Oyeeplan Review; Is Oyeeplan Legit or a Scam?

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Ever since Abdulrasheed Bawa became the EFCC chairman, the anti-graft agency has gone rogue. While I previously thought most income program facilitators will not be apprehended, the arrest of the Inksnation founder came as a shock to me.

You might wonder, what’s the relevance of EFCC to this review?

While income program creators had field days in the past, scamming people of their money and even releasing videos to mock them, that will stay in the past.

The current state of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is certainly not joking around, and they’ll stop at nothing to bring scammers to justice.

This knowledge instilled fear in some Ponzi scheme facilitators, leading to the shortage of new Ponzi schemes over the past few months.

In the midst of all these, a new income program dared to come up. Here is my comprehensive Oyeeplan review, where you’ll get everything I think about Oyeeplan and more.


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What is Oyeeplan?

oyeeplan logo

If I hadn’t done any prior research, I’ll define Oyeeplan as the worst-named income program of all time. However, I’ve done my homework, and I shouldn’t be playing around.

Oyeeplan markets itself as an e-commerce platform. Users have to register, order products daily to get paid when they get to a certain threshold.

To someone who hasn’t participated in an income program similar to this, the idea doesn’t sound good. To someone who has, the idea doesn’t sound good as well.

Oyeeplan won’t be the first income program to incorporate this strategy. Mybonus2u and TTmall all used this strategy if I can remember correctly.

If you’ll judge Oyeeplan based on the performance of its predecessors, it’s nothing to write home about. However, that won’t be fair.

In this Oyee review, we’ll analyze the specific details of Oyeeplan. Also, you’ll get to decide if it’s worth investing in; or if it’s just a total waste of time.


How does Oyeeplan work?

oyeeplan dashboard

If you’re into online income programs (you probably are), you should have an idea of what the inner workings of Oyeeplan look like.

Oyeeplan is a multi-tiered system where you can advance through tiers (often referred to as packages). Normally, the higher the package you’re signed in to, the more your potential earnings.

Just like most other online income programs, Oyeeplan also pays you to invite other members to the platform. This is popularly known as ‘referral bonus,’ and it’s often better than the usual pay.

In summary, you purchase a plan to get access to Oyeeplan, complete orders or refer people to make money, and withdraw everything you have managed to make.

If we lived in a perfect world, everything will be as simple as I just described it. However, that’s nowhere near the case (if past income programs are anything to go by).

Before going into extensive details, let’s look at the specific packages of Oyeeplan and how much they cost.

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Oyeeplan packages (membership level/tiers)

As I’ve hinted in the above sections, Oyeeplan has multiple packages. These packages dictate how much you can make from Oyeeplan, with each capping your maximum earnings.

Even when you are on a package, you don’t just sit back and expect your earnings to increase. You must make daily orders to increase your earnings before you can withdraw the proceedings.

Here are the membership packages for Oyeeplan and some essential information about them.

  1. VIP 1

As online income program investors, we’re already used to seeing income programs name their plans with a ‘VIP’ prefix.

The first VIP level on Oyeeplan is VIP 1, which is expectedly very basic. It costs N500 to register for this VIP level, and you get a 6% commission for everything you order.

While the signup fee for this VIP level is pegged at N500, you don’t need to deposit anything as a new user. New users get a N500 signup bonus, which pays for this VIP level automatically.

This makes it essentially free for new users. It’s also worth noting that you can only order office supplies at this VIP level.

  1. VIP 2

When you get tired of office supplies, you can upgrade to VIP level 2. This requires a N5,000 signup fee, which is 10x the amount you need to subscribe to VIP 1.

You can deposit N5000 to your Oyeeplan balance to upgrade to this plan. Otherwise, you can keep ordering items and referring users until you get to this balance before upgrading.

VIP 2 increases your potential daily earnings by more than 1000%, which is expected, given the subscription price bump.

The daily earnings potential is N320, and you earn a 6.2% commission for orders. In addition to office supplies, you’ll also be able to order clothing items at this VIP level.

  1. VIP 3

VIP 3 is the second-best Oyeeplan package. It offers you potential daily earnings of about N2200, but not without its subscription price bump.

You need to have a minimum of N30,000 in your balance to sign up for the VIP 3 plan. You can either perform tasks until you get to this amount. Also, you can recharge your account with the amount at once.

The daily earnings potential for this plan is N2,200, which is about a commission rate of 6.8% on orders. In this plan, you can order baby products.

  1. VIP 4

This is the most expensive package in the program, and expectedly, it also pays the most. To get signed onto the Electronic VIP plan, you need to have N100,000 in your balance.

When you upgrade to VIP 4, you can earn around N7,200 per daily. The commission rate on the products you order is 7%, and this VIP level lets you order electronics.


Oyeeplan Referral Program

Unlike most other similar income programs, Oyeeplan has a well-defined referral program. While we don’t have specific figures on how much you’ll earn from your downlines, we know a lot.

