Racksterli Review; Is Racksterli Legit, Scam or a Rebranded Ponzi

racksterli homepage

Before I kick off this Racksterli review, I must say that the founder of this income program erred in naming the platform. We all know Racksterly, how highly hyped they were then, and how they ended.

Why on earth will someone name an income program after a failed Ponzi scheme?

Well, that shouldn’t be the basis of this review. The goal is to deliver an objective Racksterli review using specific facts and figures to help you decide if the program is legit, or a scam.

Without wasting much time, let’s get into this review.


What is Racksterli, exactly?

racksterli homepage

Racksterli is an advertising platform that pays members for promoting products on its platform. They feature products from different companies paying them for promotions, and they pay their members to promote the products on their social media platforms.

In short, advertisers pay Racksterli, and Racksterli pays you.

However, Racksterli isn’t just a site where you can complete tasks to earn money. It is also an investment program, in the sense that has to invest a certain amount of money before getting access to the earning features on the platform.

Read on to learn about the investment options available on Racksterli, as well as the tasks you’ll be required to complete to earn on this viral platform.

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How Racksterli works

The whole concept of Racksterli is not complicated. It offers nine subscriptions (or investment packages) for members. The returns you get on a daily basis depends on what investment package you signed up for.

In this section of this Racksterli review, I’ll analyze both packages, giving you details about their respective subscription costs, and the return on investment.

Racksterli Packages

racksterli packages

  1. Standard Package

The Standard Racksterli package is the minimum package for Racksterlians. The signup cost is a whopping $36, which amounts to N14,000 in our local currency.

Once you’re signed into the Standard package, you can earn as much as $1.9 on a daily basis, which is about N722. This commission is accumulated every day for 30 days, after which you can withdraw your profits.

Your subscription runs for thirty days; after which you’ll be required to renew your subscription. If you can also invite your friends and family to sign up, you can earn up to $3 on every referral as a bonus.

  1. Premium package

The Premium Package is Racksterli’s ultimate package and has a signup cost of N28,000 ($76). Upon signing up for this package, you qualify for a $3.9 daily bonus, which exchanges for N1,482.

This package also runs for 30 days; after which you can withdraw your earnings. You can optionally invite new members, with up to $8 commission per referral.

  1. Platinum Package

The platinum package costs N56,000 but pays $7.8 per day and a 10.83 referral bonus. This plan also runs for 30 days; after which you’ll be required to renew the plan.

  1. Gold package

Registration cost: N112,000

Potential daily earnings: $15.6

Referral bonus: $11.85

  1. Diamond package

Registration cost: N280,000

Potential daily earnings: $39

Referral bonus: $13.16

  1. Ruby package

Registration cost: N560,000

Potential daily earnings: $74.42

Referral bonus: $15.7

  1. Emerald package

Registration cost: 1.12 million naira

Potential daily earnings: $148.25

Referral bonus: $18.4

  1. Pearl package

Registration cost: 2.8 million naira

Potential daily earnings: $366.45

Referral bonus: $22.3

  1. Jasper package

Registration cost: 5 million naira

Potential daily earnings: $647.36

Referral bonus: $27.5


Note that referrals are optional, and you can earn and withdraw from Racksterli without inviting anyone, as claimed on the platform. However, the attractive commission per referral makes it an imperative option.

On the other ad, sharing the daily ads to your Facebook feed is mandatory. Your potential daily earnings are potential because they won’t be paid if you don’t share the ads.

Tip: You can get a free one-month subscription from Racksterli when you invite 50 new members to the platform. This doesn’t affect your usual referral earnings, just an extra bonus.

Cool right?

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How to Register for Racksterli

join racksterli

You think Racksterli is a lifesaving opportunity, and now you want to learn how to join Racksterli?

Look no further, every step you need to take to sign up for the income program are listed below.

  1. Open the official Racksterli website (at racksterli.com)
  2. In the header menu, click on “COUPON VENDORS.” You’ll find a list of accredited vendors. Contact any of them and buy a coupon corresponding to the Racksterli package you’re interested in signing up for.
  3. Go back to the Racksterli website after purchasing a coupon, and select “REGISTER” from the menu.
  4. Complete the registration form as required, and complete your registration.
  5. Confirm your email and log in with your chosen credentials to start earning on Racksterli!

How to refer someone on Racksterli

Once you sign up for Racksterli, you will be assigned a unique invite link.

To register a referral, it is recommended that you send the invite link to your invitee, as opposed to signing up for them. This is to avoid unnecessary requests for personal information, as well as password privacy.

Is Racksterli Legit or Scam | Racksterli review

If you read the review to this point, then you deserve to know if Racksterli is legit, or just a pyramid scheme doomed to fail.

As much as I’ll want you to make your decision, I’ll still want you to know my reservations about this platform.

I’ve criticized their naming choice earlier on, but there’s a lot more to criticize. Below are some facts, coupled with opinionated statements that might help you decide if Racksterli is a scam.

  1. Compensation Plan

Typically, age is the first element of review whenever I’m trying to authenticate an income program, but the unbelievable offer of Racksterli made me do a double-take.

Let’s take the Jasper Package as an instance. You sign up with five million naira, and you get N7,769,320 as profits at the end of the month!

Doing what?

Almighty Apple, which is the most valuable company in existence can’t pay that much to advertise to a random untargeted audience. How does Racksterli find enough money to cover this?

We demand an explanation.

  1. Age

Racksterli is seven months and six days old as at the time of writing this review, old enough to be called a legitimate program. The elongated existence of Racksterli is positioning it as an authority.

  1. Founder

You might ask: “who is the CEO of Racksterli?”

The simple answer: “we don’t know. Even the founder is unknown at the moment.”

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Conclusion | Is Racksterli a Scam?

From the above analysis, I believe you have enough information at your disposal to decide if Racksterli is legit or a scam.

If you ask for my opinion, I’ll look for alternatives, but Racksterli has been trustable all along. Maybe the name similarity with a previous Ponzi scheme, as well as its unbelievable ROI is the reason why it sounds Ponzi to me.

The decision is yours to make. Remember, however, that you should never invest more than you can afford to lose.

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