Ennyinvest Review; Is Ennyinvest Legit or a Scam?

ennyinvest homepage

The income programs market has seen a decline due to the abundance of bad actors. The crash of the most popular income programs of the past has been a huge factor contributing to user’s pessimism.

In the midst of all this, new players are making entry into the market. Are these new players ready to clear the misconception that all income programs are wicked scams?

I guess only time will tell.

Today, I’ll be taking you on a review of one of the new players on the market: Ennyinvest. As usual, I’ll analyze Ennyinvest’s offering and organizational structure. Also, I’ll give you an insight into if this platform is legitimate or a scam.

Pay attention as I take you on this exclusive and objective Ennyinvest review.

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    What is Ennyinvest?

    ennyinvest homepage

    According to the homepage title, Ennyinvest is the latest and best income program you need. It takes a lot of balls to make that claim unless you’re running an income program.

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    We’ve seen many income programs make the same wild claim, only to crash after surviving for a few months; some, a few weeks.

    To quantitatively answer the question that the title poses, Ennyinvest is an income program that pays you 50% of your investment in just one month.

    To put this into perspective, if you invest N10,000 at the beginning of the month, you get N15,000 when the month comes to an end; is God not wonderful?

    In addition to that, you also get 10% of the registration fees of anyone you invite to join the platform. Isn’t what you can refer to as the perfect income program?

    I’m afraid not.

    Throughout the rest of this Ennyinvest review, I’ll show you why I have little faith in the offering of this income program, as well as why I can’t recommend that you give up your hard-earned money to Enny Invest.

    How Ennyinvest works

    Ennyinvest works just like your average Ponzi scheme, I mean, income program.

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    They have you register for the program by buying one of the packages. If all they say is true, Ennyinvest will invest your money in real estate, cryptocurrency trading, car dealership, treasure bills, gadgetry, forex, and entertainment.

    Using the proceeds from these investments, they will pay you your capital, as well as a 50% return on investment in one month.

    If we live in a perfect world, everything will work as they claimed, but this world is far from perfect. If Ennyinvest crashed tomorrow, I won’t be surprised a bit.

    Before I go into the details of why I don’t trust Ennyinvest, let’s look at how you can make money from this income program.

    How to earn from Ennyinvest

    I’ve summarized the compensation plan for this income program above. Earn 50% on whatever you invest, and get your money after 30 days. If you have any friends or family to invite to the platform, that will land you a 10% referral bonus.

    While that’s a lot of information to start with, it certainly isn’t everything you need to get started with Ennyinvest.

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    One main question that everyone should have right now is: how do I invest in Ennyinvest.

    Well, you buy packages. There are many packages on Ennyinvest that are differentiated by their costs. Below, I’ll show you all the packages and how you can sign up for the platform.

    Ennyinvest packages

    ennyinvest packages

    To be part of Ennyinvest, you must purchase a package first. Ennyinvest has a package for every investor, regardless of your budget.

    In this section, we’ll outline all the packages, their ROI, their durations, and how much you should expect to earn by investing in these platforms.

    Before we continue, there is something you should note. Ennyinvest separates its packages into two parts; Simple and Compound. Below are the statistics for the simple packages only.

    • Basic

    Subscription fee: N10,000

    Earnings: N15,000

    Duration: 30 days

    Referral commission: N1,000

    • Bronze

    Subscription fee: N20,000

    Earnings: NN30,000

    Duration: 30 days

    Referral commission: N2,000

    • Silver

    Subscription fee: N50,000

    Earnings: N75,000

    Duration: 30 days

    Referral commission: N5,000

    • Diamond

    Subscription fee: N100,000

    Earnings: N150,000

    Duration: 30 days

    Referral commission: N10,000

    • Platinum

    Subscription fee: N200,000

    Earnings: N300,000

    Duration: 30 days

    Referral commission: N20,000

    • Pearl

    Subscription fee: N500,000

    Earnings: N750,000

    Duration: 30 days

    Referral commission: N50,000

    • Titanium

    Subscription fee: N1,000,000

    Earnings: N1,500,000

    Duration: 30 days

    Referral commission: N100,000

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    And that’s all for the simple packages. Ennyinvest didn’t specify how it will calculate the return on investment for the compound packages, and I don’t want to feed you guessed statistics.