Here are the levels in the Oyeeplan referral program and how they work.

  1. First level referrals

The first level referrals, also known as first-generation referrals, are the Oyeeplan members you invite directly.

For a member to qualify as your referral, they must register with your invite link. You earn direct commissions on the daily earnings of your first-generation referrals.

  1. Second level referrals

This is the second generation of referrals on Oyeeplan. The second level referrals are the Oyeeplan members that register through the invite links of your direct referrals.

Your second-generation referrals are the direct referrals of your direct referral that invited them. You earn a commission on their earnings, but certainly not as much as] their direct sponsors.

  1. Third level referrals

This is where it starts to get exciting. You don’t only earn commissions from your first and second-generation referrals, but you can earn commissions on your third-generation referrals too!

As you might have guessed, your third-generation referrals are the Oyee members that signed up using the invite links of your second-generation referrals.

This is the last referral generation on which you will be earning a commission. Impressive, if you ask me.


How to register for Oyeeplan

oyeeplan registration

Do you think Oyeeplan is the perfect income program for 2021?

Oh well, I can guide you through the signup process. In this section, you’ll learn how to register for Oyeeplan and everything you need to complete the registration.

  1. Open the official Oyeeplan.com website (app.oyeeplan.com) and click on Register. You will need to enter an invite code to register. You can use this “ALQRBB85.”
  2. Once you are on the signup page, you’ll need to verify your phone number first. Enter your active phone and click on “Get Verification Code.” Oyeeplan will send a verification code to your phone in seconds. Enter it to continue.
  1. Enter other details as required. Every field is required, and my test registration failed without an invite code. You can use “ALQRBB85” as your invite code if you don’t already have one.
  2. Once you fill in all the required details, accept the terms and conditions and click on “Sign Up.”

You will be redirected to your dashboard immediately, where you can start completing tasks to increase your earnings.


How to download the Oyeeplan app

oyeeplan app

There is a mobile app for Oyeeplan that works if you have an Android phone or tablet. While this app is unavailable on Google Play Store at the moment, you can get it from the Oyee website to manage your account on the go.

To download the Oyeeplan mobile app, you’ll need to log in to your account. At the bottom right corner of the page, find and click on ‘App Download.’ This action should download an APK file to your device.

You can install the app directly if you downloaded it on your Android phone. Otherwise, you’ll need to send it from your PC to your phone before installation.


How to withdraw on Oyeeplan

withdraw from oyeeplan

When you sign up for Oyeeplan, your dashboard will display your balance in a bright orange color to make it stand out.

Your balance isn’t the only thing that stands out. The withdrawal button has an orange background, which is impossible to ignore.

To withdraw funds from your Oyeeplan account, “Withdraw” is the right button to click. You’ll be prompted to set a transaction password different from your login password.

When you set a transaction password, you can proceed to withdraw your earnings.

Note that you must have at least N2,000 in your account to make a withdrawal, or the withdrawal will fail.


Is Oyeeplan Legit or a Scam? | Oyee Review

When someone suggested this income program for review, I laughed over it. The name doesn’t sound too cool for an income program, and I couldn’t imagine myself writing a review of this program.

Here I am now, writing line after line of what has become the new sensation amongst Nigerian income programs.

However, is this income program even legit, or is it just the new Racksterli looking to rob people of their hard-earned money.

In this section, we’ll look at some of the features of this income program to see if it shares more features with failed or successful programs.

  1. Age

Oyeeplan.com is most likely new, as they only started gaining popularity recently. However, we couldn’t determine the exact age of this income program, or when the domain will expire.

We can’t comment much on this. One thing I know, however, is that it is not a green flag.

  1. Management

Just like almost every other income program that I’ve personally reviewed on here, the Oyeeplan management team isn’t very open to the public.

Apart from unconfirmed individuals that are not officially tied to the income program, there are no traces of any CEO around.

So, for now, Oyeeplan is management-less.

  1. Pure Ponzi?

One thing I fail to understand is how these income programs make their money. Do they claim to pay you for ordering products that don’t exist?

This is exactly what I have a problem with. According to my little research and experience from online income programs, all similar income programs are pure Ponzi schemes.

Since they don’t have a dedicated income generation strategy, your money is what they use to pay older members, and you get to earn from the payments of new members.

You know what the issues with that strategy are, don’t you?

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Conclusion | Oyeeplan review

In the concluding part of my reviews, I like throwing in some personal suggestions, and this one won’t be an exception.

Firstly, let me start by saying that Oyeeplan is still paying at the moment. However, the obvious problems with their revenue generation strategy make them less than sustainable.

If you want an income program that is likely to last long, I don’t recommend Oyee.

However, this is not financial advice, and I’m not an expert. Let your instincts judge for you.

However, if your instincts were me, they will tell you to keep looking for another income program with a more sustainable revenue generation strategy.

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