Key2N Review; Is Key2Naira Legit or Scam

key2naira homepage

Imagine finding the key to naira.

Being able to open a door to find as much money as you needed, without lifting a finger.

Well, I might have just found the Key2Naira.

Well, Key2N, also known as Key2Naira is an online program, like most other reviewed on this website. Like the others, it pays the members to perform simple tasks.

In this Key2Naira review, we’ll be analyzing Key2Naira’s offering, and we’ll give you enough facts to decide if it’s actually the key to naira for you, or you have to look further.

What is Key2Naira?

key2naira homepage

Well, this question is pretty much answered by the introduction, but I think sharing a little more information over here won’t be too much anyway.

Key2Naira markets itself as a new income program for students, youths, and small business owners alike. It gifts them the opportunity to start earning online to cover basic daily and weekly finances.

It’s on the lookout for users who want a legitimate program that pays them online. From the information on their website, it seems the main goal of this program is to empower users to solve financial problems easily.

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How Key2Naira works

Key2Naira, shortened as Key2N lets you earn in different ways. You can earn by referring friends to the platform, and you can also earn by completing the stipulated activities on this site.

How do these work?

Key2Naira Activities Earning

There are tons of activities that can fetch you tons of naira on Key2N, if and when completed. In this section of the review, we’ll go over the activities that are rewarded by earnings.

1.       Login Bonus

You’re familiar with this right?

The age-old income program tactic that pays you each time you log into your account. Key2Naira is a bit generous with their daily login bonus, as they pay up to NGN3,000 for every single day you signed in to your Key2N account.

Cool right?

2.       Post sharing

Key2Naira also pays you to share their posts to your social media handles. For every post you view and share, you get NGN20.

This is not too outrageous but appears somehow small. If you can share ten posts daily, that would be about NGN6,000 when the month ends. I think this will cover some basic expenses, like data costs, keeping Key2Naira’s promise.

Funnily, these are the two earning strategies available on Key2N, that doesn’t require you to bug your loved ones with spam links.

Referral earnings

Do you think those earning activities only make a chicken change?

Yes, you have the option to earn more, using Key2Naira’s referral program.

Like most other things from, their referral program is very simple. You get NGN1,000 when someone you invited upgrades their account and pays the NGN1,500 upgrade fee.


Key2Naira Plans | participation programs

Key2Naira has two simple plans for every aspiring participant; the free participation program and the paid participation program.

You can earn with the free participation program, but it comes with some caveats that will make you want to upgrade to the paid version of the program.

Let’s take a look.

Key2Naira Free Participation Program

A member running on the free participation program (FPP) can only process payment and get paid at the end of the month.

They get a hundred naira daily login bonus and an unspecified amount for post-viewing and sharing. Review; Is Minex World Legit or a Scam?

Key2Naira Paid Participation Program

With just an additional NGN1,500, you get to make an extra NGN5,000 which you can withdraw at any time. You also earn a disclosed amount for post-viewing and sharing, which is actually NGN20.

Also, you can choose to participate in the Key2Naira affiliate program to earn even more cash.

IS Key2Naira Legit | reviews

Let’s see all of the things we do and do not like about  At The Tech Ninjas, we believe that this information will help you make an informed decision as to if Key2Naira is actually legitimate or a scam.

1.       Age

This website is over four months old at the moment, and we can refer to it as old enough, amongst other income programs.

However, age only doesn’t tell the whole story, as there might be a lot to hate about this platform.

But, at the moment, the age is a green flag for

2.       Management

And this is where things start to get a little cloudy.

My question is simple: why do the pioneers of these income programs hate to show their faces.

Well, if you care about this, it’s a red flag for Key2Naira as I’m unable to find any of the CEOs, founders, or managers of the income program.

3.       Physical Address

After some extensive search, we found that a physical address is listed on the website. If you have any complaints whatsoever, you can table them to No: 6 Oliliji Street, Umuahia Abia State Nigeria.

That’s actually an unexpected green flag.

4.       Site design

I just have to add this because Key2Naira has a very horrible site design.

I mostly surf the internet on my desktop, and I expect all websites to look good from a desktop. For, the reverse is the case.

While the mobile version of the website looked usable, the desktop version is a great eyesore. If I can make a wish right now, it would be never to review an income program with a design as horrible as this again.

key2n homepage design

That’s a spoiler alert though, so I won’t be assigning any flags to this.

Conclusion | Is Key2N Legit?

At the moment, concluding if Key2Naira is legit or a scam would be too far a stretch.

They have all the signs that they’ve come to stay, and they have many signs of the opposite too!

However, I rate them: “safe to join.”

Be aware, however, that The Tech Ninjas won’t be responsible for any losses incurred from participating in this program.

What’s your experience with Key2Naira?

Let’s hear in the comments.

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