Starclicks Review; Is StarClicks Legit or a Scam?

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Insme has crashed, Uwork too; but is that the end of online earning?

I guess not.

We’ll keep finding new opportunities to make some bucks off the internet.

And as you can trust, The Tech Ninjas is always here to give you objective reviews of each platform you’re joining.

Today, you’ll learn about StarClicks. In this Starclicks review, I’ll analyze Starclicks, from the domain information to the promised offering. After the analysis, you’ll have enough information and facts at your disposal, which will help you decide if the platform is legit, or a scam.


What is Starclicks?

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Starclicks is introduced as an online advertising network that connects advertisers with a group of internet users whose goal is making money online.

This model isn’t new, or unique to Starclicks. We’ve seen something similar with Mybonus too!

Advertisers pay a specified amount to Star-clicks to get their product or service noticed by the public. Star clicks in turn, pay its members to share the adverts on their social media feeds.

For this, Starclicks has two different sections, for its two purposes; Advertiser and Publisher. The Advertiser account lets you advertise your products or services, while the Publisher account lets you share those ads for cash.

In the subsequent sections in this review, I will show you exactly how to earn on this platform, as well as how to publish an ad to get as low as $0.01 per click!

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How to earn on Star-clicks

Are you here to learn how to make money on Star-clicks?

If yes, you need to pay extra attention to this section.

Starclicks claims that making money on their platform is a piece of cake, but is it really a piece of cake?

In my terms, making money on Star-clicks is no piece of cake. They pay $0.01 per click for the base plan, and you’ll need to click at least a hundred times to make $1.

That doesn’t sound delicious to me.

However, I expect an opportunity to be able to earn more per click, as there are three membership plans on the website; Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

New registrants are Silver members by default, and they earn $0.01 per click. We do not have accurate information about the other membership plans as I didn’t personally sign up for the platform prior to this review.

This review will be updated in the future when more information is available. In the meantime, you can check out NUBAPoly’s PostUTME Closing Date.

Advertising on Starclicks

If you’ve been reading this review from the very start, you should notice that Starclicks is available for both advertisers and publishers.

You can post your adverts on Star clicks and get traffic for as low as $0.01 per view.

While this is ridiculously low, it isn’t a traffic generation strategy that I would recommend.

Most of the users clicking through from Star-clicks are doing so just to earn revenue, and not because they’re interested in your offering.

For one, expect a super-95% bounce when you’re getting your traffic from Star-clicks. Also, Starclicks traffic is basically useless, and the best you can get from it is inflated Google Analytics figures!

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How to register for Starclicks

starclicks signup

If Starclick’s $0.01 offer sounds enticing to you, you can easily join as a publisher to earn some side income.

Once you’re on the Starclicks website (, click on the Sign-Up button at the menu bar to begin your registration.

You’ll be directed to a page where you’ll be required to select an account type. Select “Publisher” if you’ll like to make money online, and select “Advertiser if you want to, of course, advertise on the platform.

Either way, you’ll have to fill out an enormous amount of information about yourself to get signed up!

Is Starclicks Legit or a Scam?

Here is a spoiler alert: “This platform has been around for 12 years!

That’s more than a decade and almost as old as some of us.

If Starclicks can continue waxing stronger even after 12 years, who has the guts to call them a scam?

Here is some other information about Starclicks.

  1. Registered entity

Star-clicks is managed by Easy Logic UK Limited, which we verified to be a legitimately registered company in the United Kingdom.

This is a green flag for the platform.

  1. Contact Address and Phone

Would you like to meet the people behind Star-clicks?

They have a physical address and a phone number listed on their website. Visit any page on and scroll all the way down to view their contact address, email, and phone number.

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Conclusion | Is Star-clicks a scam?

From the above review, it is clear that Star clicks cannot be pronounced a scam at the moment, for obvious reasons.

They’re as old as anything old, with no major scam alerts in their history. Also, the base plan is very free!

If a program is to crash today, I don’t expect it to be Star-clicks.

Invest responsibly, and drop a comment below.

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