Fieldsmine Investment Review; Is Fieldsmine Legit or a Scam?

fieldsmine homepage

The online investment space is crowded already, but they’ve almost all been disappointments thus far. The market is still very open to new players, and surely enough, there is a new player out there in the online income programs market.

Just like the regular culture, here is a review of In this Fieldsmine review, I will analyze the offering of this income program and verify or debunk their claims.

Also, you’ll learn all there is to know about this platform, how you can sign up, and if it can live to be the best investment company, as its website vaguely claims.


What is Fieldsmine?

fieldsmine homepage

Fieldsmine is an investment platform that claims to help you monetize your social media channels. If you’re interested in their offer, your social media channels will become passive income generators, or so they say.

Fieldsmine supposedly gets adverts from companies and interested individuals willing to pay to reach more people. Fieldsmine members will share these ads on their social media handles to create publicity for the advertisers as a distribution channel.

If you’ve had some experience with income programs, this wouldn’t be new to you. We’ve come across many online income programs with similar business models, and they crashed.

Is Fields mine different from the others, or they’re all birds of the same feather?

In the subsequent sections of this Fields mine review, you’ll get enough information at your disposal to determine if this income program is the right one for you. Review; Is Minex World Legit or Scam

How Fieldsmine work

As hinted in the preceding section, Fieldsmine appears to be a social advertising site. They depend on funding from sponsors to pay members. In return, members agree to publish the sponsors’ ads on their social media handles.

But this doesn’t seem to be the only way Fieldsmine generates money. According to the ‘About Us’ page on their website, Fieldsmine is also into other revenue generation stuff.

They do other things to generate money, including real estate, investment research, forex trading, and media activities.

Their aim for doing all these is to help the less-privileged breakthrough financially. Fieldsmine claims to be the fastest and most reliable affiliate program that will help you generate money for doing almost nothing.

How to make money on Fieldsmine

If you’ve ever read any of my reviews, you’ll know by now that I’m a lazy guy. Whenever an income program promises profits without work, I jump in.

Fieldsmine went as far as promising to be the fastest and most reliable program to earn for doing almost nothing. I opted in.

Earning on Fieldsmine isn’t much different from earning on other investment platforms. Many packages are available for purchase, and you must buy one to make money on Fieldmine.

After getting an investment package, you must start completing tasks to see your earnings increase. Tasks on Fieldsmine are easy; you just need to be sharing some sponsored posts to your Facebook profile.

Since you need a package to earn on this platform, here are all the Fieldsman packages, from least expensive to the most expensive.

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Fieldsmine Investment Packages

When you’re signing up for Fieldsmine, you have the liberty to choose from seven different packages.

From the outside, these packages all differ by their costs. But from the inside, you get more potential earnings and better referral commissions with more expensive plans.

Let’s see these plans one after the other.

  1. Basic Package

The Basic Package attracts a subscription cost of N15,000 that runs for a month. At the end of the subscription duration (after thirty days), you can withdraw N24,000, as you get N800 daily for sharing ads.

If you need to make more money, you can invite others to join Fieldsmine. For every Basic user you invite, you get a N1,400 referral bonus.

  1. Silver Package

The Silver Package attracts a much higher subscription fee of N30,000 that also runs for thirty days. At the end of your subscription duration, you get to withdraw twice as much as you can with the Basic plan: N48,000.

With the silver package, you can potentially as much as N1,600 per day sharing ads. The referral commission is also better at N2,800.

  1. Titanium Package

The Titanium package understandably doubles everything the Silver Package offers, except for the subscription duration and the referral commission.

You get a subscription for N60,000, and you earn N3,200 every day, bringing your total withdrawal after 30 days to N96,000. The referral commission is also better, as you get N4,000 for inviting a friend.

  1. Royal Package

The subscription fee for the Royal Package is twice as much as that of the Titanium package at N120,000. The daily earning is an understandable N6,400, and a subscription runs for 30 days.

At the end of the subscription duration, you can withdraw a whopping N192,000, and you also qualify for a N6,000 referral commission on this plan.