    However, compound packages only generate profits after four months. If you’ll take my guess, I think compound packages will work just like compound interests, with compounding ROI for every passing month.

    To put that into perspective, investing N50,000 will get you N253.125. That sounds massive, I know, but that’s what compounding revenue means.

    Also, if you think that’s too good to be true, then the whole Ennyinvest offering is too good to be true. This is because I can generate that much money from N50,000 using Ennyinvest (if they work as advertised), and you can too.

    How to register for Ennyinvest

    ennyinvest registration

    An Enny Invest review will be incomplete without a walkthrough of how to sign up, right?

    Here is how to sign up for this income program to start earning the insane ROI.

    1. Open the Ennyinvest website (ennyinvest.com)
    2. In the top menu, find and click on the COUPON VENDORS option. You’ll get to a page with a list of names; click on any of them to buy a coupon. Make sure you purchase a coupon that corresponds with the package you’ll like to invest in.
    3. Go back to the homepage and click on “Join our team” next to “Are you ready to improve your financial status?”
    4. Fill in all the required details (all details are required by the way). You will have to enter your name, email, phone number, coupon code, bank account name, and number.

    You will also need to choose a unique username and a strong password to protect your account. Once you’ve entered these details, click on Proceed to continue.

    • You may have to verify your email and phone number.
    • You’re done. You’re now one of the numerous members of Ennyinvest!

    How to withdraw from Ennyinvest

    After signing up for Ennyinvest, you will have to fund your account to invest. After investing, however, you’ll need to wait for one month, as clearly stated on the website, before you can place a withdrawal.

    When you request a withdrawal, you might be required to enter your bank account details.

    Is Ennyinvest a scam? | Ennyinvest review

    It is time for our legendary legit or scam test. Here is where I expose everything I think of the income program.

    Before I proceed on my usual rants, let’s analyze some of the properties of this income program that help us determine if an income program is legitimate or just another scam.

    1. Age

    This is the factor that almost everyone hates, but I tend never to get rid of. Ennyinvest.com is four weeks and two days old, which is young, and the domain name will be up until 2022.

    This is a pretty young age for an income program, but it’s about the exact time when you’ll start seeing either good or bad reviews of the program. People who jumped on the train immediately after launch should be expecting their pay in a couple of days.

    • Management

    People often ask: who is the CEO of Ennyinvest?

    While we don’t know who the CEO is at this moment, they do have a phone number as well as an Instagram account on the website.

    If you have any complaints or questions, you know where to look.

    • Insane ROI

    50% in 30 days?

    If you’re working with small amounts like N10,000, it mightn’t seem like lots of money. However, when you start stepping into the tune of hundreds of thousands, you’ll understand that it’s too big a stretch.

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    How do they plan to get back your money?

    Just like every other income program. We’ll invest it in cryptocurrency, forex, real estate, bla bla. I won’t go into an extensive analysis here, but it just doesn’t work to generate that much money continuously.

    Or maybe I’m the noob.

    Conclusion | Is Ennyinvest legit?

    ennyinvest legit?

    It depends on how you see this. If you think Ennyinvest has a modest offering that can work for you, then you go for it.

    However, if you are a skeptic like me, you might want to hold on a bit. If you are a skeptic having the fear of missing out, you can try out the N10,000 plan. That isn’t too expensive, right?

    If you’ll take my advice, I’ll advise you to invest, but in moderation. Invest what you can afford to lose, and keep your fingers crossed. The first set of investors almost always earn.

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