TTmall Review; Is Legit or a Scam?


There has never been an easier time to make money online than right now. With a new income program being created as frequently as you sneeze, you have no idea what you’re missing out on if you’ve not signed up for any.

Today, I’d like to announce the introduction of a new online money-making platform: TTmall.

Like its ancestors, TTmall requires you to complete some tasks on its website, and they’re subsequently paid based on many factors.

In this TTmall review article, you’ll learn all you’ll ever need to know about TTmall, along with accurate analysis that will help you decide if TTmall is a legitimate income program or just a pyramid scheme.

Stick with me in this review, and let’s get going.


What is TTmall?


TTmall is an international e-commerce platform that pays its users to promote products listed on the website. This website copies the business model of Mybonus, and claims every member can earn extra income by using the mall’s income program.

When you order products from TTmall, you don’t actually pay for them, as you might think. You don’t get them also. However, you’re paid a certain amount for placing these orders, which is accumulated over the month.

Also, you’ll have to purchase a subscription plan before getting access to this income program. Like most other income programs of this caliber, TTmall’s subscription plan is multi-tiered, and the amount you earn for completing orders depends on how much investment you made in the first place.

In the subsequent sections of this TTmall review, you’ll learn how to earn on TTmall, the subscription costs, and you’ll get enough information to decide if the platform is legitimate, or just a scam.

Are you excited?


How TTmall works

TTmall is supposedly a platform that links merchants with promoters. Merchants pay the platform to get more exposure and sales, and promoters are in turn paid to give the needed exposure.

If you’re already part of Mybonus2u, you’ll have no issues understanding how this income program works.

Stick with me as I show you how to earn on the TTmall income program. Review; Is Legit or Scam?

How to earn on TTmall

TTmall offers you two ways to earn from the platform. You can either choose to complete orders or refer new members. The Tech Ninjas recommends both if you have some friends that also fancy online income programs.

Both techniques will be covered in more detail below.

Activities earning on

In order to start completing orders for income on TTmall, you must be signed into a VIP level, just like in the case of Uwork.

There are six VIP levels on the program, each differentiated by its unique compensations and subscription fees. All VIP levels are quantitatively analyzed below.

  1. SVIP1 Jumia’s e-commerce merchant

This is the base plan on TTmall and you’re automatically in this plan when you have N1,000 in your balance. You get a 3.2% daily commission, which is added to your account and accumulated over the month.

  1. SVIP2 Konga’s e-commerce merchant

You get automatically signed onto this plan when your account balance reaches N10,000. Compared to SVIP1’s 3.2%, you get a daily commission of 3.7% each day for completing orders, which is immediately added to your TTmall account.

  1. SVIP3 Dealdey’s e-commerce merchant

When your balance reaches N100,000, you’re automatically into the SVIP3 plan. Your daily commission gets increased to 4.2%, which amounts to N4,200 daily.

  1. SVIP4 Yudala’s e-commerce merchant

You become a Yudala’s e-commerce merchant when your account balance is up to N500,000. This is quite a bulky amount, but the associated benefits are quite bulky too. The daily service commission gets increased to 4.7%, as opposed to 4.2% on the SVIP3 plan.

  1. SVIP5 Payporte’s e-commerce merchant

If you have up to 2.5 million naira to invest on this platform, you can get signed onto the SVIP plan. This plan promises much more benefits than all the former ones, with a whopping daily service commission of 5.2%.

  1. SVIP6 Vconnect’s e-commerce merchant

If you’re so rich, and you find the income program interesting, you might want to look at the SVIP5 Vconnect’s plan. It costs 5 million to get started with this plan, but you also get a 5.7% service daily commission.


Those are the available plans on TTmall and their associated benefits. Note that we can’t guarantee that you’ll be paid by the platform, as I’m not a member yet, and I’ve not verified any testimonies from members.

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Referrals on TTmall

Referring friends and family to TTmall is the only other way to earn on the platform if the idea of clicking “Buy” next to products you’ll never receive doesn’t appeal to you.

When you sign up on the platform, you’re assigned a unique referral link which you’re expected to share to friends and family. If they sign up through your referral link, you get a referral commission that is proportional to their chosen plan.

Cool, isn’t it?


How to register for TTmall

Signing up on TTmall is as easy as…

  1. Visiting their official website at
  2. Downloading their official app (not available on the Google Play Store as at the time of writing this review)
  3. Completing the registration form on the app
  4. Funding your account, and
  5. Choosing the plan of your choice


Is TTmall legit or a scam? | TTmall nl review

Before most people sign up for an investment platform, there is one resounding question. Is this platform legit or a scam?

The reason for this isn’t far-fetched. TTmall has plans ranging from a few thousand naira to millions of naira. Imagine paying 2.5 million naira to crickets.

In this part of the review, we’ll analyze some important information about TTmall, and conclude if this platform is legit or just a dishonest scam.

  1. Age

From our findings, TTmall is a very young income program at just four weeks and 5 days old. They tried to hide this fact, but The Tech Ninjas research team discovered this information anyway.

While an income program less than two months old is generally seen as too young, the fact that they’re trying to hide this is another red flag.

  1. Management

We’ve seen many income programs with no information about their owners, but we don’t trust them. While some of them turn out successful, most others don’t.

TTmall has no traces of any owners or CEOs listed on the platform, making this another red flag for the platform.

  1. Physical address

On its website, we couldn’t find any physical address listed for the platform. This is generally a red flag, considering the fact that no CEOs or founders were listed on the platform.

This is just like clearing every link to the founders and managers of this platform to prevent apprehension if anything goes wrong.

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Conclusion | Is TTmall a scam?

Looking at the above information about TTmall, it is difficult to determine if this platform is actually legitimate or just a pyramid scheme.

The Tech Ninjas would rate this income program as “unsafe to join”, but you have the ultimate say. If you find the concept legitimate, there’s no harm in trying.

Just remember, “always invest what you can afford to lose.”

What’s your take about TTmall?

Let us know in the comments.

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