Etherflix Review; Is Etherflix Legit or Scam?

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We all know NNU, Giftalworld, and other related pay-to-read news sites.

If there is something that’s common amongst them all, it will be the fact that they all crash, inevitably.

Rest your minds folks, Etherflix isn’t a pay-to-read site, it is something even more data consuming.

Stay with me here as I take you on my Etherflix review. At the end of this review, you will have no doubts about deciding if Etherflix is legit or just another scam site.


What is Etherflix?


Etherflix pays you to watch their videos. That’s the simplest way to describe the platform, although the compensation plan of the platform is a lot more elongated and detailed.

They also run a referral program that pays when you upgrade your account and invite new users.

Etherflix has a goal; an enormous one at that. The goal is to reduce Nigeria’s unemployment rate by 20%.

The above phrase isn’t surprising anymore, we’ve seen many income programs promise exactly that same thing, or even more, and we all know how they ended up.

Before nodding at the offer, and digging into your wallet for the registration fee, you’ll want to be sure about what’s in it for you.


How Etherflix Works

By now, you should know that Etherflix pays you to complete some online tasks. What you might not know is actually how much Etherflix pays you for completing those tasks.

In this section, I’ll take you through the compensation plans, both for the referral part of Etherflix and also for the videos-clicking part.

Shall we?


Etherflix compensation plans

Etherflix Bonuses

Starting from your registration date, you start to qualify for some mouthwatering bonuses on Etherflix. From airtime from winning the Etherflix Quiz, to real money from clicking on a video, these bonuses will increase the appeal of Etherflix to you.

etherflix bonuses

Etherflix claims you can earn up to NGN50,000 monthly on their platform. Here are the tasks you can complete to earn that amount.

  1. Signup Bonus worth NGN1,000. You qualify for this bonus once you sign up for Etherflix.
  2. Clicking on any video from Etherflix earns you NGN50. While Etherflix uses the term “click”, I’m not sure if they only want you to click, or watch the full video.
  3. Commenting on any video from Etherflix earns you NGN30. I’m not sure if multiple comments on the same video get you multiples of that amount; just kidding.
  4. Reacting to any of their videos earns you NGN5. While that’s pretty small, it’s still something.
  5. You get NGN100 each day for logging into Etherflix. You don’t have to complete anything extra-hard, just open the website and input your login details and you have a hundred naira. Can Facebook do that?
  6. Sharing the Daily FlixTrend to your handles will earn you NGN50. You’ll get to know more about the daily FlixTrend when you sign up for the platform.
  7. You earn NGN100 for subscribing to their YouTube channel. Forget about those YouTubers begging for subs on YouTube, here’s the real deal!
  8. Remember FlixTrend? There’s another bonus tied to it. Be the first person to share a FlixTrend and get NGN500, instead of the regular NGN50 you’re entitled to.
  9. Etherflix conducts regular quizzes, and they don’t just clap for the winner. Instead, you get NGN1,200 instantly for winning the quiz. Payable in cash and airtime.
  10. And to the biggest money-making scheme on Etherflix, you earn NGN1,700 for inviting others to the Etherflix platform. However, you have to be an Etherflix Elite member to do that.

Something confusing about this, however, is the fact that Etherflix claims that there are four levels of Etherflix referrals; The Starter, The Masters, The Professional, and The Elite. However, there is no information on how to register for or progress through the levels. Review; Is Qleek Legit or a Scam?

How to register for Etherflix

You can register for Etherflix by following this link to their website and using the Register button.

You’ll have to pay a one-time registration fee of NGN2,500 to get access to all Etherflix features, but you get an instant NGN1,000 sign up bonus, which leaves your total net signup fee at just NGN1,500.

You will have to buy a FlixPass to register on Etherflix, and the FlixPass costs NGN2,500, which is essentially your signup fee. You can log in with your username and password after successfully signing up onto the platform.

etherflix login


Is Etherflix Legit?

As is the custom with The Tech Ninjas, we only provide enough information, and a prediction; it is left to you to decide if the income program is the right one for you.

Here is some important information about Etherflix, that I think will be important for you in making a final decision about the authenticity of Etherflix.

  1. Age

The domain name, at the time of writing this review, is four months and five days old. While it’s still a relatively young website, it is quite aged amongst income programs, as most don’t survive more than three months.

So, this is a positive indication and is regarded as a green flag.

  1. Management

Who is the founder of Etherflix?

God. Only. Knows.

Honestly, I don’t know why you’ll want to reduce poverty in Nigeria by 20%, and you’ll still have a hard time showing your face.

What if we decide to elect you as our next president?

Well, if you can’t register for a program without knowing its founder, or CEO, then I’m afraid you can’t register for Etherflix.

  1. Physical Address

Etherflix is much of a website, rather than an investment program. There is no single physical address listed on the website, based on my findings, but you can contact them via WhatsApp and email.

They also have accounts on numerous social media platforms.

  1. Offer

Etherflix’s offer doesn’t sound too good to be true, but it is actually too good to be true.

Etherflix has no particular offering that makes sense, rather than its YouTube channel; and I doubt YouTube can pay as much as NGN50,000,000 monthly to its channel.

On a regular video of his, there will be at least 1,000 comments (all nonsense and mostly unrelated obviously). These 1,000 people will always try to make the maximum payout, and by making a simple calculation, one can easily get the point.

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Conclusion | Is Etherflix a Scam?

Etherflix might be legit, but the offer is not really sustainable.

If you’re quick to get into the platform, you’ll surely make a few bucks, even if the platform later crashes.

At the moment, there is no massive scam report against Etherflix, and it is safe to join, given that the registration fee is minimal.

Have you been paid or defrauded by this platform?

Drop your experience in the comments to help a sister. Share the post to help a brother.

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