Paid2tap Review; Is Legit or a Scam?

paid2tap review

Paid2tap has been gathering some heat over the past few weeks. With more people joining this platform recently, it has got me wondering: is Paid2tap legit?

Well, there is only one way to know. As usual, I picked up my computer, conducted my regular ‘insider’ research, and prepared this exclusive Paid2tap review.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll look at the concept of Paid2tap. Also, I’ll show you if you can make money on this platform. If you can, I’ll show you exactly how to make money on

After an overview of Paid2tap, you’ll have my usual analysis that ends with my thoughts about this platform. So, sit back and read this review to see if the website is worth your time.

What is

paid2tap review

Paid2tap, or Paid to Tap, maybe, is a newish earning site that makes the same promises as most of its predecessors. You’ve probably grown tired of the easy-to-make but impossible-to-keep promises that they make to defraud unsuspecting users.

Paid2tap promises to “literally” pay you to tap. That seems like a clever naming attempt from the platform, but we’ll see how the entire business model is.

I want to point out early in this Paid2tap review that it “literally” claims that the average pay for a member of the platform is $8,150. If they aren’t referring to Zimbabwean dollars, I’ll say this claim is extreme.

paid2tap dollars

Let’s pretend we didn’t see that and carry on with our Paid2tap review.

According to the official website, you can make $500 today at home, work, or school. Paid2tap will pay you to invite your friends, test free apps and games, taking surveys, and more.

Just this early, this platform is already showing a disturbing similarity to a particular income program I reviewed recently. I won’t spill the beans yet until I have some evidence.

Paid2tap also has a testimonials page showing some of the Trustpilot reviews they almost certainly paid for. You can see all the characteristics of paid Trustpilot reviews there, with many people quitting their job to focus on this platform.

There is also a 21 seconds YouTube video recommending Paid2tap below the Trustpilot reviews. This video is most probably one of the things you must make before getting your audio payment. Otherwise, the reviewer is most likely a paid Fiverr freelancer or the founder’s girlfriend.

I know I sound somewhat negative, but I’m trying my best to stick to the truth.

While Paid2tap claims to be based out of Netherlands, incorporated as a property with over a million shares since launch, most of these claims, if not all, are false.

There is no registered company in the Netherlands that goes by that name and not a company with one million shares.

Lying about your corporate status is an unforgivable sin, but as usual, we’ll pretend like we didn’t see it.

Before drawing this section to a close, check the below screenshots.

about socialrebel
about paid2tap

Did you notice any similarities between the two?

The one above is from Social Rebel, a Surveyj spinoff for which I published a review yesterday. If you connect the dots, you’ll notice that Paid2tap and SocialRebel are both products of…

Let’s save that for later.

How does Paid2tap work? | How to earn on Paid2tap

Before going on a rant about why Paid2tap shouldn’t exist, let’s look at the platform’s compensation plan.

If you’re planning to join this platform, you must pay attention here, as these are the activities that should fetch you about $8,000 per month, more if you’re hardworking.

Here is a list of tasks you are required to complete to earn on Paid2tap.

Creating an account

You know how this part goes. After signing up for an account, you automatically get an “audio” $25 on your balance. However, we’re still yet to see anyone withdraw this registration bonus to a bank account.

Testing apps

Paid2tap pays its members $25 to test apps, at least. While this doesn’t sound bad, I don’t understand how they get developers that pay $25 to test a single app.

That price is enough to buy millions of app installs on Fiverr, lol.

fiverr app install gig

Taking surveys

You expected this, right?

Paid2tap will pay you $50 or more to answer a survey on their website. From my experience as an online earning expert, any platform that pays over $5 for any survey is either giving away money or scamming people of their money.

Inviting members

You know what?

This review feels precisely like the one I wrote for SocialRebel yesterday. The compensation plan is the same, except that they changed the numbers.

While SocialRebel pays $50 for every registration from your affiliate link, Paid2tap pays $2 per link click and $10 per signup.

How to Withdraw Your Earnings on Paid2tap

You can withdraw your earnings on Paid2tap by clicking the Cash Out button on the side menu and adding a payment method.

I wrote this same thing yesterday, only that I was writing it for SocialRebel, not for a Paid2tap review.

Guess what? Paid2tap also has that annoying “Road to 1st Cash Out.” If you want to know what it means, read about it in my SocialRebel review.

How to register for Paid2tap

Signing up for this platform is easy. You only need an email address to sign up. You can always add your payment information later.

