Minex.world Review; Is Minex World Legit or Scam

The idea of cloud mining was quite appealing to me when I first heard about it.

Just imagine, like cloud gaming, you don’t need to buy the extraordinary hardware required to do the exhausting task. Every mining activity takes place remotely on the computers in the cloud.

However, I have not explored the possibilities of cloud mining, and I wasn’t particularly interested in doing that until I found this new cloud mining site.

Today, I’m bringing you a review of the crypto cloud mining site: Minex.world.

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What is Minex.world | Minex.world Review

minex.world homepage
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Minex.world is a cloud mining platform that promises a ridiculously high return on investment for all investments on the platform. It also offers a referral program that offers you more mining power when you invite new members.

In this Minex review, I’ll show you the full offerings of this platform. Also, Minex.world will be vetted against our “Legit or Scam” protocols, to conclude if the platform is legit, or just another cheap scam.


Minex.world Compensation Plan

minex.world income calculator
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How much does Minex.world pay?

I’ve been reviewing income programs for quite some time now, and I can assure you that Minex.world has one of the most unbelievable compensation plans on the market.

On opening the Minex.world page on any browser, you’ll find a calculator that allows you to calculate the average amount you’ll accumulate by investing your crypto with the platform.

For purposes of this review, I ran a quick test to see how much Minex.world pays.

I chose Bitcoin as the deposit currency, obviously because it’s the most common crypto available right now. I also reduced the deposit amount from 100 bitcoins to 1 bitcoin, because, who’ll invest 100 bitcoins on Minex.world anyways.

I left the term to the default 240 days, which I presume is the minimum option available.

On scrolling down to see the results, I was left in great shock. Our 1 bitcoin investment will yield 18 bitcoins in a space of 240 days?

However, when I re-reviewed it, and discovered that 240 days is around a whole seven months. So, that makes their compensation kind of fair.

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Minex.world referral program

Minex.world is currently a one-page site, so we have limited knowledge of how most of their programs work, including the referrals program advertised on the official website.

Currently, the only known advantage of the referral program is that you get 50 Gh/s for each referral, and you’re also awarded 14% of replenishment.

If you care to know what Gh/s means, it simply means one billion hashes per second. And as for the 14% replenishment, who cares about that.

Most people use a cloud mining platform to avoid large and complex mining terminologies. When you want users to understand what one quintillion hashes per second mean, why didn’t you let them just get a mining server PC instead?


Mining.world Tariff Plans

minex.world plans
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Yes, Mining.world works on tariff plans, and your earnings are directly proportional to the tariff plan you signed up for.

While I’ll be providing the full list of all Mining.world tariff plans as listed on their official website, bear in mind that I’ll not be going over any details.

This isn’t any of my faults, Mining.world was too lazy to update their website with valuable information about their tariff plans, so, we have to bear with them.

There are eight different tariff plans on Minex world, all listed below.

  1. Free Plan
  2. Three of a kind
  3. Straight
  4. Flush
  5. Full house
  6. Four of a kind
  7. Straight Flush
  8. Royal flush

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Is Minex.world Legit?

Obviously, this is the question that everyone wants an answer to. However, as is the tradition with this website, I will not be giving a verdict until I’ve vetted Minex.world using the regular test protocols.


  1. Age

Minex.world is exactly seven months and a day old. While that is not too young for such a program, I’ll consider it too young for Minex world’s exact business model.

Your contract runs for seven months, which means users that registered with Minex.world immediately after launch just concluded their contract.

This is kind of a red flag for the website.

  1. Testimonies

Minex world keeps a table of withdrawals and replenishment on their website, and it is by far one of the most dubious things about them.

minex.world earners
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While I expected to see an AJAX table constantly updated in real-time using data pulled from their database, it is sad to discover that Minex.world only hardcoded generic names and slapped random amounts of different cryptocurrencies to them, calling it real-time updates.

That’s another red flag, and totally bad for the company.

  1. Management

With a poor try at a motivational story written by the creator of the platform, the last thing you’d expect is the absence of more information about the CEO, or founder.

I scoured through the website, trying to find one, but I found none. What surprised me was that the distracting story seen when one opens the website has no author.

This is another red flag.

  1. Physical Address

Will you like to go check out Minex.world’s impressive mining equipment?

