The Chat Mogul Review; Wait, Is This a Scam?

chatmogul review

Let me start off by saying this.

chatmogul review

Yes, I want to answer that question before moving on with anything.

The answer to that is simple. Bloggers take all the money for themselves because they work their as*es off to research and write the helpful content that you read and reference for free.

Do you think I should spend my time (and in some cases, money) registering for these “make money online” sites, determine if they’re legit or a scam, record and publish my findings, and then pay you to read it?

Life doesn’t work that way.

I’m not criticizing the Chat Mogul specifically here. I’m just calling out a phrase that these ‘get rich quick’ entrepreneurs like to use, and it’s totally unfair to us bloggers.

With that out of the way, welcome to my The Chat Mogul review.

As you can probably tell already, this review will take a different twist from what I typically write on this blog. I promise to make it enlightening, enjoyable, and revealing.

Also, I’ll pretend that the jab at bloggers never existed. Since almost all income programs do that, I won’t count it as a negative for The Chat Mogul.

Now, let’s put our grudges aside for a comprehensive and objective analysis and review of The Chat Mogul.


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What is The Chat Mogul? review

The Chat Mogul claims to be the first social earning site, ever. By social earning, it means that you can connect with other moguls on the platform. I guess there goes the inspiration for its name.

The platform was created out of concern for the alarming number of people that don’t make any significant pay online.

The system is (supposedly) a simple, but rewarding money-making system for everyone, regardless of their nationality, age or gender.

Chat Mogul also points out on its website that it’s not a scam. Wait, even if the platform is a scam, will that be visible on its official website?

chat mogul review

While I’d like to confirm this claim, I wish there are any links to click. This is just a friendly reminder that the line means nothing to anyone, and you say you’re not a scammer is natural, even if you are one.

In short, The Chat Mogul is a platform that functions exactly like your typical Nigerian online earning site.

It also thinks “procrastination (sic) weakens the immune system and causes insomnia,” which is a perfectly valid reason to join the platform because they have what? Doctors?

the chat mogul review

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How to make money on ChatMogul

In all of our reviews, we always show you how to supposedly make money on a platform, even when we know it’s a scam. Some people are here for that and we should provide maximum satisfaction to reader (another reason why I deserve my paycheck).

Since this is a ChatMogul review, here are the ways to make money on the platform, and how the platform makes the money it pays to its members.

  1. Registration/Welcome Bonus

Once you sign up for The ChatMogul, you get an instant 700 welcome bonus. I don’t know if this is a typo or something, but the website says 700, without specifying any currency.

Naturally, you’ll assume it’s N700, but since the Chat Mogul is available to everyone regardless of their location, maybe it’s somewhat dependent on where you live.

  1. Daily login

If you have any previous experience with Nigerian ‘earn money online sites,’ you already know what this means. You get 100 for logging in to the platform, and you can only get this bonus once every day.

  1. Sharing Viral Posts to your Facebook timeline

As much as I hate this particular aspect of making money online sites, every site that I know of will pay you to do this.

Put simply, you get paid for sharing their sponsored post to your Facebook timeline. Sharing a viral post to your Facebook timeline fetches you 100 per day, and you only get to do it once daily.

  1. Reading posts (post-review)

When you read any post on The Chat Mogul, you get a 10 bonus. Unlike all the preceding bonuses, this isn’t limited to one every day. You get 10 for every post you read in a day, giving you a more flexible earning potential.

I think there is a cap to the maximum you can earn, but it’s not one per day.

  1. Post comments and reaction

Similar to Facebook, The Chat Mogul gives you an option to react to your friends’ posts on the platform. When you react to any post, you earn 20, and you also earn the same amount when you comment on a friend’s post.

Remember that this platform is a social earning site.

  1. Referral and alert posting

You earn N500 airtime for posting your alert testimony on Facebook, and you earn 70.5% on every new user you invite to the platform. 70.5% of the registration fee amounts to N1,200; so that’s how much you earn for inviting anyone to the platform.

Frankly, I don’t understand how these income sites pay that much for invites. They must have some excellent money managers at the helm of affairs. Review; Is Minex World Legit or Scam

How to join The Chat Mogul

If you think this platform has an awesome and sustainable business model, you can sign up for the platform.

