Insme Review; Is Insme App Legit or a Scam?


Instagram is an addictive but data-consuming social media platform. We spend so much time on the app each day, only to get nothing in return.

Insheart saw this as a challenge and subsequently introduced the Insme App for Instagram users. Insme allows you to perform certain tasks on Instagram to make money.

Before signing up for Insme, you should know how the app works, and the activities required to make money on this platform.

Welcome to my Insme App review. In this review, you’ll learn all you’ll ever need to know about this income program. In the end, you’ll decide if this program is actually legit or a scam.


What is Insme App?


Back in 2015, many internet celebrities, along with Instagram partnered to form InsHeart. InsHeart is described as an international community for Instagram users, with the sole focus of interacting and giving relevant suggestions that will take Instagram to new heights.

As a way to make InsHeart beneficial to individuals and small businesses, Insme was born, and today, Insme is trusted as one of the most reliable income programs introduced last year.

Insme helps small businesses drive more followers to their Instagram profiles, while also paying regular users to share promotional adverts.

The business model isn’t difficult to comprehend. Mr. A pays Insme to get 10 followers; Insme shares the money between Mr. B and 10 others after they’ve followed Mr. A.

While that might sound understandable, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, when it comes to what you need to know about Insme App. In the next section, you’ll learn how it works in detail, what it costs to register, and how you can make money on Insme App.

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How Insme works

Insme pays you to like Instagram posts and follow Instagram profiles; you know that already.

What you might not know yet is that Insme also doubles as an investment platform that pays you based on how much you invest.

While you can register and earn on the Insme App for free, there are many plans and packages available for purchase. These plans increase the potential amount of money you can earn daily.


How to earn on Insme

Insme Plans

insme plans

There are nine plans on Insme. These plans all differ greatly, as they offer different pays per mission, with varying subscription fees.

Note that the subscription fee is the amount of money you will be required to pay to gain access to the plan, and your subscription runs for as long as the plan validity stipulates.

  1. Plan 1

The base plan, known officially as Plan 1 is the default plan for every Insme App registrant and is free to join. You earn N28 for every task completed on this plan, and the plan is only valid for three days. You can’t complete more than two tasks (missions) on this plan per day.

  1. Plan 2

The plan is next to plan 1. It attracts a N1,680 subscription fee, which also comes with some perks. The daily missions limit is increased to three, and the plan has a 60-day validity, as opposed to the free plan’s two.

  1. Plan 3

It costs N6,888 to sign up for this plan, but you can potentially earn N345 per day too!

This is because the daily missions limit is increased to 25, and you earn N69 and not N28 per mission. Also, this plan is valid for 60 days.

  1. Plan 4

Insme App’s fourth plan has a steep sign-up fee, at N62,888. While this plan is also valid for 60 days, you get paid at a rate of N125 per mission. You can complete up to 38 missions every day.

  1. Plan 5

The subscription fee for Plan 5 costs N148,888, but it shoots up your daily missions to 70. You get N195 per mission, and the plan is also valid for 60 days.

  1. Plan 6

Things start to get a little expensive here, as this plan requires a signup fee that’s about N298,888. This plan pays N213 per mission, and it is valid for 30 days.

  1. Plan 7

If you’ve saved almost a million in 2020, this plan is for you. Costing N638,888, the 7th plan in the Insme App hierarchy sports one of the most expensive income program registration costs that I’ve seen.

It limits your daily missions to 290, and you get N228 for each mission accomplished on Insme. It lasts for 30 days.

  1. Plan 8

Plan 8 of the Insme income program is one step away from the ultimate plan, with a whopping subscription cost of N1,488,888.

Your daily missions are now limited to 580 per day, with N256 paid for every successful mission. This plan is also valid for 60 days.

  1. Plan 9

The ninth plan on the Insme platform is the ultimate plan, and it requires a N2,988,888 subscription fee. That’s just N11,112 short of three million naira.

This plan is expectedly the most lucrative, with a 580 daily missions limit. You get N258 permission completed on Insme while on Plan 9. This plan is also valid for 60 days; after which you’ll need to renew your subscription.


How to register on Insme App

insme registration

To register on the Insme App, you should have the Insme app downloaded and installed on your mobile phone. You will be prompted to sign up for an account while setting it up. If asked for an invitation code, enter 7TXVKM.

If you’re browsing Insme from a PC (not recommended), there is a workaround for that too. Follow the steps below (works on mobile too).

  • Open this URL in your browser (
  • You will be directed to the login page. Click on “Registered” below the login form to get directed to the registration page.
  • Enter your details correctly. When asked for an invitation code, enter 7TXVKM
  • Click on Register to complete your registration, and you’re done.


How to upgrade on Insme

When you sign up for the Ins me income program, you’re automatically assigned the free plan. If you want to enjoy the perks associated with one of the premium plans, you have to manually upgrade.

Here is a simple upgrade guide for Insme App.

  1. Log into your Insme account and click on the VIP tab in the bottom taskbar to see the available plans.
  2. Find and click the Sign-Up button, and select how much you want to fund your account with.
  3. Enter your card details and ensure the transaction succeeded.
  4. Go back to the VIP tab, and click on Upgrade under your desired plan. Ensure your deposit covers the costs.

You’re done! Review; Is Legit or a Scam?

Is Insme App Legit or a Scam | Insme App Review

Given all the information above, Insme App looks perfect and safe to join. Is this really the case?

Is Insme really legit?

In this section, we’ll review some important information about Insme App, and decide if Insme is actually legit or a scam.

  1. Age

Insme was created on the 6th of October, and it has been consistently serving its members ever since. According to the web income programs standard, any program that’s over two months in age is already old enough.

This is a green flag for Insme.

  1. Management

While we can’t pinpoint a specific CEO or founder for the platform, Insme is believed to be from InsHeart, which is the result of an Instagram-influencers relationship.

If this is anything true, then Insme should be trusted, as it has the backing of a tech giant.

  1. Reviews

When a platform pays consistently, it becomes increasingly harder to find negative reviews about them. This is exactly the case with Insme App. The platform is reportedly paying members and has not crashed, even after three full months of service.

This is a rare feat, and Insme deserves accolades for this.


Conclusion | Is Insme App a Scam?

To wrap it up, I’ll leave you with my advice.

There is no perfect income program online, and how much you make depends on what you can make of an opportunity.

Insme App is currently paying, and members are currently testifying to the legitimacy of the program. No one can tell if they’ll be around tomorrow, so the best time to join is now.

The advice remains the same: “invest what you can afford to lose, to avoid heart attacks.”

To your online success…

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