How to Delete Yahoo Account; a Simple Guide

delete yahoo account

Have you ever thought if you can delete your Yahoo Mail account?

Oh yes, you can, due to internet fair play rules.

However, Yahoo made this process so difficult that it’s not easily accessible unless you’re desperate. Firstly, let’s see why anyone would want to delete a once valuable Yahoo account.

Once upon a time, Yahoo was the internet giant, outclassing the likes of Facebook, Google, and other current tech giants. Fast forward to 2020, the story completely changed.

The rate at which Yahoo and its products keep lagging is getting alarming.


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Why people may want to delete yahoo account permanently

Gone are the days when Yahoo was the “Jack of all trades and master of all”, today, Yahoo no longer provides any unique services, as the likes of Google have released better versions of its products, and even more. Why then, should we keep a Yahoo account?

If you’re not aware, Yahoo has been playing host to some recent hack attacks. Millions (if not billions) of Yahoo user accounts were compromised years ago, which was the major attack. After that, some minor attacks also took place which saw Yahoo users lose important information.

Owning a Yahoo account also means managing an extra email account. Managing email accounts can be tedious, and most people will want out of it. If you’re tired of managing another email account just because you want to be loyal to our internet grandfather, you will also need a guide on how to delete Yahoo account permanently.

How to delete Yahoo Account

Most people frequently ask; “can you delete a Yahoo mail account?”

The reason for their question is obvious, scroll through the Yahoo settings for three weeks if you’d find anything that suggests deleting your account.

Yahoo is aware of the great decline in its service, and subsequently, its popularity. They are aware that people will be crafting ways to delete their Yahoo accounts. To prevent this massive loss of valuable users, they hid away the delete option and made it inaccessible.

You might just think of deleting your account as jumping into your account, heading to settings, finding something like My Information, and pressing delete. That’s far from it.

If you’ve tried that before, you might have concluded that it’s impossible to delete a yahoo account. It’s possible, only that you’re in the wrong place, and you’ll need to get some tutorials.

In this section of this article, I’ll teach you the exact steps required to eliminate your Yahoo account permanently. This is the easiest way possible unless you’re Marissa Mayer.

Steps to delete Yahoo account permanently

 Get to your favorite browser and visit the Yahoo Account Deletion page. This page was not made easily accessible for reasons best known to them. However, a strong guess is that they want to prevent many people from deleting their accounts.
 Type in the email address you wish to delete the account associated with it
 Type in your password to complete the login. Logging in is necessary to ensure that anyone cannot delete your account without authorization
 If you have the time, read through their account deletion terms and conditions (which I’m sure you won’t)
 If you accept all the terms, click the “Continue deleting my account” option

And that’s all!

You’ve successfully notified Yahoo to remove your information from their database, which they would. Your account is not usually deleted immediately, as Yahoo often gives you a grace period. This grace period runs for 40 days.

If you do not log in within these 40 days, you’ve successfully terminated your yahoo account permanently. If you log in, however, you’ve stalled the operation, and your account will be restored.

During this grace period, all the emails sent to your email address would be unsuccessful and will be delivered as failed messages.

Why you may consider not deleting Yahoo account

If you previously used your Yahoo account for business, then you might want to consider leaving it for some time without deleting it.

Sometimes, you get a message from an old customer who has saved your email, maybe from an advert. Imagine the disappointment when these types of customers discover that your email isn’t working.

Also, you should note that your email will become free to register by anyone once you delete it. Scammers and internet scammers may take advantage of this to register the deleted email account to send emails to extort money from your contacts.

If you’ll seriously consider all these scenarios, I’ll advise you to keep your Yahoo account. Instead of deleting it outright, you can consider setting up a redirect to your new email address. It’s easy to set up these kinds of redirects and it helps save the stress of having to manage multiple email addresses.

But if you feel your personal information is at risk due to your use of Yahoo, or you’re being cyberbullied from the mail account, you’re safe to delete it.

However, it would be a great idea to write all your contacts to inform them of the change in your email address. It’s recommended that you write them with the Yahoo email before deleting it. Writing them with your new email will not strike belief, and they might easily think it’s a scammer perpetrating the act.

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There is always a simple guide on The Tech Ninjas for everything. This simple guide teaches you how to delete Yahoo account. If you among those who frequently ask: “can you delete Yahoo account”, or “how do you delete Yahoo account”, this guide is specifically for you.

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