Just like most other ‘income programs,’ the registration system is somewhat complicated. You may have to go through that dreaded process of buying and entering a coupon before you can even sign up for the platform.

However, there is also a checkout option that lets you pay using the supported cards. You can also pay using crypto.

In this part of the ChatMogul review, and it’s our custom to show you how to register, regardless of the complexities involved.

Follow the steps below to register for TheChatMogul.

  • Search for ‘The Chat Mogul’ on Google and click on the ‘How to Register Someone’ site link below the main result. You have to go through this step because visiting the website on your browser redirects you to some sketchy sites, maybe due to a hack.
  • Scroll down all the way to the bottom of this page and click on the yellow Register button.

Then, you can make your payment and sign up for the platform.

I’ll kid you not, that’s about the only way to register for The Chat Mogul at the moment. The homepage redirecting to sketchy ad sites makes it impossible to register normally.

If you’re on a mobile phone, however, you can simply open the web address on your phone and proceed to create an account.

How to withdraw on ChatMogul

There is a withdrawal button on the site which you can use to withdraw your earnings once you hit the threshold.

While some people report that they can’t withdraw after meeting the withdrawal threshold, we also see many withdrawal alerts on Facebook. So, we should give Chat Mogul the benefit of doubt, shouldn’t we?

Is The Chat Mogul Legit or a Scam? | Chat Mogul Review

I started writing this review with a negative impression of Chat Mogul for two reasons.

Firstly, the inaccessibility of the homepage from my computer (I didn’t try it on my phone until I finished the review). Secondly, Chat Mogul made too many promises that it can’t possibly keep.

However, ‘scam’ is a subjective word. Since there are people who still don’t believe that Inksnation was a scam, I’ll show you some ChatMogul-related stuff and leave you to decide for yourself.

  1. Age

Chat Mogul is satisfactorily old. It is almost two years old (22 months) when I was writing this review, and it’s been around the whole time.

I’ll say this isn’t an ordinary feat. Most scams fold up by six months, and experienced ones keep it up to a year. But when you manage it for more than one year, speculating if you initially intended to scam people becomes a valid standpoint.

  1. Promises

chat mogul review

Just look at the claim above. You register for N1,800, share some junk to your Facebook timeline and you start to make 10k to 20k weekly?

Like how does that work?

If they make the bulk of their money on AdSense I can promise you that AdSense can’t pay you N10,000 for a couple of visits from a single person in one week.

In short, The Chat Mogul uses the investment fees of newer investors to pay older ones, making it a glorified pyramid scheme.

  1. Management

I know the owner of The Chat Mogul on Facebook, and I know many members of the platform know him also. The name of the founder is Horladapo Holanrewaju, an online coach, affiliate marketer, and pro blogger.

However, I still don’t buy into the idea of not putting out your name on the platform for everyone to see. Aren’t you proud of your creation?

  1. Sketchy redirects

This is an official request, Chat Mogul; please fix your homepage on desktop. Hasn’t anyone from the development team checked out the website recently?

Your homepage redirects to sketchy ad websites, and I wouldn’t put my money on such a website. Fix it first, and then we can talk.

  1. Reviews

Apart from Facebook where I frequently see alerts (can’t confirm the authenticity), I can’t find plenty of reviews about The Chat Mogul on the internet.

One that I managed to find wasn’t pleasant. See for yourself below.

chat mogul review

And someone else supported his claim on the same post.

While I can’t say for sure that these guys are lying, nobody knows if they’re telling the truth either.

Conclusion | Is Chat Mogul a scam?

I’ll be hard-pressed to refer to a two-year-old income program as a scam. However, I think anyone that makes financial promises without fulfilling them is scamming people of their money.

ChatMogul certainly does that. They exaggerate the benefits of signing up and try to cajole you into dropping your money. They don’t provide realistic earning expectations or timelines.

For me, ChatMogul is 30% legit. By that, I mean it doesn’t keep most of his promises and expects to do more work than you think before making anything close to the numbers they advertise on their website.

Also, you CAN’T invest N1,800 and start making 20k the next week.

With all the reasons listed above, I’ll advise you to exercise caution while investing in The Chat Mogul.

And that concludes our review. Let me know in the comments what you think about Chat Mogul and this review as a whole.

And please, Chat Mogul, whenever you see this post, fix your homepage on your desktop.

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