Brimor Investment Program Review; Is Brimor Legit or a Scam?

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I read up a lot of Brimor reviews on the internet and I noticed something. They were all either influenced by the writer’s desire to earn affiliate commissions, or outdated.

Outdated information can be dangerous, especially when it’s about an investment program that you’re investing in.

Welcome to my review. In this article, I will be giving you every piece of information you’ll need to know about the Brimor investment program, as well as a detailed analysis of the compensation plan; and finally a suggestion as to whether you should register for the income program or not.

Without further ado, let’s jump into the review.


What is the Brimor investment program?

brimor homepage

Trolex (or is a high yield investment program (HYIP) that pays an insane daily return on investment to investors. With a minimum deposit of $10, which could go up to $100,000, you can earn anywhere from a 10% to 20% return on investment for investing with Brimor.

That sounds interestingly attractive, but nothing good comes easily. We’ve seen many investment programs promise significantly lower returns, but end up crashing from bankruptcy.

I’ll be honest with you from the onset. HYIPs always crash. It’s just a matter of when, and not if. When you put your money in a high yield investment program, you know the chances of getting your money back is just half.

Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best.

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How Brimor works | How to earn on

Much of what you need to know about has already been discussed, but here, I will give a detailed analysis over here.

When talking about, there are lots of things to hate.

Let’s go over the basic compensation plans first.


Brimor Plans

To earn on Brimor, you must sign up for one of their investment plans. Brimor has three investment plans to choose from, each with its unique ROI percentages. plans

The plans are quantitatively analyzed below.

  1. Basic Plan

The Basic Plan is the most basic plan of the investment program. It is made for investors who can only afford to invest not more than $500 on the platform.

You can’t invest less than $10 on this particular plan, but you can invest as much as $499. If you can afford more than this, then you’ll want to go for the more expensive Premium Plan.

You get a 10% daily return on investment when you’re signed up onto the Basic Plan, and you can instantly cash out your funds in case you’re no longer interested.

  1. Premium Plan

The Premium Plan is next in ranks to the Basic Plan and requires more financial strength to sign up for.

The minimum investment that gets you the Premium Plan is $500, but it’s listed as $5,000 on the official website, maybe due to a typo. Well, if they can make mistakes with letters, then why not with my money?

Jokes aside, the Premium Plan’s maximum investment amount is $2,999, and it pays you a 15% daily return on investment for life.

  1. Advanced Plan

This is the ultimate Brimor investment plan, made for the big boys. It promises a daily return on investment of 20% with an instant payout.

To enjoy the benefits of this plan, however, you’ll have to invest at least $3,000, but you can invest up to $100,000 if you want.


Cool isn’t it?

Not exactly.

You don’t need an expert to tell you that this offer is not sustainable.

But that’s not all; there are more earning opportunities on Brimor. Review; Is Legit or Scam?

Brimor Referral

While making multiples of your money on Brimor, you can optionally promote Brimor for an attractive referral commission.

There are three levels of referral commissions on; Platinum, Gold, and Silver.

The Platinum referrals are your direct referrals, and you enjoy 7% of their deposits. Your second level referrals are also known as Gold, and you earn only 2% referral commission on them, while you earn 1% referral commission on the third level referrals, also known as Silver.


How to register on Brimor

brimor registration

Brimor registration is very simple and straightforward. Follow the steps below to sign up for Brimor.

  • Open the Brimor homepage ( and click on the “SIGN UP” button at the top right corner.
  • Input all the required details and proceed with your registration.
  • Confirm your email address, and log into your dashboard.
  • Make payment with either crypto or cash, and start watching your money grow!


Is Brimor Legit or a Scam | Reviews

When making decisions about income programs, lots of care, and critical thinking is required. Many programs that have been projected to fail are doing surprisingly well, and some that are expected to do well couldn’t even make it into this year.

In the case of Brimor, however, it seems to be easy to predict. Brimor is hard to trust, and they gave us every reason not to trust them.

Here are some reasons why Brimor should, or shouldn’t be trusted, depending on how you view them.

  1. Age

Brimor is eight days old, and they’re very proud of that. It is displayed boldly on their website homepage, along with the fact that they have “0+ happy members.”

That’s brutally honest, in my opinion.

On the other hand, they claim to have 25+ years of experience in the business. What business?

Crypto trading and another online trading?

Heck, the first cryptocurrency showed up in 2009!

  1. Management

Most investment programs (that later crash) do not include the names of the pioneers, because the crash was part of the plans from the onset. has no names of any CEOs or founders listed on their website.

This is a red flag.

  1. Physical address

A physical address is listed on the website, and that’s about the only good thing about the platform. It is based in Wenlock Road, London.

Green flag.

  1. Reviews

As a young income program that it is, there are limited online reviews of Brimor available on the internet. We’ve also not verified that the platform actually pays from a member.

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Conclusion | Is Brimor a scam?

how brimor works

Brimor is still too young to be judged. However, the Brimor offer is too good to be true; and as the law says: “if it’s too good to be true, then it’s definitely not true.”

The Tech Ninja rate Brimor as a shady platform that will barely survive for months.

Note that this is not defamation, and if you think Brimor makes sense, you’re free to sign up.

We’ll love to have your feedback after your experience, and I’ll be happy to update this post to reflect your opinions.

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to share.

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