Qleek.ng Review; Is Qleek Legit or a Scam?

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It’s a new year, and the struggle for online cash continues in earnest.

While there have been so many disappointments in 2020, we can only hope that the 2021 income programs can be a little more honest in their dealings.

Before then, let’s look at another income program that’s fast gaining popularity: Qleek.ng.

Qleek pays individuals to share ads from advertisers on their social media pages. According to the information on their website, Qleek is only an intermediary; marketers keep 100% of the advertisers’ pay for a task.

How then does Qleek earn from their platform?

This and more are questions that you’ll get answers to in this detailed review of the social media marketing platform.

What is Qleek?

qleek homepage

Qleek.ng (or simply Qleek) is a website that markets itself as a social media marketing platform that connects advertisers and marketers.

Advertisers pay Qleek to get more people to see their ads, and Qleek in turn pays the marketers to share the ads to their fanbase.

You don’t have to get a marketing degree to use Qleek.ng, however. If you have active social media platforms, you can easily make money off Qleek (if they’re not a scam).

How Qleek.ng Works

Qleek runs a deceptively simple business model; share ads to earn money. It prides itself as a social media marketing company that helps businesses promote their products or services on people’s feeds.

That sounds somehow clever, right?

Except that it isn’t.

No social media marketer in his right senses will run a non-targeted ad on the newsfeed of random people, paying them handsome rates to complete easily falsifiable tasks.

Well, what do I know?

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How to register on Qleek.ng

As you might already have guessed, there are two types of Qleek membership, and each carries different terms.

Qleek Marketer

The Qleek marketer account is most probably what you’re planning to register for at the moment. This account lets you share ads from advertisers to make money.

Registering for the Qleek.ng marketer account is technically free, but in practical terms, it’s not really that free. You can only register to own an account for free. If you’ll like to earn a single buck from the account, you’ll have to pay the mandatory weekly subscription.

How to register as a marketer on Qleek.ng

1.       Open the Qleek official website in your favorite browser.

2.       Click on Register from the top menu.

3.       Correctly fill in the requested information. When you’re asked to select membership type, you should select “Marketer” as you might have already guessed.

4.       Click on Register to proceed with your registration.

With these steps, you’ve successfully created an account.

However, you still can’t earn from the account until it’s activated. To activate your account and start earning, take the following steps.

1.       Find and select “Activate Account” from your account dashboard.

2.       Select Subscribe from the resulting page.

3.       Make the payment and verify.

Voila, your marketer account is ready and you should be raking in bucks in no time.

Qleek Advertiser

qleek advertiser

The Qleek advertiser account is for “social media marketers who would like to promote their products to random people off random Facebook feeds. These “marketers” have also agreed to pay based on the number of engagements the post receives; how cool?

I’ll be very honest here. This is one of the worst ways to do social media marketing, and no one even does that.

That leads us to the main question: how does Qleek.ng plan to achieve sustainability?

In a perfectly elastic world, the advertisers will be equal to the marketers and everything will go perfectly. But this isn’t a movie!

Surely, Qleek won’t be able to meet the needs of every marketer that signed up on the platform. So, it’s only a matter of when and not if.

Registering as an advertiser is easy on Qleek.ng. You just have to follow the exact steps as that of the marketers’ account, only that you select “Advertiser” as membership type.

As an advertiser, you will be required to pay NGN5,000 to activate your account, but you can get an ad running with as low as NGN1,000.

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Qleek.ng compensation plan

How does Qleek pay?

Everyone wants to ensure they’re not jumping into a one-sided partnership. If you’re here to verify how much Qleek pays, you’re in luck.

While we’ve not been able to personally verify that Qleek is paying right at this moment, we can provide you with the promised compensation, sourced directly from their website.

According to Qleek, your payment is dependent on the number of people that engaged with your ad when you shared it.

While we don’t exactly know what they mean by an engagement, we also couldn’t get a credible explanation from them either. Here’s how much you earn based on your engagement.

1.       You get NGN400 for four engagements or less.

2.       NGN500 for 5-9 engagements

3.       10-24 engagements get you 600

4.       You get NGN800 from 25-49 engagements

5.       You’ll get NGN1,200 if you can get 50 to 74 people to engage with your ad

6.        You get NGN1,500, which is the maximum daily earnings only when 75-99 people engaged with your ad.

I called their business model deceptively simple for a good reason. From the information on their website, Advertisers can advertise with as little as NGN1,000.

What if I share an ad running with just NGN1,000 and get 99 engagements. Do I get my full NGN1,500?

What if two or three of us are sharing the ads simultaneously.

If you think about this, you’ll see that their business model isn’t sustainable.

Is Qleek Legit | Is Qleek.ng Scam?

And now to the golden question: is Qleek legit or another giant scam?

Before deciding, let’s pass it through the famous “Legit or Scam” test and see how it stacks up.

1.       Age

Qleek.ng was registered on the 7th of September, 2020, making the website one of the youngest income programs I’ve reviewed.

If I’ll register for just one income program going into the new year, it won’t be one that hasn’t lasted long enough for yogurt manufactured on the same day to expire.

2.       Management

Information about the CEO, founder, or any other member of the Qleek team is currently unknown.

3.       Business model

The business model is a huge minus for Qleek. They claimed they get money directly from advertisers and pay it directly to marketers, getting a 0% commission on money from the advertisers.

They claimed 100% of their income comes from the subscription paid by marketers. But if you’ve carefully read this review line by line up to this point, you’ll discover why this claim can’t be substantiated.

4.       Physical Address

From our findings, no physical address was found to be associated with Qleek. If or when the platform crashes, the authorities cannot easily apprehend a specific person, or confiscate an office.

This is a red flag.

Conclusion | Is Qleek.ng Legit?

Given the above information about Qleek, The Tech Ninjas rates Qleek as “suspicious, but might be legit.”

Almost everything sounds suspicious about this platform; from the too-young age to the hard-to-justify compensation plan, there is just so much to hate about Qleek.

Do you think Qleek is legit or another Ponzi scheme?

Let’s know in the comments below.

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