Is Elancie Legit? An Honest Elancie Review

I recently reviewed and, and today, I introduce to you another member of the family: Elancie.

Similar to the above-mentioned programs, Elancie, or simply Lancie pays when you promote the ads submitted by the publishers. Like most other income programs, it has a referral system that sounds promising.

However, when you start seeing these descriptions, you only get flashbacks of similar schemes that have made away with your money.

I know how it feels to see NGN25,000 in your wallet, which can only live in your wallet and can’t even be teleported to your bank account. I know how it feels investing NGN1,500 into a program and losing NGN120,000.

Before something similar happens, I’ll give you my honest Elancie review, which I hope will help answer the question: “is Elancie legit or a scam?”


What is Elancie?

elancie homepage

Elancie, like most other recent online income programs, is a platform that pays you to share adverts placed on the platform.

It accepts both advertisers and promoters, and while the advertisers pay to get their content across to a large set of people, the promoters are tasked with getting it to a lot of people, while they get paid.

This sounds simply interesting, right?

Advertiser A pays Elancie to spread the word about their content. You register and get a unique link that tracks clicks. The more clicks you get, the better pay you get, right?

Except that’s not right. Elancie has some extras to it, that doesn’t make it as simple.

It’s like a rule. All income programs must have some added complexity that isn’t necessary and adds extra suspicion.

I pray they understand that we don’t need the extra complexity.


How Elancie works

Elancie operates as an intermediary between an advertiser and earners. The earners share advertisers’ ads to make money.


elancie advertiser

You get to pay a certain fee to register as an advertiser on Lancie. After successfully creating an account, you can proceed to share ads. Your ads will then be shared by numerous earners on their social media handles, getting you a massive audience.

Lancie advertises themselves as a website that sells YouTube views. They claim to deliver 500 real human views on any YouTube video for about $6.

However, it seems their entire views generation strategy relies on the works of an essential set of people in the Elancie chain; earners!


elancie influencer

Most people reading this article right now will fall into this category. Elancie (or simply Lancie) earners are tasked with distributing the links dropped by the advertisers.

Earners shouldn’t have to pay a subscription fee as they’re the workers, right?

No, you’re not talking about Lancie. I find it hard to justify that I’ll be an employee in a company, and before I can even get access to work in the company, I have to pay a monthly subscription.

That screams scam and doesn’t make any sense.

According to the information on their website, there are already jobs for the earners/influencers, and they claim earners don’t have to worry about the lack of available jobs to promote.

At the same time, they require earners to pay. To me, this negates the overall idea that Elancie pays earners from the money amassed from advertisers.


Elancie plans and compensations

elancie plans

Elancie or Lancie offers many plans that come with their unique compensations, unlike most other platforms with a similar business model.

Meaning, depending on your subscription package, you get entirely different benefits by doing the same thing as someone else. That doesn’t make any sense to me when I think about it.

Remember, you have to choose one of the following plans to qualify for earning on Elancie.

Let’s see the plans first, to see if they’re worth spending on in the first place.

  1. Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is Elancie’s cheapest plan, and it costs just $27 monthly. At that fee, you get impressive daily earnings of $2.78, which you can withdraw at the end of the month.

Upon withdrawal, however, you’ll be charged a $15 withdrawal fee, which I assume Elancie deducts from your balance.

This plan lasts for 30 days, after which you’ll be required to renew your subscription or upgrade to a better subscription plan.

  1. Standard Plan

The Standard Plan sits between the cheapest and the most expensive Elancie plans and comes with a $47 price tag. It incurs daily earnings of $4.28, which amounts to about $128 monthly.

However, you’ll have to give up $5 as the withdrawal charges to access your income, which subsequently amounts to $123.4. This plan also runs for 30 days before needing renewal.

  1. Pro Plan

The Pro Plan is Elancie’s ultimate plan, which requires an $87 investment. For many Nigerians, that’s some handsome investment to throw into an online program.

It promises earners $7.2 daily and requires the smallest withdrawal charge, at just $3. This amount brings your net earnings as a pro earner to about $213 over thirty days.

This plan will be cool if it can just work as promised.


How to sign up for Elancie

elancie registration

Are you interested in making some little bucks from Elancie?

Then read on to learn how to register for Elancie.

How to register for Elancie

  1. Open the Elancie registration page by following this link.
  2. Fill in your details, including your real name and other required information. Choose a strong password, and continue.
  3. Select a membership plan from the next page. You can select from either the Basic, Standard, or Pro plans.
  4. You’ll be redirected to a payment portal where you can make your payment via crypto in Bitcoin or Ethereum.
  5. You’re in!


Is Elancie Legit or Scam

Signing up for Elancie isn’t any painful, what’s painful is paying $87 and expecting a $213 return after 30 days and never getting one.

Nobody ever wants that to happen, but it does, and that’s the sad truth.

You can avoid that, however. Before signing up for Elancie, ensure you go through the below “Legit or Scam” test and consider our conclusions.

However, don’t take my word for it. You can also review all that has been said yourself, check if it makes any sense, and become the judge.

  1. Age domain name has been registered since August 2020. Compared to similar income programs, Elancie isn’t all that young.

Therefore, I won’t count this as a red flag.

  1. Management

Surprisingly, Elancie has no known managers, CEOs, or even owners. Looking at their almost-perfect website design, it is difficult to believe that they lack an “Our Team” page.

I think that’s a red flag, both for their income program and for their service; selling YouTube views.

I’ll prefer to buy views from someone I can report if things go wrong, and not from an unknown entity, running an unknown website from an unknown location.

The funniest thing is that you pay for everything on this website, and the person collecting all the fees won’t even show us a face?

  1. Reviews

Generally, Elancie has got more positives than negatives from online reviews. I’ve not encountered many scam alerts against them. Also, many Elancie payment proofs have been flying around the internet to verify the authenticity of the platform.

  1. Compensation plan

The compensation is where things get really suspicious. Let’s take the Standard plan as an example. You get about $70 minus your investment and the withdrawal charges.

For some odd reason, this doesn’t sound right. It almost sounds like a high-yield investment program. It seems there are no clear-cut conditions for earning on the platform. Also, you don’t seem to make more money by working more.


Conclusion: Is Elancie a Scam?

Given that Elancie has a clear-cut offering, a professionally designed website, favorable reviews, and has been around for some months now, I’ll rate Elancie as “probably legit, but suspicious.”

Elancie is a strong contender for your investment amongst the available investment programs today.

However, I urge you to always remember the golden rule of online investing: “do not invest more than you can lose.” Every online income program is a potential Ponzi scheme.


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