Taskbae Review; Is Taskbae.com Legit or a Scam

I frown at income programs in general. While some income programs stand the test of time, there is one thing that inevitably ends it all, and you all know what it is.

However, there is a specific category of income websites that I don’t hate as much. These income websites make you perform specific tasks and pay you for completing them.

When talking about tasks, I don’t mean sharing posts to Facebook or watching YouTube videos. I’m referring to productive tasks that have a meaningful impact.

If Taskbae’s offering sounds anything like its name, then I’ve found another income program that I can recommend.

In this review, you’ll learn everything you may ever want to know about Taskbae. Also, we shall see if it can make it to my recommended list or if it’s just another site built to fail.


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What is Taskbae?


Taskbae is an earnings site that provides multiple income opportunities for its members. It offers faucets, auto faucets, short links, lotteries, and even coin flips.

There are many earning options on the website, and you can invest for an opportunity to participate in most of them.

When you participate for extended periods, you get level increments that open better features and earning opportunities.

Taskbae has one of the lowest minimum payouts available on any income program. Once you reach up to $0.30 in earnings, you can withdraw your earnings to your bank or crypto wallet.

Taskbae claims to have over 5,000 happy users with more than $260 earned on the platform so far. Up until today, Taskbae claims that only 65 withdrawals have been made on the platform.

This statistic is brutally honest if you ask me. While most income programs try to skew or at least conceal these statistics, Taskbae comes out clean to potential members, telling them what to expect from investing in the platform.

This alone is a green flag for me.

How Taskbae.com Works

how taskbae works

When you start to explore how Taskbae works, things begin to get a bit shady. But it’s part of the goals of this review to teach you how to make money from Taskbae.

Firstly, Task bae claims that you can make money even if ‘you do nothing’ on the platform. That has an asterisk because you’ll still need to complete simple tasks to earn.

Firstly, there is a way to earn by clicking on ads. This strategy isn’t new to experienced online earners. You have a maximum amount of available clicks per day, and you get rewarded for completing them.

If that sounds like a lot of work to you, there are alternatives. You can choose to answer surveys for money, watch some video ads or participate in the Taskbae lotteries.

The last way to make money on Taskbae.com is through referrals. You can invite your friends to the platform to earn a 50% referral bonus.

Honestly, I don’t know what you’re getting half of because registration is free. I even made a free account for this review.

However, I suspect that you earn on your referral’s first lottery deposit. While it’s supposedly possible to make money for free on Taskbae, you need to deposit a buck to participate in the lottery or it won’t be a lottery in the first place.

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How to Register for Taskbae

register for taskbae

Before you can make money from any income program, you must be a member. The same goes for Taskbae, and I’ll show you how to register for Taskbae.com right here.

Unlike most income programs, it’s free to sign up for Taskbae. This quality in and of itself is a vote of confidence for the income program and makes the signup process smoother.

As you may have guessed already, you don’t need to purchase any coupons to register for Taskbae. All you need is your computer (or phone) and an internet connection.

Here are the steps required to register for Task bae.

  1. Launch your web browser and navigate to the Taskbae official website at taskbae.com.
  2. Click on the purple ‘Register’ button to open up the registration page.
  3. Enter all the required registration details, including your email address, username, and password.

You may be required to complete a captcha to prove that you’re not a robot.

  1. Click on Register, and you can start earning from Taskbae right away.

And that’s how to register on Task bae. Note that you cannot create more than one account. If you manage more than one account and you get caught, Taskbae may ban both accounts.

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Is Taskbae Legit or a Scam?

All reviews on this blog have one sole purpose: to determine if the site under a review is a legitimate money-making site that can stand the test of time or a scam.

However, it’s difficult to claim that an income program is a scam, especially when we’re yet to see how things will eventually pan out.

But, using the available statistics, we can compare Taskbae to income programs of the past and decide if it’s built to last or scam.

Here is the legit or scam assessment for Taskbae.

  1. Age

Many people don’t seem to care much about the age of an income program, and I get it. However, age is important.

If the information on the Taskbae website is accurate, Task bae should be 52 days old today. My findings correspond with their claims to prove that Taskbae is still less than two months old.

I usually jump on an income program of two months because it’s still too young to fall in any direction. However, no matter how enticing it might turn out to be, you must learn to exercise moderation in investments to avoid premium tears.

  1. Management

Itching to know the CEO of Taskbae is natural. Nowadays, it seems that the same set of people keep creating income programs, crashing them, making away millions, and reviving the income programs again under different names.

Knowing who is behind a specific site will prevent you from falling into the same pit twice.

However, it seems Taskbae wants you to fall into that pit twice because we have no idea who the CEO of Taskbae is.

  1. Free registration

I always have an affinity for earning sites without a registration fee, and Taskbae seems to be one of them.

Joining Taskbae is quick and free, and the only hurdle you must overcome is verifying your email address. Since this is no problem for most people, I give it a green flag over here.

  1. Capital source

When I first got to know Taskbae, I loved the site’s idea. Companies wishing to gather information from real people can release surveys and pay people to complete the surveys.

The more I explored the alternative earning methods, the shadier it looked to me. I’m an unlucky guy, so I have nothing to do with lotteries.

However, watching ads to earn money isn’t exactly my type of thing, and I’m not confident that the ad-generated revenue can keep up with the people watching the ads.

Apart from that, everything seems normal about the site, and it doesn’t look all that shady.

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Conclusion | Is Taskbae a scam?

While I don’t know what goes on in the managers’ minds, I know Taskbae is unlikely to be a scam.

Given that you have nothing to lose when you register, it’s one of the few income programs that’s worth trying out.

If you’re trying out Taskbae, try to be careful with the lottery features, especially if you have my kind of luck in lotteries.

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