Best Home Security Systems for 2020

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We’ve read many expert reviews, and the message is clear: “crime rates will increase tremendously after the coronavirus lockdown.”

Why is this so?

Simple. With the lockdown, hundreds of thousands of active workers lost their jobs, with no hopes of recovery. Some of these workers depend on their job as main, if not their only source of income.

Imagine you have only one income stream, and it got blocked, won’t you be desperate for another source of income?

Unfortunately, not everyone is as good minded as you are, and some would resort to crime (it’s the experts’ prediction).

What’s that supposed to mean?

You should get some home security systems in place ahead of that inevitable time.

If more smart home security systems are installed in the home, it could make a tremendous impact its security.

With the numerous options available, when it comes to smart home security equipment, to the abundance of companies offering home security services, you can get quite overwhelmed, and I don’t need to tell you that getting overwhelmed is the best way to make the wrong decisions.

No worries, in this article, I’ll help you make you the best decisions based on research and customer reviews. Following this article, you never get to buy a useless home security product.


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Best Home Security Systems for 2020


Vivint smart security equipments are quickly gaining traction in the home security world, although, been a bit new.

Vivint has found an excellent balance between home security and home automation, and it really helped them surpass their competitors.

Vivint is well equipped with hands-free voice control, which actually lets you say more, without having to work it out manually.

Vivint has a highly rated app that integrates well with your phone’s virtual assistant. The home security service enables you to use several home security gadgets like thermostats, security cameras, sensors and lighting.

Although, the Vivint smart home security system is rather too steep. However, if you value the security of your home, Vivint is actually worth paying for.


SimpliSafe is an intelligent home security system that only seems to get better each time. With the design, one would notice at first site that it is meant to be a banger.

It consists of a vase-shaped base station, with embedded sirens and sensors to easily secure the home. SimpliSafe is designed to detect movement, as well as entry and exit into the hoe.

I mentioned something about the design just now, I’ll also like to add that the beautiful design is a result of the partnership between SimpliSafe and IDEO. IDEO specialized in building one of the best UIs for SimpliSafe. SimpliSafe only concerned themselves with the security aspect.

SimpliSafe’s equipments includes Video Doorbell Pro and SimpliSafe Smart Lock for your doors. Its technologies automatically helps you lock out unauthorized pin code entries.

SimpliSafe gets “Simpli” because the whole family can easily access the security system and it’s super-easy to install, -you might not need a pro.

Despite containing an unbelievable set of features, this home security setup is cheap to get, and is a good value for its money.

3.Ring Alarm Security Kit

You don’t always have to break the bank just because you’re getting home security services. If you’ve not got an enormous budget, but you still want high performance home security services, Ring Alarm is the way to go.

It’s an eight-piece kit tremendously effective in home security. It is packed with two motion detectors, three sensors and a range extender device. You can also get a free Echo Dot with the security kit, to help you in hands-free management of the security system

Another great thing about Ring Alarm Security Kit is that its features can be extended. You can add additional sensors for more security. You can also choose to install more security products like flood detector, panic alarm or a CO listener. You can also get a new set of smart exterior lights for more security.

For effective usage of the kit, you’ll need to pay a monthly fee of $10 for professional monitoring. Not bad huh?

It has proven to be one of the excellent home security systems, give it a try, it never produces undesirable results.

4.Honeywell DIY Smart Home Security System

Honeywell is a well-known name in the smart home automation industry. They shouldn’t lag behind when it comes to security kit, and surely, they didn’t.

The kit comes with sensors for doors and windows. It also comes equipped with a camera base station which includes a HD camera, siren and Alexa smart speaker. It is also equipped with motion detection and face recognition capabilities.

You can either choose to buy it and pay for monitoring, or monitor it yourself and save the bucks. If you like doing it yourself, this is for you. You can also integrate Google Assistant and IFTTT.

It is quite great, and is a great recommendation for a smart home security service.

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Do you know that burglars make away with an average $2,779 per burglary, and 77% of burglary loot is never recovered?

If such statistics scare you, you’ll want to consider keeping your home safe.

Here’s the shocker: 62% of burglary victims do not have an adequate home security services in their homes.

If you’re the type who loves home automation and hates losses, getting good home security systems is imperative. Choose from one of the recommended ones above, and you won’t have any cause to complain.

Thanks for reading.

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