Primevault Review; Is Primevault Forum Legit or a Scam?

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Into the new year, the struggle for online cash has grown more intense. The overflowing testimonies of friends who claim to make thousands of naira online can be blamed for the craze.

While some people have resorted to making their money using legitimate ways, others have chosen the not-so-legit ways. In between are a group of people who make little investments for instant profit.

If you’re part of the in-between group, then you might have been considering signing up for Primevault.

However, you have a list of questions. Is Primevault a scam? How does Primevault work?

If those questions look similar to what has been residing in your mind recently, you’ll need to pay attention to everything in this article.

In this Prime vault review, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Primevault so you can make a conclusion and decide to either sign up for the income program or take a look at other opportunities.


What is Primevault | Prime vault forum review

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On The Tech Ninjas, I’ve reviewed a lot of income programs.

Most of the income programs I’ve reviewed all have something in common; having a unique offering. Uwork, for example, lets you share ads to your social media handles to earn cash and Etherflix pays you to watch YouTube videos.

Prime vault takes a slightly different approach. Instead of offering a single earning opportunity, they emulated the earning features of a wide range of income programs.

You can get paid watching videos just as in Etherflix. You can get paid sharing sponsored content as in Uwork. The earning opportunities are just endless!

The information from this section is a presentable overview of what Primevault is, but isn’t enough to make any reasonable conclusions about the platform. In the next section, we’ll go in-depth on how the platform works, and the compensation plans. Review; Is Legit or Scam?

How Primevault works | How to earn on Primevault

Just like most other income programs, Primevault requires you to sign up for one of its paid plans to take advantage of the earning program.

Prime vault plans exist in three different tiers, all with different registration fees and compensations. In this section, you’ll learn how to earn on Prime vault, and all the plans available on Primevault.


Primevault plans

  1. Premium Plan

Ironically, the Prime vault premium plan is the base plan of the investment platform. The registration fee costs NGN3,000 and makes the most impressive commissions and task rewards.

You get NGN1,000 in bonus for referring others in the premium plan, as well as a daily login bonus of NGN50. You also get an NGN100 bonus for sharing the adverts as well as a bonus of NGN50 for each task completed.

  1. Gold Plan

The registration fee for the Gold Plan is a little bit steeper, at NGN5,000, but the increase in price is well worth it.

The daily login bonus is twice as much as that of the premium plan, at NGN100, while the task earning and advert sharing gets you NGN150 each. The referral bonus is also higher, at NGN1,200 per referral.

  1. Ultimate Plan

The Ultimate Plan is the apex plan of the Prime Vault investment program. The registration fee for the ultimate plan is pegged at NGN7,000, with an increase in all the bonuses as well.

You get NGN1,500 for referring an Ultimate Plan member to the platform. The daily login fee for members stands at NGN150, while the task earnings and the advert earnings all stand at NGN200 each.


While referrals earn you the most on Primevault, referrals are largely optional. Once you get to the NGN5,000 payment threshold, you can withdraw your money, even if you don’t have a single referral.

Primevault P2P

While you can earn from Primevault by buying a plan and completing tasks, it is not the only way to earn from Primevault. One of the lesser-known ways to earn from Primevault is the P2P system.

Primevault claims to run a peer2peer donation system for its members. It promises a 50% interest in 14 days for any amount invested, with a 20% mandatory recommitment fee to sustain the system.

Primevault doesn’t go into much detail on how this works, but there is really no detail to it. It is practically impossible to implement that sustainably.

I have a lot of questions here, but I’ll save them for the legit or scam section, as this is not the correct part of the article to criticize.

Primevault Crypto-Vest

Primevault crypto-vest offers another opportunity to earn from Primevault. Through the Crypto-Vest, you can invest some Ethereum and Tron and get an average of 1.5% daily commission.

Again, this raises a lot of speculations

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How to register for Primevault | Primevault signup

primevault register

Signing up for the Primevault income program is one of the most understandable parts of the program. To sign up for Primevault, follow the steps below.

  1. Go to the Primevault website at
  2. Click on the “Buy Coupon” link at the top menu. You’ll see a list of distributors. You can contact any of them on WhatsApp to buy a coupon for your preferred plan.
  3. Now open the registration page by clicking on the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page.
  4. Enter all the required details and enter the coupon code at the designated box.
  5. Click on Register to complete your registration.

Voila! You’re in.


Is Primevault a Scam?

I started writing this Primevault review because someone suggested it to me as a legitimate program.

In this section, I will run Primevault through The Tech Ninjas’ “Legit or Scam” test, and you’ll decide if this program is legitimate, or another avenue to amass your money illegally. Review; Is Qleek Legit or a Scam?

  1. Age

Primevault is a relatively young platform but quickly garnered popularity. The reason for its quick popularity might be due to the fact that it paid earlier on, but for the future, time shall tell.

  1. Management

Just like many other new income programs, Prime vault has no known managers, CEOs, or staff listed on their website. This isn’t a good indication, especially as they promised to pay members who crypto-vested.

I think we have the right to know who’s handling our crypto, so we’ll be at rest. Who cares though, what matters is that we get paid.

  1. Business model

Let’s forget about the tasks earning and the daily login bonuses for now. How does the Primevault P2P system source enough money to keep it sustainable?

If you read about the crypto-vest offering too, you’ll be as confused as I am right now.

Basically, the Primevault investment program doesn’t sound any sustainable to me.

  1. Website

I had to add this. The Primevault website is a total disgrace. I had to make sure I was actually reading through the real website and not a clone. The grammar was just too bad.

For example, the “Contact Us” page was spelled as “Conact Us,” I mean, who contacts anyone from there?

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Conclusion | Is Primevault legit?

Primevault might be paying at the moment, but that doesn’t mean it will be legit forever.

A piece of advice for anyone considering it at the moment is to have a rethink, as it sounds like a pyramid scheme. If you’re already convinced, you can go invest, and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments.

Remember, do not invest more than you can afford.

Share the post and drop a comment about your experience with Primevault.

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