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If all the problems in Nigeria were to be summed up in two words, it would be “insufficient funds.”

Think about it, the coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the nation, and getting the vaccine seems like an uphill battle. Hunger is widespread, and a stimulus package from the government seems to be no priority at the moment.

In the midst of all this, has a simple theme: “Activating financial stability.” If you are no newcomer to the online investment world, you should have seen a lot of similarly themed websites, some of which crashed.

To ensure that you don’t invest your money in an income program that’s doomed to crash, learning about any investment you’re making is very vital.

Welcome to my review. In this review, you’ll learn what is, how to earn on, and if is legit or a scam.

Let’s jump into it.


What is homepage

It isn’t a pay-to-read news site, it isn’t a betting site and it is not a crypto mining site. It is an investment program that pays you to share daily ads on your social media handles.

Sounds familiar?

Most platforms that utilize this business model are usually news sites that pay you to read and share news as well. However, there are no indications that news updates could come to in the near future.

This makes the offering hard to believe. If Actify isn’t a news site, and all the ads are geared at promoting Actify alone, then where do they find the money they pay to members?

That’s a question that seeks an answer we probably would never get.

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How works | Actify Review

how works

Before investing your hard-earned money on the platform, a question is usually put forward: “how does Actify work?”

Asking that question is vital because we all know how it feels to invest in a headless program that’s doomed to crash in these hard times.

Firstly, let’s review how to earn on Actify.

How to earn on

This is just an review, and all information provided here is only true if works as promised. This review is purely objective and isn’t paid for.

On the flip side, here are the activities that could earn you some cash on the platform.

  1. Login

Like most other income programs available right now, you earn a login bonus from This bonus only works for your first login of the day, and it is in Actify points.

While we don’t know the worth of an Actify point in naira, all we know is that you get 143 Actify points for logging in to the platform on a daily basis. This Actify point isn’t usable anywhere, apart from the website.

  1. Sharing ads publishes daily ads that members are expected to share to their social media platforms. As a member, you get 250 Actify points for sharing the daily ad to your social media handle.

Again, we can’t say if this is fair or not, as we can’t ascertain the value of an Actify point.

  1. System share

While I couldn’t verify what the system share is exactly, or how the system share works, Actify promises to pay whenever a member clicks on the system share link on their dashboard.

That sounds too easy, and I doubt if it is possible.

  1. Referrals

And to what we’re expecting; Actify has a referral system too.

Yes, you get paid for referring friends and family to sign up on For every successful registration using your referral link, you earn NGN1,000, which is 50% of the registration fee.

As we don’t know what an Actify point works for, the referral part of remains the highest paying activity you can carry out on the platform.

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How to register for registration

Planning to register for

The registration process isn’t a lot complicated, and you can get an account and start earning within minutes.

Here is a step by step guide on how to register for Actify.

  1. Get the E-pin from the website ( You can purchase an e-pin by clicking on the “GET E-PIN” button at the top menu.
  2. Click on the REGISTER button at the top menu to get to the registration page. You will be required to select a plan. Select the Actify plan which is the only available plan at the moment.
  3. Complete the form with your correct details, and enter the e-pin when you’re prompted.
  4. Submit the form and log into your account.

Simple as that!


Is Legit? | Review

When it comes to online investments, surprises do pop out of nowhere. A scheme doomed for failure by many could end up being a lifesaver, and one projected to save lives might end up crashing in no time.

Without mincing words, it is difficult to predict the legitimacy of an income program. With, however, things seem to be clearer and easier to predict.

For you to make a fair decision, here are some important good, and not so good things about Actify, that you should know about before investing.

  1. Age is just too young. The domain name was purchased on the 28th of December, 2020, which means it is barely two weeks.

I also believe that the platform launched on the 4th of January, 2021, as their daily ad shares started counting from that very day.

Joining a four-day-old platform is a gamble. Even if it is projected to be a scam, early adopters have a better chance of making a few bucks, before the final crash.

  1. Management

After scouring through all the pages on the website, I was unable to find a single person linked with managing Actify.

In other words, lacks a recognized CEO, founder, or even just a manager. This is another red flag for the platform.

  1. Compensation plan and claims

The Actify points do a great job of hiding what they’re planning to pay to their members.

However, keeps pushing out daily credit alert testimonies through their daily ad shares. If the program really launched on the 4th of January, then we need an explanation as to how this guy made NGN70,000 in just two days. testimony

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Conclusion | Is scam?

While The Tech Ninjas will not be proclaiming any program as legitimate or scam until they’re proved so, we make helpful suggestions for our readers.

For this, I rate as “suspicious,” as everything about them spells suspicion, apart from the website design, which is pretty good.

If you’ll still like to invest, remember what I like to call the golden rule of online investments: “only invest what you can afford to lose.”


Thanks for reading. Drop your experiences and thoughts about and share the post, please.

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