Linforly Investment Review; Is Linforly Legit or a Scam?

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There’s enough money on the internet to go round, but that’s if you know where to look. This year, it seems income program creators are not resting on their oars.

While we’ve seen some disappointments, there’s no shortage of new opportunities either. Today, we’re looking at another fast-rising income program in Nigeria; Linforly investments.

If you’re still active on the income programs train, you’ll want to take a look at Linforly’s offering.

Before you pull out your wallet, this Linforly review will show you everything you need to know about Linforly. From the statistical details like the registration fees to the analytical details, this is the only Linforly Investment review you’ll ever need.

Let’s jump right into it.

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    What is Linforly?

    linforly homepage

    We scoured through the Linforly website to get you some information about this platform. The first turnoff for me was the pathetic website design of this company.

    Well, we’ll pass over that. We’ve seen companies with far superior designs perform woefully, crashing inside weeks.

    Linforly is an investment website, similar to all investment websites you know. They promise to pay you for investing and doing absolutely nothing.

    Yes, if you’re lazy like me, you should like what Linforly has got to offer.

    If the information on their official website is correct, Linforly will be a financial company that focuses on cryptocurrency trading by professional traders.

    Isn’t that the promise of every other income program?

    Linforly wants to provide you with a source of income that’s reliable, stress-free, and risk-free. They want to increase your profits by investing your money profitably, but the question is: can they do that?

    That’s what this Linforly investment review is here to tackle. Over the rest of this review, I’ll be showing you how to get started with Linforly. You’ll also learn how possible or impossible it is for them to deliver on their promise.

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    How Linforly works

    how linforly works

    Linforly isn’t one of the most complex business models out there. You don’t even need to do anything on your end.

    If you’ll like to bank on Linforly, all you have to do is ‘invest.’  Once you invest, the super-smart professional traders of Linforly will do their magic tricks with their money, and you’ll earn profits.

    Depending on what you invest, you might get anything from 1.7% daily ROI to as much as 60% monthly ROI. The compensation plan is actually a bit messed up.

    While I’ll be outlining the basic compensation plan in the next section, you better read it with a free mind. It’s so complicated that even I had some difficulty comprehending it.

    For this section, the answer is quite simple; invest, sit back, earn, withdraw. There’s nothing else you need to do.

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    Linforly packages | How to earn on Linforly

    linforly packages

    Would you like to take a look at those messed-up Linforly packages?

    Well, I’ve got you covered right here.

    Linforly has nine different packages, all differing by their duration. Here’s a comprehensive look at all of the packages, their durations, and the promised compensation plans.

    • Bi-weekly package

    Naming the packages based on their duration is much of a convenience. Needless to say that the bi-weekly package only runs for 14 days.

    On the bi-weekly plan, you can invest anywhere from $1.31 to $52.49. This investment gets you a 1.7% daily return on investment, which sums up to 25.5% throughout the package.

    Perspectively, a $10 investment gets you about $12.55 in two weeks, not bad by my standards.

    • Monthly package

    You can invest from $1.31 to $242.45, and you get your profit in one month. You get a 2% daily ROI that sums up to 60% in 30 days.

    Practically, a $10 investment gets you $16 in 30 days; judge that yourself.

    • 3 months package

    As you might have guessed, this package runs for three months. Each month, you get an 85% ROI, bringing your total return on investment to 225%.

    You can invest as little as $1.31 and as much as $2624.47. Also, for reference, a $10 investment on this package gets you $32.5. Add two zeroes to those figures, and you’ll see why it’s pretty impressive.

    • 6 months package

    While the return on investment is a whopping 300%, it is only calculated every three months. This brings the total return on investment for this package to 600%.

    Also, you can invest from $1.31 to $3936.70. To see how interesting this game is, a $10 investment will get you $70 in just six months; still not bad.

    • Annual package

    This plan gets you a 1000% return on investment every six months. This amounts to a 2000% return on investment throughout the package (1 year).

    You can also invest anything from $1.31 to $3936.70 on the annual package.

    $10 will get you $200 in one year!

    • Lifetime yearly package

    The lifetime yearly package promises a smaller profit margin compared to the annual package. However, you don’t need to keep investing every year.

    Imagine paying a fixed amount of money and getting 5x that amount every year as returns. That’s exactly what the Linforly lifetime yearly package is.

    The minimum investment is $131.22, and you can invest up to $13122.33.

