. As new smartphones are released, more stringent locking protocols are introduced. Today, phones are being unlocked with fingerprint sensors, and even face recognition technologies.

Locking your phone is not only recommended but necessary. However, nothing is perfectly advantageous. Locking your phone certainly has some downsides.

If someone is involved in an accident, the first helping hand usually extended by good Samaritans is informing relevant people, -and who is more relevant than a family member?

What if the person’s phone is password-locked, and the contacts are inaccessible?

Because of this, smartphone manufacturers conjoined ideas and created a feature for smartphones that enables you to call certain numbers, even if the phone is unlocked.

This is quite a useful feature when the insecurity around the world is considered.

Here in this article, I’ll show you how to an emergency number to your Android smartphone, which is inaccessible even if your phone is locked. This doesn’t compromise on your privacy and security as you can fully control what numbers are added.

When you add emergency contacts to your phone, calls can be made from your device to those phones without any need to unlock. In addition to cellphone contacts, you can also add an address, medical information such as blood group, and contact information of close relatives.

This feature may be unavailable on later Android versions, but if your phone is anything above Android 7.0, then you should be able to utilize this feature. However, it also depends largely on your smartphone manufacturers as some phones are not equipped with this feature.

However, if your phone has this feature, you can configure your emergency contacts in the settings. Depending on your smartphone manufacturer, you may not find this option in the settings. When this happens, there is an even simpler workaround that you can use to enable the emergency numbers to feature on your device, too.

Here you go.

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How to add emergency contacts to your Android phone

If you’re to do this, then your phone should be locked. You should note, however, that you must be able to unlock your phone before you can add any emergency numbers. However, the first step towards this process is locking your phone. You can set a password for your device, and press the power button by the sides of your phone to lock it.

Then the below processes shows you exactly how to add emergency contacts on Android.

 At the bottom left of the lock screen, click the emergency button.
 Tap on “Emergency Information” twice, then follow the prompts. Depending on your smartphone brand, this process may differ. However, you’ll surely get to a stage where you’ll be required to unlock your phone. Then, you can enter your emergency information.
 Select emergency contacts (or a likewise option). Tap “Contacts”, it should be anywhere around the screen. It brings up a list of your contacts. You can add as much as you want to your emergency contacts list.

When you save this, you’ve successfully updated your emergency information. Anyone can find this on your phone when they access your phone, even if they don’t know your lock screen password.

Congratulations, you know how to add an emergency contact on your Android smartphone!

What if you found someone in a state of emergency? You picked up the person’s phone to reach their emergency numbers, but unfortunately, you couldn’t. The fact is; you don’t know how to find the emergency contact information!

Be rest assured, because, in the next (and last) section of this article, I’ll show you the exact steps required to find, and call the emergency contacts preset on any Android phone.

How to call emergency contacts on Android

If you know how to keep safe (by adding your emergency contacts), you should also learn how to keep others safe. The best way by which you can keep others safe is by learning how you can access their emergency contacts in the case of an emergency.

Here are the exact steps.

 Swipe up the lock screen to reveal the “Enter Password”, or any other means of unlocking the screen.
 Tap “Emergency Call” at the bottom left of this screen (the position might be different, according to your smartphone manufacturer).
 Tap “Emergency Information” twice to reveal all the emergency information stored on the device, including the contacts, et all.
 Call as normal.

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The process of dialing emergency contacts on Android isn’t anything more than this. This information is a largely helpful piece, and shouldn’t be taken with levity. If most people can set this correctly on their devices, it can greatly help reduce the occurrence of missing individuals, lost devices, and accident casualties.

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