Open the website in your favourite browser, and it will load up a registration form right on the homepage. Fill in your details correctly, and you’re in. you don’t even need to verify your email address.

And did I also mention that you get $25 for signing up?

Is Paid2tap another SocialRebel?

You’d have already noticed that SocialRebel is a recurring name on this review. If you’ve never heard of Social Rebel, I’ll introduce it here, and I’ll show you why it appears so frequently.

Social Rebel is like a clone of Paid2tap or vice versa. Honestly, I don’t know which of these platforms cloned each other, but I know they’re both carbon copies that are not worth your time.

What’s more disturbing is the fact that both of these platforms look and feel strikingly similar to one I reviewed much earlier, Surveyj, not to mention that they’re all based in the Netherlands. These findings led me to a conclusion.

It’s either Paid2tap, Surveyj, and SocialRebel are both operated by the same group of people trying to defraud users of their money.

But, it can also be that someone out there is selling a script for an online earning site. This is the most likely conclusion, as the minor differences show that they’re all from the same source.

If the platform were owned by the same person or group of people, they would take measures to ensure that none of the websites can be linked to the other or themselves.

In short, investing your time in Paid2tap is akin to wasting it. If Surveyj already taught you a lesson, there’s no use relearning it.

Is Paid2tap a scam? | Paid2tap Review

Yes, Paid2tap is most likely to be a scam. The Trustpilot reviews you see on their website are fake, and the YouTube video is most likely incentivized. No one earns $8,000 from wasting time on the website, and you should check out other opportunities instead.

If you are “smart” enough to quit your job for the platform, I’ll suggest that you start looking for another job as soon as possible.

There are so many false claims on their website that I don’t even know where to start. However, let me keep it organized and start by debunking their “trusted” lies.

  • Lies

Paid2tap is full of lies. They claim they’re trusted in over 140 countries and by a series of high profile websites and news outlets.

Let’s start with the high profile websites first. Here is the list of websites that trust Paid2tap.

paid2tap review

Save the Student, BuzzFeed, CNN Student News, Forbes, The New York Times, and the Associated Press. That’s somewhat similar to the websites that trust SocialRebel too.

paid2tap trusts socialrebel

Just that SocialRebel takes it to another whole level. However, this is a review, so I’ll only debunk that of Paid2tap.

No articles mention Paid2tap in any of those news sources. Don’t take my word for it; check my screenshots below (and check it yourself if you have the time).

Here is the result of searching for Paid2tap on Forbes.

paid2tap review

No results. It seems like Forbes haven’t heard anything related to that in their lifetime.

What about Save the Student; at least, they are more into those kinds of stuff.

paid2tap review

Save the Student couldn’t find any content matches?

Okay, let’s try BuzzFeed.

paid2tap review

Well, it seems like they found someth… Oh, it has nothing to do with Paid2tap, and Paid2tap wasn’t even mentioned in the article.

And now, to the 140 countries facade, Paid2tap isn’t even multilingual. I don’t think any world language unites 140 countries; so, that’s most likely a lie.

Also, almost all of the Trustpilot reviews are from Nigeria, with a few from India. I can assure you that the founder of this website is somewhere in Nigeria, reading this review over a cup of coffee.

Also, I learned that one of the tasks you need to do before your first payment is giving them a five-star review on Trustpilot. No wonder they have so many “wonderful” reviews.

If these don’t convince you that this platform lies shamelessly, I don’t know what will.

  • Age

Paid2tap has been around for two months. While that isn’t exactly old, it is almost a whole month older than SocialRebel, the platform I accused them of copying.

Turn out that Paid2tap wasn’t the one copying SocialRebel; instead, they were the one being copied.

  • Management

Let me point something out here. When I was conducting research yesterday (for SocialRebel), I plugged the supposed name of their CEO into Google, and it brought up the obituary of a guy that has died since 1995.

Now, searching for Williard Clarke on Google brings up the obituary of a guy that has died since 2010.

If you don’t have a CEO, please don’t list any. I hate seeing obituaries.

Trying the exact search on LinkedIn brought up the profile of a guy who had experience as a Janitor with Alpine services. He couldn’t have become the CEO of a company by now, could he?

Conclusion | Is Paid2tap legit or a scam?

I don’t particularly like dashing people’s hopes, but I equally hate dishonesty. Telling you anything else apart from the fact that Paid2tap is a scam would be dishonest.

If you were planning to join this platform, it’s not worth your time. There are many other earning opportunities on the internet, but none of them will pay you $25 just for signing up.

Peace out.

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