Bitero Review: Is Legit or a Scam?


It’s been two days since I dropped my review, and today, another income program caught my attention. is a high yield investment program that promises significant rewards for crypto investments. In this article, I’ll be reviewing Bitero, and with the information, we’ll be concluding if Bitero is legit or just another dishonest scam.


What is



That’s a pretty bold and fearful claim to make. I know I might sound sarcastic, but I want my money now, not in the future. Should I really be interested in the “future of investing”?

Jokes aside, is an investment program that promises an insanely high yield for every investment. Most people call programs of this caliber High Yield Income Programs (HYIP).

Honestly, Bitero is the most confusing HYIP I’ve ever reviewed. While they have many characteristics associated with scams, they also share similarities to legit programs, making it harder to give a verdict.

In the end, I hope we’ll do justice to the ultimate question: “Is legit, or another scam?”


Bitero Compensation Plan

Themed “The Bitero Offer,” the Bitero compensation plan is attractive, but at the same time pretty unrealistic.

Investing in the Bitero 30-day investment program “guarantees” the investors a daily profit of 2.0% on every working day, which drops to 1.0% on weekends.

In real-world terms, this means, if you invest $100 worth of Bitcoin, you get a return of almost $50 at the end of the month. This money will be available for instant withdrawal anytime, as promised on the website.


How Bitero Works

how bitero works works similarly to other investment programs, hiding their real operations behind the confusing curtain called “Blockchain”. We can recall that Inksnation also promised to utilize blockchain technology.

Collection of funds

Bitero amasses money from their investors to form a giant investment capital. Bitero uses Bitcoin as a payment processor to enable them to effectively make diversified investments.

Investment of collected funds

A part where most people will like to learn about is also the part that kept most secretive. The best we know about how Bitero handles collected funds is that they diversify the investment among different fields.

They claim to invest in Forex markets, digital exchange, bitcoin mining, and venture capital.

They claim to have a team that’s specially trained and experienced in the business, which is a huge reason why you should invest with them.

Distribution of profits

Bitero claims to redistribute the profits accrued from investing in their diversified fields to the investors. Any outstanding profits made after settling all investors are to be reinvested to build a reserve fund, in preparation for rainy days.


While the above sounds like an excellent idea, I don’t find it very fascinating.

I’m not new to Forex markets or digital exchange. They don’t return as much as Bitero promises in real life. Venture capital isn’t a type of investment that promises daily benefits, and for Bitcoin mining, I’m not experienced in that, sorry.

Well, maybe I’m not so good in all those.


How to earn on Bitero

While investment is the single most prominent way to earn on Bitero, it is not the only way. If you can patiently scroll down, you’ll discover that you can also make money as an affiliate.

In this part, we’ll look at earning, both as an affiliate and as an investor.


Investing with Bitero will be very rewarding if they can keep to their promises. In the space of thirty days, investing with one bitcoin will yield a net profit of 0.54693987 bitcoin.

If you’ll like to invest without having one bitcoin, good luck, you don’t need up to one bitcoin to invest in Bitero. You can calculate how much return you’ll get for your investment using the calculator provided on their website.

Affiliate career

The affiliate career on Bitero is made available to you once you have an account with Bitero. While Bitero termed it an “Affiliate Career,” it is much of a referral career.

The more people you refer, the higher your rank, and the higher your rank, the better your commission.

Is Legit or Scam?

And here to the most important question: “is Bitero a scam?”

Let’s look at some variables and decide.

  • Age

Bitero is about three months old. This isn’t bad but isn’t necessarily good either. I’ll count this as neither green nor a red flag. Let’s give it white.

  • Address

Bitero lists their office address as 40, Bank Street, London. This address is verified to be an existential address, although we can’t ascertain if Bitero operates from this address.

  • Leadership

Names and images of persons can be found on the website, as CEOs and other executive positions. This information, coupled with the fact that Bitero lists an address on its website makes the program look legit.

So, I’ll mark this as a green flag.

  • Compensation plan

Not realistic. High yield income programs mostly fail, so if you ask me, I’ll say the compensation plan is much of a red flag.

  • Reviews

When a company buys Trustpilot reviews, you know they’re not trustworthy enough. With the reviews of Bitero, it looks like they bought 500 5-star reviews, but the seller didn’t understand what their business was about.

Every positive review was about a company that helps to retrieve money lost in scams. Looking at what we’ve been discussing so far, I don’t think this aligns with the mission of Bitero.

That is a red flag.

Edit: It seems like Bitero has started removing the unrelated reviews, adding new positive ones that are almost surely purchased reviews.


Conclusion: Is Bitero Legit?

With everything discussed above, it is very unclear if Bitero is a legit or scam site program. While promises handsome rewards for investors and has a clear leadership team, the presence of fake reviews and the relatively young age are both causes for alarm.

The advice remains the same, do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

What’s your experience with Bitero? Let’s know in the comments.

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