Futuristic Soundbeamer Gives You a Headphones-Like Experience Without Headphones


Does your AirPods feel too heavy in your ears?

Then this might be some great news. It seems sci-fi movies are finally becoming a reality, and the likelihood of being able to travel into time is getting stronger.

Israeli tech company Noveto Systems has started testing its futuristic technological equipment, Soundbeamer 1.0.

What is Soundbeamer?

Soundbeamer plays sound from your tech gadgets into your ears, just like your earphones do, only that Soundbeamer lives on your desk, and not in your ears!

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Noveto Systems promises that Soundbeamer will send ultrasonic sound waves into your ears, without disturbing anyone around. The device’s sensors locate the position of the ear and send the sound waves to it, a process termed “sound beaming”, according to the CEO Christophie Ramstein.

Using Soundbeamer doesn’t cut you off the real-life, however, as you can also hear external sounds while using the device.

“No one else can hear it,” Christophie Ramstein said while announcing the demo testing for the product. While he acknowledged that the piece of tech is “hard to believe”, we can only hope the testing comes out successful.

While describing the product, Ayana Wallwater, who was the product manager described Soundbeamer 1.0 as “what we dream of.” The gadget creates a surreal sound experience for the user, where, although you don’t disturb others with your music, you still don’t lose interaction with them.

No valuable information was gotten from CEO Christophie as to how the gadget was made to have no headphones. However, he was optimistic that the tech product should be available to interested customers before the holiday season next year.

While it has not been confirmed if this product will work or not, it will be a great leap into the future If Noveto Systems could just fulfill 45% of the promises.

If we could have a sound system that will play music into our ears as we summersault, AirPods will be pretty useless.

Maybe a well-known company from the United States isn’t the right one for the job. Let’s get to Israel and see what job Noveto Systems is capable of doing!

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Get ready to sell your headphones!

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