Surveyj Review; Is Legit or a Scam?

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I try to cover most aspects of making money online, but there is one important part that’s often underrepresented: survey sites.

Sites that pay you to take surveys aren’t new. They may be one of the surest ways to make anything online, albeit at the cost of your sanity.

Here, we’ll talk about another up-and-coming income program: Surveyj. In this Surveyj review, you’ll learn how reliable Surveyj is and if it is worth your time in the first place.

So, sit back and enjoy.


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What is Surveyj?

surveyj homepage is a surveys site that lets you make money by testing apps and taking surveys on the website. Its strategy is neither new nor unique, as there are better, older survey-taking apps out there.

There are many apps and surveys on Surveyj available for the members to take. However, it seems you don’t get paid for all surveys, or that was my experience.

While the name suggests that it’s primarily an app for taking surveys, the website’s About page has something different to say.

According to the About Us page, the company is an affiliate marketing company based out of Amsterdam. The website claims to work with social media users, verified or unverified.

While we know that Surveyj is an affiliate marketing company, we still know little about what they do or for who they do it.

The About page on the company’s website barely talked about how Surveyj has caused a social media uproar and empowers social media users of any size to become successful influencers.

The page also ranted about how the company pays members instantly and how they hold frequent giveaways. It also talks about the supposedly good support system and HTTPS security.

While all of these are good to have for any investment website, there is a fundamental problem with them all: it tells us nothing about how Surveyj makes its money.

An affiliate marketer sells other companies’ products and pockets the commission. If Surveyj is an affiliate marketing company, there should be a section where users can select and sell affiliate products.

Spoiler: there’s none.

That’s all you need to know about the basics of Surveyj.

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How Surveyj works | How to make money on Surveyj

If you’re reading this, there are high chances that this is the only section you care for. However, I’ve hinted a lot about this in the previous section, so you should consider going back to read it.

However, I’ll go into extensive detail on how Surveyj works, and you’ll learn most of the ways you can make money as a member.

Here are some of the ways to make money on Surveyj.

  1. Dollar Drop

The Dollar Drop is the first thing you’ll see once you log into your account. It looks like a countdown from an hour, but it seems it’s something much more than that.

The Dollar Drop is more like an hourly giveaway. If you have your Surveyj dashboard open, you’re in. Five winners will be chosen randomly every hour.

That’s not the insane thing about the feature. The insane thing is that each of the five users gets $100 each.

I won’t do complicated math here, but the easiest math shows me Surveyj will need $12,000 per day to pull that off.

Well, never underestimate anything, I guess.

  1. Invites

It seems like Surveyj derives some pleasure from seeing their user base grow. Once you sign up for Surveyj, you’ll be assigned a unique link that you can use to invite users to the platform.

If someone clicks on your invite link, you earn an instant $2, and if someone registers through your invite link, you get $15.

Another fundamental problem is that you can click your invite link yourself without registering, and Surveyj will continue to pay you $2.

Or so I think.

  1. Downloading apps

The Dollar Drop isn’t the only way to earn from Surveyj. One of the fundamental earning features of Surveyj is app testing. This feature requires you to download and test real Android apps to make money.

The deal is that you download whatever app they ask you to, and you use it for 30 seconds. Surveyj supposedly pays $40 for each app you download.

While this appears to be the most transparent income generation strategy, it also didn’t work for me.

While preparing for this review, I downloaded and used the Ayoba app. Ten minutes later, I got a $0 addition to my balance.

I expected it tho.

  1. Completing surveys

This is what I hoped would come on top, but Surveyj suppressed it so much that I had no options.

You can complete Surveys to make some extra money on Surveyj. Most of the surveys are on external websites, so you may be redirected away from the website to answer the survey.

In the build-up to this review, I answered a quick survey lasting about a minute, and I got $60.

That was impressive, to say the least. Not that I expected to get the money from Surveyj, but I never expected the website to sync and reflect the external survey.

You bet this had a fundamental problem too.

Well, it does. Never expect to get any of your earnings from Surveyj; nobody pays 60 bucks for a 30-second survey.

  1. Creating videos

And to the strategy, I didn’t bother to try out: creating videos.

Like most other similar income programs, Surveyj rewards you for creating videos promoting the platform.

However, you must name your video as Surveyj wants. They also provide a specific description that all videos must use. If you make just a typo, you won’t be getting the $50 reward.

Of course, there are other ways to make money on Surveyj. You can collect badges and share social posts. The five listed here are just the most likely ways you can make money on the platform.

How to register for Surveyj

surveyj sign up

Does Surveyj’s offer excite you?

Here is how to register for

  1. Load the Surveyj website on your device. You can only access on the internet. They don’t have an Android or iOS app yet.
  2. Click on the Sign Up button on the homepage. Here, you can enter the required details. You only need an email to sign up.
  3. Agree to the terms after entering your details and click on the green Sign Up button when you’re done.
  4. Verify your email address by clicking on the email verification link sent to you.

And that’s all. Upon creating an account, you get a $40 signup bonus instantly. Good luck to you cashing that out, however.

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Is Surveyj legit or a scam? | review

surveyj dashoard

Most income programs that I review follow a legit or scam test before I decide if they’re legit or a scam. For Surveyj, however, it seems like the test is not needed.

I’ll go through it anyway.

  1. Age

Surveyj is about 104 days old. In that short period, they’ve grown exponentially to become well-known.

However, age is just a number, isn’t it?

Three months isn’t old enough to conclude that their strategy has been working. We shall wait to see how everything pans out over the coming months.

  1. Management

When I opened Surveyj’s About page, I expected to see the CEO and managers. I found none.

I will be wary of wasting my time on a site without a known CEO. However, registration is free so, what do you have to lose?

  1. Compensation plan

And here is the most insane part of the entire story. I have only one word for’s compensation plan: insane.

Frankly, there is no way Surveyj will pay that insane amount of money. This platform is nothing but the rebirth of Inksnation if you look more carefully.

Now, let’s talk in numbers. You earn $40 for signing up, $60 for completing a survey, $40 for literally downloading an app, and $100 if you manage to win any dollar drop.

And if you consider that we don’t even know the site’s revenue generation strategies, you’ll understand that this is simply outrageous. Review; Is Minex World Legit or Scam

Conclusion | Is Surveyj a scam?

Numbers don’t lie; Surveyj isn’t running a profitable affiliate company.

Best case scenario? It ends like Inksnation, gradually reducing the promised rewards until it fades out without fulfilling any promises.

Worst case scenario, the website goes down in a couple of days, creates a buzz, and you’ll never hear about it, ever again.

Either way, Surveyj won’t end well.

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