  1. Marble Package

The Marble Package gives you a whopping N12,800 daily return on investment, but that comes at its price as the subscription costs N240,000.

Just like every other package on this platform, the marble package runs for 30 days, after which you can withdraw N384,000. The referral commission for the Marble Package is up to N8,000.

  1. Jade Package

The Jade Package is only second to the Gold Package, and it packs an impressive punch. To get signed onto this package, you’ll need to make an investment of N500,000, which of course, expires in thirty days.

Throughout the subscription, you earn about N26,667 for every waking day, bringing your total withdrawal amount to N800,000. The referral commission is also more impressive as you get N10,000 for inviting someone to the Jade Package.

  1. Gold Package

As long as Fieldsmine is concerned, nothing gets better than gold. While its N1,000,000 subscription fee sounds massive, you’ll get an impressive compensation of N1,600,000 after thirty days.

The daily earnings for the Gold Package are second to none, totaling N53,336. The referral commission is also better at N12,000 for every referral.

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How to register for Fieldsmine

fieldsmine registration

If this Fieldsmine review has been all positive to you, you might want to consider signing up for the platform. If you want my advice, you can skip to the last section before signing up.

Signing up for Fieldsmine is easy if you have previous experience with income programs. Here are the steps required to create a functioning Fieldsmine account.

  1. Open the official website (com).
  2. Click on the orange ‘Join Us’ button to start creating your account.
  3. Select one of the packages listed on the next page. If you don’t know what the Fieldsmine packages are, navigate to the preceding section to see a comprehensive overview of the packages.
  4. On clicking ‘Sign Up Now’ under any of the plans, you will be redirected to the signup page.
  5. Before filling out your details, scroll down to the ‘Coupon Code’ box and click on [Buy Pin Here] above the box.
  6. After procuring a coupon code from any of the agents, you can continue with the registration as usual.

How to withdraw on Fieldsmine Investment

When you invest, you always want to get back your profit, right?

Fortunately, Fieldsmine understands this, and you can always withdraw your earnings after the duration of your investment.

You will have to provide a bank account to cash out your earnings, and you’ll always get paid 24 to 48 hours after your payment is due.

Well, everything you read above is only true if Fieldsmine keeps its promises.

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Is Fieldsmine Legit? | Fieldsmine Review

Firstly, Fieldsmine doesn’t seem like a well-thought-out program to me. They don’t seem to have a stable income generation channel, and they will rely on the registration fees of newer members to pay older ones.

The compensation plan is also not well-thought-out. It looks like whoever prepared the compensation plan enjoys doubling figures.

That is my personal opinion, and it might be subjective. In the next few paragraphs, I’ll be objectively discussing some of the features of this income program to help you make an informed decision.

  1. Age

Fieldsmine is a bit too young. It launched late last month, and it is barely a month old at the time of writing this review.

However, in one of my surveys, you all told me that you don’t care about how old income programs are, so this should not be a problem.

If you want to participate in my future surveys, you can subscribe to my email list or follow me on Twitter @RajiORidwan.

  1. Management

While having a known CEO doesn’t keep income programs from failing, it’s great to ensure you’re putting your money on what has human backing.

While the CEO of this platform is somewhat secretive, we know that his name is Bernard, and he is a former acquaintance of Black Gold. If you can recall, Black Gold is the guy behind the famous Racksterli that crashed recently.

Bernard was part of the Racksterli management before it crashed. If he couldn’t save Racksterli from crashing, why should we trust him with our funds again?

Conclusion | Is Fieldmine a scam?

If you read this review up to this point, you honestly deserve a Diploma in Fieldsmine!

As I can’t give you that, I’ll give you some ‘not financial’ advice regarding Fieldmine.

It’s your money, and you can choose whatever you want to do with it. If I were you, however, Fieldsmine will be nowhere near the top of my list.

If you think Fieldsmine is an interesting opportunity, why not?

My two cents: only invest what you can afford to lose.

Drop a comment and share.

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