Nairaworkers Review; Is Nairaworkers Legit or Scam?

Due to the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic, businesses are now turning to freelancers and other contactless means of getting jobs done.

While freelancing has been a massive industry in many world countries, there is no doubt that freelancers are still underused in Nigeria.

One of the major factors contributing to this is the lack of a unified platform where freelancers can meet outsourcers. As a result, Nigerian freelancers are forced to use foreign freelancing platforms, which the conditions are unfavorable.

To solve this lingering issue, we’ve seen the uprising of many freelance platforms. Most failed, many struggling, but we can hardly point at any successful one.

Sit back, as I introduce the latest platform in town;


What is

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Naira workers introduce themselves as a freelance marketplace. While this can be true to some extent, they’re not a freelance marketplace, comparatively.

A typical freelance marketplace like Upwork will allow you to specify your skills and find relevant employers in need of your expertise.

Nairaworkers’ business model is kind of different. Instead of offering your skills up for hire, you actually have to complete little tasks. When you hear this, comes to mind.

The single prominent difference between Uwork and Nairaworkers is the website design.

Tasks on Nairaworkers

nairaworkers tasks
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What kinds of tasks can you be required to complete on Nairaworkers, and how do the Nairaworkers gigs compare to that of the other freelance marketplaces available?

Here are the examples of gigs available on

  • Signing up to websites
  • Following social media handles
  • Watching online videos
  • Sharing affiliate links
  • Liking and retweeting social media posts

These are quite different from tasks you’ll expect to see on regular freelance marketplaces. As a seasoned freelancer myself, I expected to see tasks ranging from content writing to graphic design and even search engine optimization.


How to earn on Nairaworkers

As the information supplied on the Nairaworkers website is insufficient, you may get questions like: “how do I earn on Naira workers?”

There are two ways to make money on Nairaworkers, and there’s also a great way to spend money. Who wants to spend?

Let’s look at the ways to make money.

  1. Freelancing on Nairaworkers

I’ll rather call this task completion, but if the Nairaworkers wants me to call it freelancing, who am I to complain.

You register, complete the tasks, and get the promised reward. Prices are attached to each task, and you can cash out your total earnings when you accumulate 2,000 naira ($5).

One thing I don’t quite like about this is the payout per task. You may have to complete up to nine to make a dollar. That’s ridiculous.

  1. Referrals

And now to the common factor of Ponzi-, err, I mean income programs. Referrals are another way to make some bucks on the platform.

The great thing about referrals is that your referral earnings depend on the activity of your referees. To be precise, you get 5% cashback on every deposit a referred outsourcer makes and the same percentage on every task a freelancer completes.

Cool huh?


How to register for Nairaworkers

nairaworkers registration
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Are you interested in becoming a Naira workers freelancer?

The steps are easy, and you could be on your way to making your first online income in less than a week.

Apply using the following steps.

  • Access their registration page by following the Nairaworkers registration link
  • Fill the provided form as illustrated
  • Click sign up to register and open your email provider to view the four-digits activation code
  • Input the activation code on the activation page to complete your registration.


Is Nairaworkers Legit or Scam?

With the above information, Nairaworkers doesn’t appear to be offering extraordinary service. However, they also don’t seem to be a high yield investment program, unlike Bitero.

Therefore, I don’t expect Nairaworkers to defraud its freelancers or the outsourcers of their money.

However, it will be unfair to simply conclude without vetting the website with our usual protocols.

  • Age

From our findings, Nairaworkers is up to six months of age, created in June 2020. Comparing this to the frequency at which new income programs spring up, it’s by no means young.

This, therefore cannot be counted against the program as a red flag.

  • Management

Unexpectedly, this website had no names of any managers or chief executive officers. This is quite a red flag by today’s standards.

If you happen to lose a significant amount of money to Nairaworkers, you’ll sadly have to rely on the police intelligence to unravel the mystery behind the founder.

That sounds “red-flag.”

  • Physical address

We never even expected to find this, and we didn’t find it either. A platform with unknown founders or management won’t be expected to add a physical address to their website, will they?


Is Nairaworkers Legit?

Nairaworkers doesn’t seem to pass our “Legit or Scam” test, so, making any deals on this platform might be risky. Note that this doesn’t mean that the platform is not legit.

If Nairaworkers sounds like a great idea to you, then you’re free to try them out. Contrary to what many online reviews suggest, I didn’t get any prompts to pay any registration fee when I tried them out.



It won’t be of any surprise if Nairaworkers grows so popular in no time. However, the fact that some tasks pay as less as 4 naira is off-putting, and I don’t see myself wasting a single minute to complete any.

Also, every other experienced freelancer will be disappointed at Nairaworkers’ offering after positioning themselves as a freelance marketplace.

To other internet enthusiasts, however, Nairaworkers is a great way to get back data wasted streaming videos on YouTube.

8 thoughts on “Nairaworkers Review; Is Nairaworkers Legit or Scam?”

  1. It sounds legit, I know a lot of foreign based companies that pays to perform little tasks there’s Amazon’s Mechanical turk, there’s task rabbit amongst others and I think they tagged it as freelancing basically because it’s a form of Freelancing that requires no skill. I’ve seen weirder freelance services on Fiverr. Your review was super helpful I think I’ll check em out.

  2. Too me nairawoker is scam because have been try too withdraw my money just right insuficient balance so nairawoker is big scam my brother

  3. I downloaded Branch app and I got to know them from Nairaworkers.I thought it was the best thing that happened to me until they stole my money.I started reading reviews,most of them good but if you deposit a little over 20k they will steal it….so SCAM ALERT


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