Well, it’s easy, since they have a physical address listed on their website. After losing out on all of our testing criteria, Minex.world decided to surprise this way.

Well, and finally, that’s a green flag.


Conclusion | Is Minex world Legit

Reading through this Minex.world review, you’ll notice a unique strangeness in the tone. Every single word almost spells out the fact that the Minex.world idea isn’t at all appealing.

Therefore, The Tech Ninjas rates Minex.world as a pyramid scheme that isn’t built to last. Investing in the platform is solely at your own risk and The Tech Ninjas is neither defaming nor endorsing them.

However, if we can give you only one piece of advice, it will be: “only invest what you can afford to lose.”

Have you ever been paid or defrauded by Minex world?

Let us know in the comments.

31 thoughts on “Minex.world Review; Is Minex World Legit or Scam”

  1. As from now the website stop working. After accumulating over 17,000 from bonus and reinvestments. I think now I am trapped by this scammer. Well what I said above is subject to review should in case the company come back

    • i have more than 55k GH/s and they dont pay me and the reason is using proxy/vpn that i don’t know about if so, why they just don’t close my accounts instead of receiving my deposits and then deny them when i ask for a withdrawal?

  2. I have used the site and have received a few withdrawals in different currencies, however on occasion the site does tend to to go down, probably a dose attack which a lot of cryptocurrency sites and exchanges suffer from.

  3. I invested over 1000 dollars and have a hash power of 2 million and I made 1 withdraw of 500 doge and it went through successfully. Recently I withdrew and amount of 3197 doge and it never arrived in my wallet and I don’t have access to the transaction hash. Im very sad and wish they would contact me back.

  4. Invested 600 usd have Hash of 200KGhz withdraw first 550 doge now no withdraws at all. DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY. If you must just do the free reinvest all you can for as long as you can. Than do 1 big withdraw.

  5. I have been using from last few months and did lot of mining now they are not giving me excess even putting my correct password. The system says it is wrong password.So gyes don’t waste time or money because they have mentioned in their system you cannot recover your password.

  6. I only reach 29k gh/s them suddenly when I log in It said that “wrong password or log in” or sometimes cloudfare error.

  7. They are scam i accumulated over 60,000 ghs but only to login and my password keep saying wrong password when in fact it is the correct password.

    • I guess this is a scam.. Once logged out, when you re login, it reduces the hashrate count. Even then I went ahead and got Bitcoin hashrate to 0.00000123, which took me almost 15 days after all the logouts (Reinvest amount is 0.000001 as per the popup that comes on top right). It still gives me the same message and then logs me out say after 3-4 clicks of the reinvest button.

    • @Haruna : I assume the threshold for getting this error is at that point (60000ghs) since I too am getting the same error now after reaching this ‘milestone’. I have sent multiple messages with no replies. Did you get anything since May?

  8. Hi,
    I got 60000+ speed and when I try to withdrawal I did not get a singal penny, so please guys don’t invest this site this is site is scam and I have proof so don’t invest this site and save your money.

  9. It is a scam, before you reach the required amount to withdraw, when you log in a message like this “wrong account or password”

  10. I’m mining for a month, almost convinced that this is legit when suddenly when I tried to login they said Wrong password. Good thing I haven’t invested real money or cryptography yet. I think they will pay some people then some they will lock out of the account.

  11. Minex.world. I have reinvested and withdrew so much that I can’t even see my GH/s anymore. But I accumulate approximately 0.11 bitcoin in 24 hours. My limit to withdraw is 0.10 btc. But I have not seen any amount of btc deposited into my personal wallet. Support does not help me. Overall I am thinking this site doesn’t pay and the people who advertise on the site should be ashamed of themselves. Until I see a payout scam is how it has to be

  12. This is a super scam at the moment I am trying to log in and the site does not open be careful not to give your money to scammers !!!!

  13. Ok so I have been using this site for the past 1year. I have over 2.7MillionGH/S,have placed several withdrawal in both LTC AND TRX, BUT nothing is dropping in my wallet. I think this site is not legitimate. Don’t in invest any money here

  14. I withdrew 8times on Minex and I was paid. I gat lot of referrals that upgraded and were paid too. They’ll block your account and you would be denied payment if you don’t do any of these. And you must not use VPN for registration or whatsoever. Though now their website is no longer accessible which I don’t know why. I believe they come back cos I’m damm enjoying it so much.


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