    • Fixed yearly package

    This profit isn’t calculated by those confusing percentages that will have you pulling out your calculator each time. The fixed yearly package will have you pay a specific amount, and you’ll keep getting a specific amount for the rest of your life.

    The fixed yearly package costs $262.45, and you’ll keep getting a return of $2624.47 every passing year.

    • Fixed three months

    This package is where things start to get confusing. From what I could gather, the total return on investment for this plan is 325%. However, it is said to run every three months for 13 months.

    13 is not divisible by 3 to start with, and do we get 325% every three months or every 13?

    Those are some questions that we don’t have answers to.

    • 6 months (monthly payment)

    This is less confusing than the ‘Fixed three months’ plan. This plan will run every month for six months, and you should get paid every month (as per the name).

    You get a 60% ROI every month, and you don’t even have to refund your account for the next month.

    You can invest anywhere from $15.18 to $7591.27.

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    And that’s it about all the plans available on Linforly. While we have some doubts about these plans, we’ll let it rest for the section that we created to address all the doubts of the platform.

    For now, let’s see how to sign up, deposit, and withdraw from the platform.

    How to register for Linforly

    linforly registration

    If you’re here to learn how you can also be part of this income program, we got you covered. This section will explain how you can register for Linforly and everything you need to sign up.

    Here are the steps in detail.

    1. Open the Linforly website ( and click on the egghead human icon at the top right corner of the page (desktop).

    While that will take you to the login page, you’ll find a Sign-Up button underneath the login fields. That seems to be the easiest way to get to the sign-up form.

    • Fill out the required details. You don’t need to purchase a coupon code to sign up, and this made me love the Linforly sign-up process.
    • That’s all; you’ve successfully registered for Linforly.

    While your registration is complete at this point, you have to make a deposit to invest in any plans. You can deposit to your account by using the deposit button atop your Linforly dashboard.

    How to withdraw from Linforly

    You can withdraw your funds from Linforly at any time if what they say on their website is factual. If your money is not in use, you can request a withdrawal and get your money back in no time.

    Your available balance will always be on your dashboard.

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    Is Linforly Legit or scam? | Linforly review

    This Linforly review is going to be one of the most in-depth reviews I’ve ever written on this blog, and it mightn’t be all that positive.

    Before I move on to the more analytical part of the review, let’s look at the usual stats.

    1. Age

    Linforly is young, but not too young. The domain name is six weeks old, so I’ll leave it to you to determine if it’s too young or old enough for your money.

    • Management

    No one knows who the owner of Linforly is right now, and frankly, no one cares. As long as they can keep paying, what do I want to do with the owner?

    Just kidding; we’ve not been able to verify Linforly’s ownership from our investigations. That doesn’t inspire confidence, but we’ll update this review if the situation changes later.

    My doubts on Linforly

    why choose linforly

    If you’re a frequent reader of this blog, you’ll notice that I hardly ever publish my doubts about a specific platform. I always keep my reviews analytical and statistical.

    I’ll beg to deviate today. Linforly has published some disturbing claims on their website, and I’m in the position to debunk them. Let’s take it on.

    1. Anonymity

    Linforly lists this as one of the reasons to choose them. They claim anonymity and the use of cryptocurrency as a payment instrument.

    While this is aimed at improving public trust, it’s a bad try. Anonymity for a financial company doesn’t inspire confidence. Not many people can handle giving out their money to someone that they don’t know.

    • SSL Secured

    Linforly listed this as one of the reasons why you should choose them, like seriously?

    I hate it when income programs torment their prospects with terms that they cannot understand, only to confuse them into bringing out their wallets.

    Almost every other website is SSL secured, including this. It doesn’t mean like they’re under World Bank scrutiny or something; they can still scam you!

    • Availability of multiple plans for one user

    I’m not judging their decisions, but this sparks my curiosity. Why exactly is it possible for a single user to subscribe to more than one plan?

    If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then something is wrong somewhere; and it’s not us, mate, it’s them! Review; Is Legit or Scam?

    Conclusion | Is Linforly a scam?

    Here’s a fact: I’m an income programs reviewer, and I’ve been in this industry for quite a while now. I’ve seen more dubious-sounding income programs that stood the test of time.

    If your instincts are guiding you towards this income program, don’t miss out on the opportunity. This program is still young and promising.

    If your instincts are guiding you otherwise, then you can take a look at some of my other reviews to see which one works best for you.

    As I round up this Linforly review, I’ll like to say: PEACE OUT…

    Please share.

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